Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello again!

So on the weekend of June 26th & 27th I was working in our woodland hills location! On Saturday the 26th business was pretty slow but towards the end of the day I got a rush of customers who needed items packaged. One particular customer needed me to ship out a lot of gift bags for her non-profit org that helps out the baseball Scout's of the MLB. We got to talking about what she does and how she got started, before the customer left she told me that we have the best service around and that she does not mind paying a little extra because it is worth it!

On Sunday the 27th we were busy, a lot of customers coming in more then once that day because they thought that the moving boxes and product they bought would do there job, but as always they didn't realize how much stuff they have collected through out the years in the home. I told them to take our business card and if it turns out you need to make another trip and or you have questions about anything don't hesitate to call, we are always more then happy to walk you through any problem you might have.

BY: Daniel Goodman
Box Brothers
22512 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills Ca,91364

Price vs. Quality and the Cover up......

Normally, if you enter the world's largest hardware store or retailer, you know that no matter
what you see on their commercials, you can't find anyone to help you in a Home Depot. To their credit, it is hard to staff a 100,000 square foot store filled with thousands of products. It is hard
to find help at a Costco, too, unless you are in the checkout line. However, Home Depot is even
short of cashier's, ask me.

Home Depot recently decided to sell a few sizes of moving boxes, and they brought in boxes from
a relatively new supplier, who makes these boxes, I am told, in Mexico. They brag that these boxes are made with 100% recycled paper (the outer part of the box or liner). Those guys must
be so concerned about the environment.........and the prices.......

Here is the truth. Those boxes are made with recycled paper and they are not strong enough
to hold what standard moving boxes are designed and made to do, hold their weight, not fall apart and be semi impenetrable. Boxes are made to withstand bursting strength. That is why there are all kinds of sizes and different thicknesses to them.

In fact, United Parcel Service, who moves more packages than any other firm in the world,
requires a double walled box or a 300lb bursting strength box for shipping electronics like a tv
or a computer.

Which means, that if you bought a box at home depot and shipped an insured item in it, and there was damage, they would deny your claim, based on insufficient packaging. Imagine that, someone goes to save a quarter on a box, and gets a claim denied for an item that could be worth
a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

Further, for moving this is even more important. The general rule is that the heavier the items,
the smaller the box. However, if you fill a book box with hardback or soft cover books, it will weigh about 50 -55 pounds, on average, if full. If you had a few of these stacked in a truck, they would not hold up and think about this, what if they fall or break on your other items. to save pennies, you lose thousands and have a hassle of enormous magnitude.

Home Depot does not care, and today, they officially changed the certification on their boxes to reflect that their bursting strength is 40% less than the bursting strength of the moving boxes
we have sold for 25 years and that we still sell today.

You have to keep in mind the purpose of the box and what you are using it for. Just because something looks like steak, does not mean it is steak. Likewise, if you are moving and you are packing everything you own, is it not important to use the right and proper materials?

Home Depot should be ashamed to put out only a product cause it is cheap and cannot be used for its intended purpose. How selfish and self serving can you get. They will probably sell millions of them and the customers will get screwed. Home Depot does not care, apparently.

China or Bronze Statue we can Handle it

From a set of Fine China to a 1000 lb Bronze Statue, Box Brothers will handle the packaging of each item to it's specific needs. In your house, business, or one of our 30 + locations, we can make the most daunting task simple by packaging the items for you. Bring it in or we can pick it up, whatever your needs are we can pack it. Our professional staff will determine the proper methods to ensure your cherished items arrive to their final destination in the same condition we received them. Our 25 yrs in business makes Box Brothers the leader in the Packaging and Crating Industry. Full replacement value will be offered on ALL items that Box Brothers packs. To inquire about specific prices please call (800) 806-4117 or email

Todays Award 6.15.01

Bronze Turtles pack in the desert

Next we had a customer account drop off a bronze turtle statue that we packed up and shipped. I should have some lakeside pictures once Chris returns with his boat and we get some lake time! BBLV ..800-842-6937

Dear CMSA members

From: CMSA
To: Steve Weitekamp
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 13:33:52 -0700
Subject: CMSA Notification: Passing of Bill Greek

Dear CMSA Member,

Long-Time and Cherished CMSA member, Bill Greek, owner and founder of Rebel
Van Lines since 1973, passed away on Friday June, 25, 2010. Bill Greek
touched many lives over the years and will be deeply missed.

Services will be held on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.
At Forest Lawn Memorial-Park & Mortuaries, 4471 Lincoln Ave. Cypress, CA.

