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How to pack your dishes for shipping LTL

LTL shipping ( less then a truck load )is one way to ship . So lets start on the tips for packing dishes for shipping ltl at Box Brothers this would be on a pallet in most cases .So we start with a dish pack or a large carton, if its a dish pack you will only need one inch of foam . If you are using a large box then you need two inches of foam . Remember the dish box is a double wall box . A large box is single wall box and shorter then a dish pack. large box is approx 18x18x24 . tape the bottom of the box .
Cut the foam to fit in the box ,line the box with foam the bottom the sides and then the top . take the dishes and bubble wrap them in small bubble tape and stand them straight up like a egg in a egg carton .After you are through use paper to fill all the void area . they must not move once they are in the box. one inch foam for double wall box.and two inches for single wall box.Then mark your box fragile or put labels on them . You get all the supplies you will need at your nearest box brothers store . And we will also let you know how much the shipping will be ...This will not work for ups or fedex shipping .... tips tomorrow how to pack dishes for ups and fedex !!!!

Matt and the Box Mobile

Hey it's Matt over at the Redondo store. The blues brothers has the bluesmobile, well here's the Box Mobile. It's a 1969 Plymouth Valiant. As you can see by the sticker on the bumper we show our box brothers spirit at all times. I actually got to meet the president of the South Bay Mopar Club, he was trying to get a crate to ship a transmission for his dodge super bee and we got to talking about old Plymouths and Dodges. He's a really cool guy. We have a few customers who are always trying to buy this thing from me.

Franchising Is Elusive Pot of Gold SMALL BUSINESS / JANE APPLEGATE

Franchising Is Elusive Pot of Gold
Ask entrepreneurs if they've thought of franchising their businesses and watch the gleam in their eyes. With 2,400 franchise companies and 500,000 franchises in operation across the country, cloning a successful business is tempting.

But it's not as easy as you might think, according to Mark Frydman and Robert (Goody) Goodman, principals in Box Bros., a Canoga Park packing and shipping company that is struggling to launch its franchise program.

Although their seven Southern California company-owned stores are successful and the company is registered to sell franchises in California, the state with the toughest regulations, Box Bros. has only one franchise deal pending.

In struggling to make their efforts pay off, the two entrepreneurs have learned some lessons that might apply to other would-be franchisers. For example, if yours is a good idea, the field is probably already crowded with competitors. Also, banks may balk at loaning money to people who want to buy your franchises, particularly if the franchise operation is new. Moreover, time you spend on your franchising plans is time taken away from your original business.

In two years, Frydman and Goodman have spent $50,000 and expect to spend another $50,000 before their franchising program is running smoothly.

"We have gone through two sets of consultants who said they could help us," said Goodman. "We spent $2,000 with one company that treated us like we were stupid."

Another firm offered its services for $10,000 a month with no guarantee of success. Unwilling to spend more at the expense of the core business, Box Bros. is now regrouping.

Franchise consultants said Box Bros. may be having trouble because 25 other packing and shipping franchises are glutting the market. Although Box Bros. deliberately set its franchise fee below the others, beginning at $27,900, it is still competing with larger, established companies such as Bekins Boxstore, Mail Boxes Etc., Box Works and the Packaging Store.

Goodman, who was working for a local mover before quitting to start Box Bros., said he got the idea after realizing that a large percentage of moves are coordinated by women who don't like to go into industrial areas to buy boxes. So he opened his stores on busy streets in retail shopping districts, where both men and women feel comfortable shopping for boxes and everything else.

"No matter how attractive your idea is, we have learned that franchises do not sell themselves," said Frydman.

Without a fat advertising budget, the company relies on trade show exhibits and local advertising to get the word out. But even when it collects leads, the company, with 22 employees, lacks a full-time sales and marketing staff to follow up.