In lieu of flowers you may donate to the either of the following two

Alzheimer Association Chapters
PH; 800-272-3900

Susan G. Komen for the Cure
PH; 877-465-6636

Steve Weitekamp
California Moving & Storage Association
10900 E. 183rd Street, Suite 300
Cerritos, CA 90703
(562) 865-2900
(562) 865-2944 Fax

crates,crates and more crates

One Way Crates, Two Way Crates, Museum Quality Crates, Slat Crates, Economy Crates, Fitted Custom Interiors, and On-Site Visual Estimates.

All Crates are custom built, designed, and constructed to assure maximum protection for the safety of their contents. Utilizing the latest and most sophisticated materials for custom wrapping, our crates provide the most protection in the industry. Our On-Demand Crating Department will travel to your House, Business, Museum, Art Gallery, Auction, where ever your items may be and crate on-site. To inquire about specific prices please call (800) 806-4117 or email

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yoda leaves ups store

Vegas sure is hot this time of year upwards of 108 for the past few days. We packed up a limited edition Star Wars Yoda model which UPS packed first but the customer was wary on the packing. Sure enough when I opened the box it had minimal peanut and half cut 1" styro. I had to make him up a new custom sized box which he said was much more solid. He was amazed how we packed it better AND smaller then the UPS store.

Box Brothers
6384 W. Sahara
Las Vegas NV. 89146

Is Summer finally here......

I have written several entries here concerning the topic of whether or not we are going to
actually have a summer season. Perhaps, this is an inside joke to many of us who work in
this transportation field, or more specifically, the moving industry.

And Box Brothers is not a traditional moving firm, but we do help people with
their moves, in indirect ways, and other times, we help with the whole move.

We are the pioneering firm who took household goods and packed them in such a way,
that they were able to be transported by a general freight truck. I may be oversimplifying,
but up to the point that we began our foray into what we call the small shipment business,
no household goods would be transported in a freight truck.

WE overcame the obstacle, like any good entrepreneurial firm does. We overpacked with
new materials and created Styrocrating, for use with cardboard. We have now expanding our
services and packaging, after 25 years, to have the capability of designing and manufacturing
museum quality crates, frame crates and collapsible crates, to name a few.

We actually do quite of bit of artwork shipping and artwork packaging, and we take great pride
in the quality of the work we put forth.

Coming back to the theme of this post, I just wanted to say that we are indeed, seeing signs of a traditional summer season, which, as I have said before, is akin to the holiday season for general

I feel good about Box Brothers and its ability to not only properly serve its customers, but to provide a good environment for all of our employees, as well. It has been such a tough time for
all small business people and for employees, for the last few years. We need a strong summer
for all of us, as well as our vendors.

Like most good natured people, we at Box Brothers never short change a customer. I am the person in charge here and while I have my duties, I also deal with large company's in my business and personal life. I cannot treat our customers and our employees, like these big firms,
who provide lip service, but nothing else, as their goal is to brand, not to actually do anything.

We do not have extra service charges, we do not have fine print, we do not have excuses. We live for the customer and the opportunity to serve the public. The customer is why we come to work. No one at UPS, Fedex, or any freight firm can say that. I know this, as a customer of theirs and I know this since I speak to our customers, and our employees, everyday. Try getting to speak to someone at American Express. You could more easily walk to Hawaii from
California, than get to speak to a corporate officer of that firm. They have no desire or wish
to speak to their customers. They use a focus group. Shame on them and shame on us for giving
them our money.

Going to break out 25 years of awards 1 day at a time

Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Away.......and then coming back.......

Getting Away is generally a good thing. Even a short trip can take you out of your routine,
and make you see things in a different way. I was able to get away on "business" for a few days,
by going to the Las Vegas outlets, last week. I forgot, even in a mild year, how hot it can be there........some things never change.

It was really good to visit our stores and see our employees in Las Vegas. We have such a good crew and even though it has been several years that we have managed this business, leadership leading to management, always seems to happen there.

Brain Turpin, our Las Vegas Area Regional Manager, is someone who started on the trucks a few
years ago, worked his way to store management, and then to head of local sales for the region, and now on to become the regional manager.

Brian gives great service and as a manager, he would never ask any of his employees to do anything that he would not do, or has done. He is a participatory manager, like his boss, Chris Long.

What is even more amazing, is the younger crew we have in place now, with Zack, Jacob and
Eric. All three of these men have great work ethics, never say no to a customer, and I truly believe they understand what is required in these difficult times, in terms of the service they provide and the commitment to making sure the customer is more than pleased with us.

To see how we "roll" in Vegas, makes me feel that the market is full of potential, if we could ever
have the opportunities we need and deserve. Las Vegas is really going through a tough time these days, as many jobs have been lost and many people are out of work. The news says that Las Vegas has been hit as hard as any community in the United States, as a result of the this recession. Ask me, it also had a very long period of growth and prosperity, but apparently, the foundation it was built on was not very good, either.

It was great to see all of the guys and the drive of the new guys was simply astounding.

Now coming home, to a full desk, actually could have been worse. In a position like mine, there is a lot of matters, good and bad, that are my domain. The cheating and crooked landlords, and their paid assassins--their lawyers, the lying and cheating bill collectors, who as a group, cannot listen to any common sense or even read a letter, or some insurance firm wanting to gouge the heck out of a customer, cause they can, all add up to quite a few upset moments and not much time being able to be positive.

Life can be described as a grind, but I think it is the mix of good bad that makes us all better for it. I just think that it is sometimes hard to be able to deal with all of these crooks. Maybe if I was making a lot of money, I would not care, but maybe that is the problem. That we allow them to hammer us in the good times, so we do not have to deal with it. Last week, before I left
town, we caught the phone company charging us an extra $610.00 without any explanation.
When we asked, they removed it, but you have to wonder how often this kind of "mistake"
happen these days. If they are willing to screw a customer, either it is a monopoly or their
competitors are doing it too. This kind of things happens daily and weekly. However, I am proud to say we do not do it to our customers, and I only hope that it shows.

I am not going away for a while---no, I think I will as the cheaters and crooks will just have to wait a little longer.

A tip of the hat to one of our most dedicated and valuable employees

The Schwartz is strong with him, LITERALLY.
His name is Daniel Schwartz and you must be careful not to make him angry or he'll kill you with kindness.
He is truly one of Box Brothers MVE's (Most Valuable Employees).
He does whatever is asked of him and never complains. (Although he did turn down the Bikini car wash fundraiser job)
His hard work largely goes unseen but not unnoticed and he could run circles around some of us here at Box Brothers.
Some of us like to affectionately refer to him as our very own savant.
He remembers peoples birthdays better than I can remember my own families birthdays.
That's not all, he remembers things most people easily forget, so if you find yourself forgetting something, he might just be your man.
I can't even begin to tell you how many street sweeping and meter maid tickets he's saved me from, whenever I forget, he remembers.
When corp can't find something, he knows right where it is.
May the Schwartz continue to be with Daniel forever.

If i played Golf this is where i'd like to be

I couldn't tell you if this was the 18th hole or the first hole. But what i can say is i wish i was there . Any guess where this might be ? My guess is on the Island of Maui in Hawaii . I think i remember it from honeymoon in Vegas

Friday, June 25, 2010

What a week

It's been quite the week with Mark and Goody out there in Las Vegas. The good news is Mark called from his car, so a least they didn't lose too much!

For those of you who have not been following the changes to our web site, check it out. We keep working on making it better and better, and it shows. We hope to have our on-line store up and functional soon so stay posted...

On my weekly rounds of the stores yesterday I experienced a lot of more positive attitudes. Maybe we're beginning to see a glimmer of hope that summer is coming, or could it be that we're all gearing up for a well deserved July 4th holiday? It was just nice to see people being more positive about their activity. As a matter of fact, I was able to talk to some of our customers that could not speak highly enough about our packing. Now let's see if they give us those reviews I asked for...

I'm also feverishly working on getting better rates from our freight carriers and also bringing on more carriers to give us more options for our freight shipping business.

If we all keep our momentum going and add the efforts of Chris Long to the equation, we can come out of this economic train wreck with our heads held high knowing that it was the efforts of each and everyone on the team that made it happen.

Keep the pressure on!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't eat your breakfast cereal out of this!

Below is a $125,000 Native American bowl we have been consigned to crate and deliver to SFO Airport, white glove. Now all we need is a $50,000 spoon and a $2,000 box of Cap'n Crunch!

Bonhams F&D Makes for all work and no play!

What a crazy couple of weeks we are having here in Oakland!
Bonham's Furniture and Decorative Arts sale has influxxed us with hundreds of pieces of furniture, statuary, marble basins, and all sorts of other high value items.
The crew has done an outstanding job keeping up the pace with these lots and the many other clients we have been flooded with.
Take a look at some of the pieces we are shipping or delivering to clients. We love the income, but are looking forward to a well deserved weekend. But first...the VIP lots, even HIGHER value, and this will include giant marble archways, larger armoirs and bookcases, everything big, bulky, fragile, and expensive! Two more full days of pickups and a healthy swamping of phone calls to the office will kick off our summer in full gear. We are happily filling our calendar with more booked jobs, and the woodchips are flying out of our crating department. I want to extend a very deserved thanks to Ganzo, Byamba, Javier and Aldo in the warehouse, and Roger in the office who have all gone above and beyond to make sure no client is left behind. Well done, guys!