Then another obstacle surfaced: Frydman and Goodman learned that there are very few financing alternatives for potential buyers of new, unproven franchises. Even bankers who prepare Small Business Administration loan guarantee applications told Goodman and Frydman it would be difficult to qualify prospective buyers for financing......BY : Jane Applegate June 29,1990 Los Angeles Times / Small Business

Ron Wood Artwork

This is a wood cut done by Ronnie Wood. This item belonged to a retired DJ on a long gone LA radio station.The item was of high value and went to a major auction house. This artwork was given to the owner by Ron Wood him self which was very cool. We pack and ship a lot of artwork here at Box Brothers Redondo beach.

With high value or original artwork Insurance is a major consideration. Typically a carrier wont insure original or high value artwork directly. We offer third party insurance. Packaging is crucial as well for high value items. Wood crates are a safe way to ship artwork and other high value items. Wood crates also make an item insurable in most cases.

Box Brothers Redondo

Thinking inside and outside the box: Box Brothers Corp. keeps pace with much larger competition by being creative.(Small Busines -

Thinking inside and outside the box: Box Brothers Corp. keeps
pace with much larger competition by being creative.(Small
Busines -

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Tomorrow's packing tip

Tomorrow I will teach you how to pack that same box for shipping ups or Fedex .

Packing dishes tips for moving

When packing your dishes wad up a layer of paper about 8 inches high . And put it in the bottom of a dish pack Aka dish barrel .this box is a double wall carton and the size is approx. 18x18x27 in. When putting your dishes inside the carton stand them up straight like an egg.up and down.never stack . after the first layer is done then ball up some more unprinted news Aka news paper without the print .after you have done that cut a square Piece of card board and put this on top and start stacking 2nd layer .make sure you put paper in the sides and in between the dishes.put the last Wad of paper and go over the top so that when you close it you have to press down.nothing should move in that box after you shake can buy dish packs,unprinted news paper and tape at box brothers to do it yourself.And if you don't we can pack it for you .....packing tip for moving dishes .this will not work for shipping. Box brothers can find you a mover .. also always use a lot of paper.

If your short on moving supplies today

If you need more supplies today like tape or bubble wrap,wardrobes,dish packs,pictures,mirror packs,peanuts,moving pads,and unprinted news . call 818-224-4661 or 310-379-4491 or 310-453-1532 ..all store are not open today so please call . and enjoy the day

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2 woman going to Hawaii

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 11:34 AM, Paul Abair wrote:
These were shipped to Hawaii a while back.we will wrap them in bubble wrap and double box them with recycle peanuts
My Zimbio
Top Stories

Never grows old

20' Sea container going to New Zealand

See pictures attached. This is the Inglewood crew loading and bracing off a shipment we packed on a 20' Sea container. Project is County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector. Ocean shipment going to New Zealand.

Marianna Carlson
Box Brothers
220 W. Ivy Ave. Unit C
Inglewood, CA 90302
T: 800.474.7447 or 310-419-6375
F: 310.419.9915

ACDC and Motley Crue

These were brought in by someone that won them at auction.
The auction was from "VINCE NEIL's 14th Annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament".
Skylar was Vince Neil's daughter who died from cancer in 1995.
Keep that in mind when posting these pictures.
I wouldn't into too much detail about it.

And a link to Skylars story: (I had to fight back the tears)

Nice day to go Surf

Carbon Fiber Surf Board that we packed and shipped to Fiji . Anyone in the beach city's need there Short or Long Board packed and shipped.. we do it best...So fetch your stick and run
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obituary in memory of James Kelly Skillen on the


Ray wants you to know about the on-line obituary in memory of James Kelly Skillen on the website.

You can read the obituary by accessing this link.

You may share your memories of James Kelly Skillen in the on-line Guest Book.


Box Bros org. Letter Head

A "Long" Week.......

I would not be lying if I told you that I just had a "Long" week......Actually Chris Long
came to town, to kick off our annual marketing campaign, for the moving industry,
and it was a long week, but it was a "Long"week also.

I think this is not the place to get into too much detail, but Chris Long also took
along one of our newer Branch Managers, Chris Greene. (Notice all of the coincidences.....)
who was exposed to this type of maketing, for the first time.