Wet and Wild in Lake Mead

Last week was business as usual. With the exception of training a few new faces, packed a couple of fancy chandeliers. It was a great weekend went camping all weekend and jet skiing at beautiful Lake Mead. Lots of friends family and fun. I will send you pictures when I get home tonight the cord here doesn't fit my camera. Jacob brought an awesome tube that we hooked to my jet ski and spent the day whipping each other around the lake. That water hurts at 50 mph. Suffering today at work with a brutal sun burn. Looking forward to doing it again in a few weeks. Here comes Monday, we started the day by completing a rush order of foam lined boxes for our friend Mr. Steve Wynn, which he is using to transport his favorite foods from his casino on vacation.

Eric B.
Box Brothers Las Vegas
Transportation Manager

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Packing shipping

Packing and shipping poster we use here in Redondo. Open 7 Days park in rear.

Don't get scammed on your move

Moving season is here once again the kids are out of school the summer is here and we have to move. Finding a mover is not as ez as just going to your yellow pages or on line.first step is to ask your friends or someone who just moved .next step if you live in California check with the CMSA at or out of California try AMSA or we can help you at or call us at 800-842-6937

Box Bros Feast... Eat it while it's hot!!!!!

I must apologize for not blogging last week... I'm sure everybody noticed..... I would like to thank Bill Carter and Ganzo once again.... They have a daunting task this week and for the next 30 days.... One of our larger accounts "Bonhams and Butterfields" had one of the their largest sales in current history..... They auctioned off a lot of everything like: Fine China, China Hutches, Tables, Chairs, Chandeliers, Marble Statues, Bedroom Furniture, and pretty much anything you can think of.... It was my first time viewing a auction behind the scenes and found it very interesting..... Most items were being auctioned off really quick without a lot of people bidding on one particular item.... However; there was a very small Vase with flowers and sort of normal looking to the average eye.... It was listed in the catalogue for an estimated value of $2,000.00 to $3,000.00.... The bidding started at $1,200.00 then went to $1,300.00 and so on.... Once the item got to $5,000.00 it started jumping to $6,000.00-$7,000.00-$8,000.00 so forth and so on...... I think everybody in the room was just amazed to watch these two phone bidders not stopping anytime soon.... It didn't stop until the hammer price was at $23,000.00...... I found myself thinking that when we go to pack and ship it, that we would most definitely protect it beyond a normal small vase pack job... This item will require a special box plus be put into a wooden crate for its safety..... Other then that Bill and Ganzo has their hands full for the next month...... I wish I could double the staff there for 2 weeks, but in this economy it is feast or famine each and every month..... This month I will say it's time for a feast.............

Monday, June 21, 2010

Know Your Competition

Sales 101 ...Know your competition, since you are likely to encounter comments that compare us to them . The best way to do this is to do what mark's been telling you " secret shop " your competitors . This will help you to evaluate the features and benefits of their products and services , as well as knowing your own.

Does your competitor offer lower carrier rates, but they don't offer the free pick - up service and large freight packaging service and large freight packaging that you do ? you can't be all things to all people . When you know specifically the benefits of your products and services , as well as those of your competition, you are better prepared to respond to questions . And close More sales

Part 2 of the step by step Pack

For more info go to or call 310-453-1532 and ask our experts for help .. and you can call us at 800- 842-6937 Thank You Ray for show us how it's done

Part 1 of 2 Pack and Ship

This is part 1 of 2 pack at Santa Monica 2113 Wilshire Bl. Santa Monica Ca. 90403

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pres.Clinton's Sax he played on Arsenino Hall Show

We picked this up from the auction house to be pack and shipped. Mark is hoping some of the pres. mojo will rub off

Prop to be packed and shipped

Happy Fathers Day

Want to wish a happy fathers day to all the father and remember today is your day so kick back and enjoy yourself.we waited a whole year for this day and now it's here

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

customer told me to stick it ..............

This week a customer told me to “stick it”. I was talking to a moving customer about tape her complaint is “my tape does not stick” The tape comes up, I bought tape at 3 places “

She brought in her tape and was perplexed she said it won’t stick very well Is there something wrong with the boxes? I showed her why tape is one of the most important items one buys for a move.

Her tape was a shiny tape that had a sweet smell to it. It was a lower end acrylic tape. She had bought this from a major office supply store. I used some of her tape on a random box and quickly pulled the strip of tape off the box. Very little material from the surface of the box was on the tape. The low quality adhesive does not adhere as fast.

This type of tape is very poor in humid conditions. The lower quality acrylic tapes also break down in a shorter amount of time making them poor for items being stored for long periods of time.

I then used our tape in this case a natural rubber based adhesive. I showed her the great difference when I did the same thing there was much more material from the surface of the box, it adhered much faster. Quality rubber based tapes are great for all moving and storage conditions.

I explained why most quality tapes are pressure sensitive and should be used in a tape gun. She was under the impression tape is tape be it the 99 cent store or the various mass retailers. The fact that it is marked with a major company logo also is not a factor some of the poorest tapes sold at a retail level are from a major company.

In her case she left with a 6 pack of natural rubber based tape and 3 rolls of paper tape as well as a spring loaded tape gun. She left happy and also understood why the 55 yard Bargain tape she bought at a depot store was not worth half of the price she paid. Quality tape is a much better value. Here we use our products everyday. We use lots of tape on our outgoing shipments.

Even the most basic hot melt and acrylic tape we sell is better then almost anything you will find in an office store or mass retailer. We use what we sell.

For very humid conditions such as an enclosed garage a rubber based or even a quality paper tape is the best. We suggest rubber based tape or a quality paper tape if you are using used boxes or your boxes will be in long term storage. (more then a year)

The majority of moves though can use our value tape it’s a good quality tape and available In 3 and 6 packs to save you money. It’s on sale through the summer.

Box Brothers Redondo

Open 7 days / Park in Rear

This is a half a million dollars

This was being deliverd to the BELLAGIO in Las Vegas . So this is what a half a million dollars looks like

Why Box Brothers is more than a great Company...

As President of Box Brothers, I have seen and done many things in my over
20 years as a Box Brother. I have also had the opportunity, in my life, to have
started my working life as a very young person. I have worked in a liquor store
in South Central Los Angeles, I have worked in the law in Century City and Downtown
Los Angeles, I spent some time working for a division of the US Attorney's office, in the
Federal Building in Los Angeles, and from those points, into the transportation field,
where I was a corporate officer at the largest local mover in California, ran a small mover
in Van Nuys and worked for a "super van line agent" affiliated with Mayflower Van Lines.

My point is that I have seen things. I have always worked, even in college and law school, and
as a child, in my family's business. I have been exposed to commerce, lawyering, charity work,
community involvement and social organizations, where as a young person, I held numerous leadership posts. You would think I was tired, already.....

However, my home and heart, is with Box Brothers. I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge, experience and most importantly, my heart, to what I do. I really was not very
good at being a subordinate. My mom and dad did not raise someone to accept mediocrity,
in any part of my life.

At Box Brothers, I have hand picked some excellent people and I am blessed and our customers
are blessed, as a direct result. We never shortchange a customer on packaging. We do not take
shortcuts. We value the opportunity to take someone's prized possessions, or valuable purchases-art of otherwise-and we not only do a great job, but we stand behind what we do.

The older I get, the more I see people who make a living as a result of screwing them. I thank god every day I did not decide to practice law, as I have not seen one lawyer in my adult life that
I wish I could emulate. In fact, I think they are too many, and they have drifted, mistakenly, from a strong ethics position, to an ends justify the means, point of view. All that matters is the
result.......even if they have to subborn perjury.

We are not like that here at Box Brothers. We live not to leverage anyone, but to provide advice,
guidance and a good job, whether it is packing a statue, delivering moving boxes, or telling someone how to pack dishes. No one else cares about the customer, the way we do, and I need
to give credit to our people. Our family.

Recently, we had a test of our ability to function, after a significant loss. While 25 years, is a long
time for a business to operate, these days, we have never been through the loss or death of a key
employee. 25 years is not a long time for a life. We lost one of our long time mangers, Jim Skillen, to a tragic illness. Jim was loved by all, and while life is hard, Jim got to be the person he was with all of us and his customers. I have old customers who call me to tell me how much they
appreciate our service and I had so many people tell me how great the service was that Jim provided. He provided Box Brothers Service. Done Right, with a smile and a sense of pride you can't find anywhere else.

His loss was huge. Some of us are still hurting due to his loss and absence. I used to speak to him every day, and it is still hard to accept. However, what I am most proudest about is how
we came together to support his loved ones and to console the customers and all of us who considered him family. I cannot tell you how proud I was of our family, how they came and supported Jim, and his loved ones, as we laid him to rest.

We persevered, we survived and we still honor Jim. At the same time, it is often said that
life is full of problems, losses, events, that will shape a family and its members. I was really proud yesterday for one of our other Westside Mangers, Jorgen Gilcrease. Jorgen is our manager of our West Santa Monica Location, what we call Santa Monica 2. Jorgen started to
work for us as a manager, in our Burbank store, 20 years ago. He was always a member of our
family, and while it was hard at times. to go through his transition from a teenager to a man to a father, there is no question of his dedication to doing great work and never, ever shortchanging a customer. I cannot even recall when he had a shipping claim in the last two years, which is testament to his commitment to the customer and to always doing a great job.