I was truly happy and impressed with their activity and their ability to see and speak with
a great many people in the industry, and I think they both learned a lot, in different ways.

It is so much more of a positive thing to be able to not only pursue growth, but to have growth as your focus, as I am more often than not, knee deep with admin issues having to do with claims,
insurance, accounting, personnel.........all of the really fun stuff.......

I used to use terms like, "Here we Grow again," and it just seems as though it has been a while,
too long, in fact.

Good thing we have the 2 Chris' on the case, and we are going long, with Long.
Have a great weekend, and this is the start of a new today. And tomorrow.
Hi Folks,
Well I finally figured out how to contribute to this blog - thanks Goody. I guess I'm one of the Box Brothers dinosaurs now.
It looks like everyone (customers) has bugged out early for the weekend. Gotta go and see if I can get a quote for a Paris shipment of a couple of Vintage Herman Miller chairs.

Old School Fork Lift

Movers helper

Sean in Redondo - Armed and dangerous.

Sean cutting down a box for a customer. So often we can save a customer money on shipping by cutting down a box. Customers appreciate the service and
will return because of that. Sean re-sizes and re-shapes boxes a lot here in Redondo.

Bring Your Child To Work Day

Today was an unannounced, unofficial, and unauthorized "Bring Your Child To Work Day" here at Box Brothers.
My son loves to help out customers and he offers free packing advice.
He doesn't always give perfect advice, but he's learning from one of the best, so eventually he'll be a certified cardboard technician just like his mom and dad.
He may not give the perfect advice, but he always puts a smile on our customers faces while distracting them from their stress of the moment, whether it's stress from moving, packing and shipping something, or just finding a parking spot in Santa Monica.
As you can see from the picture, he likes rock and roll, wearing 70's style mesh trucker hats backwards, sunglasses, and basketball. Not sure where he learned the hand gestures, but I'm sure Ronnie James Dio would be proud.

Old painting going ocean

Nice old ship painting we packed and shipped here in Redondo.

Paul Abair []

Gary Coleman passed away today

He shipped out his computer a few years ago out of the Santa Monica Box Brothers at 2113 Wilshire bl.This was his baby .......

USPS Shipping

I just made one of my many store visits to the Tarzana store. Just as I was about to leave, a woman came in who was desperately trying to ship a package overnight to Hawaii. When we gave her the rates for UPS and FedEx, she about flipped and said she would do her business elsewhere because she had another quote for about one-half of our prices. We immediately told her we could ship USPS Express mail. The package would arrive the same day as FedEx and UPS, for half the price. With a smile on her face, she pulled out her credit card and filled out the shipping invoice. We now have a new customer that will be coming back to Tarzana!

Happy Memorial Weekend

Just wanted to take a moment and wish you a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend.
Whatever you are doing I hope it is a wonderful weekend for you and your family.
As we approach the halfway point of 2010 I want to thank each and everyone one of you for your continued support.
Memorial Day is a time to remember our fallen soldiers, so let's remember them as we hang out with friends and family.And be safe and enjoy yourself

By : Goody

Chris Long's week in the Valley with Chris Greene

Hello Blog World; This week in my trips I spent a couple days with a relatively new hire named Chris Green in the Woodland Hills store...
Being with the company for 19 years, I have only worked west side LA and never spent much time in the "Valley".. I've worked in New York, Orange County, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Lomita, Inglewood, San Francisco, Oakland, all over the Pacific Northwest, but for whatever reason never spent much time where the Corporation was founded over 25 years ago.. Maybe I was too Green back then to be a help in the San Fernando Valley.. All that said, we put together a marketing plan and spent 2 days trying to drum up business and train Chris Green the art of selling to different industries what products and services Box Brothers offer.. Chris Green now has a better understanding of what avenues to go in order to obtain his goals and the Corporate Office goals.. I hope I was able to point him in the right direction and if he can absorb the little bits of information I showed him then there is no reason that he shouldn't be one of the top managers in our firm..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Danny

From all of us at Box Brothers . Best Wishes

The Cat and Lady dance

Painting by a local artist.