Jorgen lost his step father the day before yesterday. He was very close to him and I think his loss affected Jorgen in a big way, as I heard him breakdown, when he got the news. When life's bitter and difficult side comes to visit you, and you are the type of person with a great heart.
words cannot do much. Jorgen came to work that day and when I found out, I brought in another Box Brothers family member, Dave Ferguson, who took a bus to come and cover him on his day off. Jorgen ended up staying more than half of the day, as it got busy and he did not want to dump on Dave. I am so proud of my family here, I am in tears. Who in America thinks they will get this service from a Kinko's, or a Staples, or an Office Depot. All of those firms know so little about helping a customer, it is a shame. But they can brand their phony message, as they have stock market money.

As bad and as hard as this job can be, and boy do I have stories or irony and woe, that I could tell you, nothing makes me prouder than my family here at Box Brothers. Sure, there are days, when I am ready to give up, or something, but I cannot imagine a better group of people that I trust and believe in.

If you are a customer of Box Brothers, just know that while we will not win any popularity contests, and we are not, by any means, flashy or uber cool, we are the best people you can trust with your most prized possessions. We are dedicated to providing you with not only the best products, but with the crucial know how that will make your shipment, your move, or your
job, the best ever.

If not, you had better call me and let me know. 818 703-9393, ext 102.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check this out sm pack

Pack and shipped by our Santa Monica Store at 2113 Wilshire Bl. Santa Monica AKA SM1
310-453-1532 or Check us out on line at


Keep your utility services running until the day after your move
Save your moving receipts. Many moving expenses are tax dedutible. Call the IRS for details at 1.800.829.3676 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1.800.829.3676 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Pack a survival kit for the move.
Basic tools
hammer, screwdriver, nails, masking tape, tape measure, flashlight, lightbulbs, pocket knife, trash bags.
Kitchen essentials
water and a snack, paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils.
Bathroom essentials
a bathroom towel, soap, and toilet paper.
Other items
eyeglasses, address book, checkbook, telephone, clock, a change of clothes, and directions to your new home.
Create a "move-free" zone to relax in at the end of the move day (a room free of boxes and clutter). Set up the TV or stereo, bring in some furniture, turn on the lamps. It may not be permanent, but it'll help you feel at home. For more tips and supplies go to

Marilyn Monroe's table

Crating Marilyn Monroe's table that came from her Brentwood Ca home. shipping to a client in TX.
Marianna Carlson
Box Brothers
220 W. Ivy Ave. Unit C
Inglewood, CA 90302
T: 800.474.7447 or 310-419-6375
F: 310.419.9915
Today I was told that my blog entries were to negative......I always thought
it was due to the work I do, but maybe I am too negative. I have always been
an emotional person, not sure why, but I cannot argue that point. Maybe I could blame
my parents, but that does not seem fair or even close to the mark.

Maybe I have thin skin, or maybe I am good natured and I deteste when others are not
the same. I never view myself as being in a bad or negative mood, but then again, maybe
I am not able to be objective, when it comes to understanding me.

I had an experience yesterday, where I was the 6 year customer of a landlord. To make a long
story short, these landlords are clearly trying to screw our company, due to an advantageous
lease, on their benefit.

At the same time, every single lease I have signed, landlord or tenant, has provisions in it that allow for, at a minimum, one party (usually the landlord) to do a great many things to their
tenant. But it takes some nerve and a complete disregard to artificially create numbers to screw a client and not treat them as a customer. Ask me, these people actions should be illegal as they
have a complete disregard for their customer, me. Because they overpaid for their property, the way to make it right is to screw your tenant or customer.

I have never treated anyone like this, even someone I could not stand. And then they hide
behind their hired gun, their lawyer, who seems to think lying is ok, if it helps their client.

I guess I am negative. I cannot figure out how come what goes around does not always come around for people like this. I only wish I could feel sorry for these people, as maybe one day, I will not be negative, but I will never forget.

Extra Fragile pack

Extra fragile refers to items which need special packaging materials build around the item . Such packaging materials create a barrier between the item and the inside wall of the box . Some examples of extra goods are electronics , hand crafted items , paintings and framed pictures with glass . Extra Fragile items are packaged in the following manner. First , the box is lined with sheets of Styrofoam cut specifically to fit the box . Next the item is wrapped in a protectant packaging material , and the remaining space in the box is packed tightly with filler .

Wood crating is also for high value and highly sensitive goods . For years Box Brothers has been leading the industry with it's Custom Rapid Wood Crates . Call 1-800-474-7447 or 1-800-84-BOXES for information about these custom wood crates .

Cost of an item can also determine the category for packaging . Add goods packed by Box Brothers are guaranteed for safe arrival . Insurance is available on all Box Brothers packed shipments .