Get me the leads

Need to get started on the re-location labels. I noticed Redondo using them again. And with the success I had in Long Beach, this will be even greater. Now I can push House Hold Freight

Thank You
Dave Collins
Box Brothers - Inglewood

Drop off your Fedex or Ups at any store

We get a lot of fedex drop offs here at Redondo. The envelope in the image was from the mid 90's the customer commented that he has not shipped any fedex for a while.

To All CMSA Members

The May 2010 issue of the Communicator is available online. Please click on the link below.

CMSA Staff

Happy Birthday Olivia

From All of Box Brothers . Best wishes

First ever flyer 1985

Get me the stuff ( lol )

Hey dude.. Do a blog for Goody.. Write about how I scheduled an estimate for an onsite pack only job... You went there to quote it..
The cowboy and jacob went to do it and it ended up going 2 days and we had to finish it on sat... But saturday the uhaul we loaded was full and the extra stuff that didn't fit in the uhaul had to be shipped throu us.. Goody would love that story.. So get it to him ASAP..
Thanks dude

All crates are not the same

Box Brothers Redondo Beach

We sell quite a few crates here. Crates are a very safe way to ship a high value or fragile item.
All crates are not the same. Several times in a week I talk to customers about crates
there the best way for instance to ship or store a plasma television. Great for moving and storage for high value artwork. Most movers wont insure a plasma television unless its in a wood crate.

The point though is many people make wood crates but no one can compete with Box Brothers from a quality standpoint. I had a comment from one of our competitors they said after seeing our crate on an out bound truck that was the " best crate they have seen"

The main reason is the fact we make them and have dedicated people to maintain the high quality. I can not count how many times George from the where house has called when we had ordered a crate to get more information or confirm what we had requested, he really cares about the quality. Every one involved with crate production makes a great deal of effort not only to make them fast but also consistently the best in the industry.

The images shows one aspect of our quality. The top of the crates are inset this adds significant strength to the crate and also make its much easier to re use. The wood itself is also better then who we used to buy crates from. Our crates are the best in the industry.

Paul - Box Brothers Redondo

Raining In Redondo

We are getting some rain here in the south bay today.
Its nice though since summer is right around the corner.
It is going to be very warm very soon.

Hopefully the rain will encourage people to bring in things
they need to pack and ship.

The image below is from a while back lots or rain
and even hail that day.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach
OPEN 7 Days - PARKING in Rear

Not everything stays in Vegas .So ship with us !!!!!

Business has been steady in Vegas, we rang in around $$$ today alone in freight and box deliveries.

The only place to go Postal

US Postal shipping. Here in Redondo we offer USPS
we get many referral's form the post office across the street.

Great painting lots of colors.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post cards from vegas

Checking in from Las Vegas

Zach and Jacob have been busy for Friday, Saturday, and Monday packing up a house to go to ecuador where the customers are starting an American community for retirement. I am tempted to ship myself to ecuador and enjoy the nice weather I'm sure they are having.

Remember when you played with Boxes

what a great photo. The Longs . in a 1.5 small box

Thank you Letter : Elise at the CMSA

Vintage baby carriage shipping to Canada

Marianna Carlson
Box Brothers
220 W. Ivy Ave. Unit C
Inglewood, CA 90302
T: 800.474.7447 or 310-419-6375
F: 310.419.9915

Fragile expensive vases pack and ship

Box Brothers REDONDO - We pack and ship anything.

We packed these very fragile and expensive vases recently.

Kiyoshi packing tips VOL. 1 of 2

the process of packing a glass frame.... 1 of 2
Store ( Soft ) pack standard
( less then 500 value ) over 500 value we recommend wood crating

1. Masking tape the glass in case of breakage

2. wrap in heavy duty kraft paper

3. 2-3 thourough layers of 1/2 inch bubble

4. Custom sized foam-lined 2-ply cardboard box

5. ready to go!!

Kiyoshi Foster, Manager
Box Brothers
4644 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 387-2140