Fragile Pack

The fragile category refers to goods that need extra care during shipping . Fragile goods can consist of pots and pans , toys and photographs . Fragile goods require two forms of packaging materials . First , a protection (bubble wrap , foam cushion) is wrapped around the item . Second, a filler is used to "suspend " the item in the middle of the box . As a general rule sensitive goods have a two inch margin of filler between the item and the inside walls of the box .
plastic plates are inside this box *** never put china in a box like this for shipping unless its double boxed .Call Box Brothers at 800-842-6937 or on lin at

Non fragile pack

Non fragile goods refer to goods that do not break . Some examples of Non fragile items are , clothing, paper goods , books , fabric and kids toys . Non fragile goods usually require one packaging material (Styrofoam peanuts , un-printed newsprint) inside the box . This packaging material is referred as filler and is meant to hold the items(s) in place during transit .for more help call 800-842-6937 or on line at

3 ways packing for shipping

For the past 25 years , Box Brothers has developed a system of determining the optimum way to package your goods for shipping . We categorize items in one of three ways ; Non Fragile , Fragile and Extra Fragile . Using these categories Box Brothers and you can easily determine how your goods should be packaged.Call us or visit our stores and we will help find the best service at the lowest cost.go to or call us at 800-842-6937

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Packing a Closet tips for Moving

One of the last things you do when moving is pack up your closets .When moving local with a moving company they will gave you wardrobes boxes to hang your clothing . The Wardrobe come in 3 sizes .The mover uses the largest one 24x20x47 this come with a hanger bar the box holds 2 feet of closet space . After you put the boxes together you can now start loading the box up . First you can put shoes on the bottom or pillows even board games . Remember this is the last box to go and the first one there . At Box Brothers we have all sizes of wardrobes cartons in stock or call us at 800-842-6937 other sizes in stock are 20x20 x45 and the shorty 20x20x34 all come with the bar

Bonhams and Butterfields Big Antiques Auctions

Las Vegas Truck

Some of the services at the Inglewood Warehouse

Vasarely going to New York for an opening . Box Brothers Inglewood our Southern CA.Warehouse with full docks . Has the capacity for receiving in and shipping out large shipment's . Ship Heavy weight Freight . shipping domestic and international . LCL , Air and sea . Full container loads .....Storage . Vault and Fine Art storage ....... call us at 800-474-7447 we make the best crates in town made to order ...pick up service and white glove service

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Old photo from the back of Sahara

How does Home Depot get away with Predatory Pricing

I just posted a blog about cardboard and how the industry raised prices 20% in a down market,
as I think I am not as smart as them, as this makes no sense to me.

At the same time, we have a relatively new competitor and I wanted to be consistent, as I really think I have enough competitors in the retail moving box business and I have enough competitors in the packaging aspect of my business (crating and soft packing), and I have plenty of competitors in the package shipping business, like the UPS Stores and Kinko's, who happen to be the only tow providers in that industry, besides the United State Postal Service, but lets not go to that non competitive industry, right now.

I was talking moving boxes and cardboard and a new competitor, Home Depot. What I do not know is how the world defines the legal term, Predatory Pricing, anyway? Lets ask Wikipedia:

In business and economics, predatory pricing is the practice of selling a product or service at a very low price, intending to drive competitors out of the market, or create barriers to entry for potential new competitors. If competitors or potential competitors cannot sustain equal or lower prices without losing money, they go out of business or choose not to enter the business. The predatory merchant then has fewer competitors or is even a de facto monopoly, and hypothetically could then raise prices above what the market would otherwise bear.

So lets apply the facts, like its done in law school.....You have the world's largest hardware
store chain, and for some reason, they decide to start selling a few moving boxes. It is a free
country, right? So they stock two different main sizes, but check this out, the prices they chose
are less than the prices I pay from my suppliers? Why would Home Depot, price their products
at a wholesale level?

The largest seller of moving boxes in the United States and maybe the world, is U-Haul. This is not because Uhaul is branded for this purpose, it is just when you go to pick up your truck, you might find it convenient to pick up a few boxes, as they are right there. No issues.

Uhaul sells the small book or 1.5 box, a staple of the moving industry, for $1.70 a piece.
the worlds largest mini storage firm, Public Storage, also sells these same boxes, for $2.00 each. However, there are people out there, who sell these boxes for as low as $1.50 each and some even go lower than that.

Well, how come Home Depot is selling these boxes, for $.069? Who are they competing with?
No one in the world sells at their cost, unless they have another agenda. To make this worse,
one fool tends to follow the other, even if the first guy is lost. So, look who is copying Home Depot, Lowes Hardware? Go figure, monkey see, monkey do.

However, this is clearly an instance of predatory pricing as no one can figure out how they can
sell these boxes at retail for less than what we buy them for, today, from our suppliers. Free market, or what?

This is not Target or even Walmart, but Home Depot, you know, the place where you can't find
any help if you need it, the place that put the small appliance guys out of business, the ones who
put out all of the independent hardware stores, that company.

when you need it to make sure the world or the marketplace is a fair one?

So one the one side, we get hit with 20% increases in a down market, and at the same time, I have to try to compete with the largest hardware store chain in the world, cause they want to
sell and not make a profit. Why? those inefficient bastards would not know how to advise a moving customer if their life depended on it.

I know life is not fair, and if I want fair, I have to go to Pomona or something. But this is not fair to anyone, especially the consumer. Once they have no competition, watch what they do, as all they want is to grow up be the big bully. Ask me, we have had enough of this crap. I was born at night, but not last night.....

Luke Perry's ride in Beverly Hills 90210

Cardboard and the Law

About 6 months ago, the rumbling started to emerge from nowhere. Even though everyone in
the business of cardboard (movers, fruit suppliers, consumer items, export items, consumer goods) had seen better days. For example, in moving, the van lines, like United Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Bekins Van Lines, etc, all had sales declines of
between 20-45%, last year. While the two major truck rental firms, who are still out there
(U-Haul and Budget) also saw large decreases in their volume, last year, but they do not publicize
this information publicly, but there is little to no doubt that, for the moving industry, sales were
down sharply and one would have to conclude that moving boxes took the same % hit.

How come then, was it possible for the cartel of box manufacturers, to raise prices in this market, first by 10% and then with another 10% increase taking effect in the last 30 days.
Maybe they think that if the oil industry can do it, they can to.

This was nothing short of a contrived increase to benefit themselves. Lets define themselves.
There are about 4 firms who control the price of cardboard and while their sales were down.
how nice would it be to get extra money for the same item? I would love to, as they say, but
this only can happen (to raise price when volume is down) if it is contrived.

I am not sure why the law in this antitrust area was not more clear, as no one can explain the obvious, that supply and demand do not work if there is no free market. I guess there are political reasons for all of these things, but all of this crap is now hurting the small businessman
and he did nothing to bring it about. No one says anything about this stuff and I know why the
middlemen in our cardboard industry do not fight it, as they benefit too. Selling the same items
for more money, they benefit too.

However, on the street, this is bullshit and the customers will not buy it. Why would anyone
fall into this stupidity, it is just legally justified corruption. How do you raise prices when sales
are down, unless you are a fueling station or a supermarket? Whose product is so needed that you do not care how much it costs? Many of us in business, in the last two years, found out exactly how "elastic" out products and service really were, as sales fell more than anyone thought was possible.

So I ask, if sales are down for an entire industry, how is it that they can artificially create a shortage? They lay off people, claim this and that, but the truth is that we allow them to do this.
The powers that be have come up with every single reason and they blame the banks, and maybe correctly, but this is an anti trust issue, and I do not think we can leave industries
like this one, able to do whatever they want, as they are self serving. Either we have laws that
promote business competition and fair dealing, or we have what we have today, industries that have no real competition and can raise prices when sales are down. This is not a free market
just like with oil, as no matter how much or how little oil we use, the price is never going to stay
down. You just know that, no matter how many Prius' there are out there......

I complained to the authorities, in this election year, but no one got back to me until this week,
Senator Finestein's offce let me know that they finally got a response back from the Justice
Department. I will let you know how it goes, but I doubt that anyone is looking to do anything about this, as everyone one I know does not give any money to the politicians in Washington, so why would they start caring about real problems and real issues that affect Americans?

Surf's UP......Kawabunga

it is finally hot enough to believe that summer is here, but there are some skeptics out there.....
At the bank today, there was a line of people. Almost like old times, but the fact is that they
only had a couple of tellers tell me.

I spoke to our main supplier yesterday, and his firms' sales are trending up, but not enough,
compared with the huge slowdown, last year.

So I have been going with this theme, in my blog posts, that if business is back from the recession, surf's up and if not, as in business is in the doldrums, ....there is no summer.

Summer has been our Christmas season and we need it to get through the slower months when
moving is actually out of season. The moving industry is one of our leading indicators and from
what I have seen, business is better and more robust outside of California. This is true for most
small businesses, and while government seems to recognize it, the state legislature is still owned
and controlled by some small but powerful interest groups who obviously live in a better place than most of us small business people.

I hope that what the commentators say is true, like on CNBC and Bloomberg, the news, etc, but
it seems to me that the stock market swings wildly and the "intelligent commentators" only
seem to bring forth themes and explanations that go towards how the market did that day.
For example, when the market is down, the Greece financial market issues are worrying investors, until the next day, when the same commentators say the market is down since people
are worried that the Greek Financial Crisis will spread to the Spanish nations, etc.

Go figure, they are glorified weather men, just pretending to understand what is going on. Ask me, if they did, they would be wealthy enough to be on vacation somewhere, instead of telling
us how to buy their products.....

Show us, prove it to us, that the market is better and then lets move forward. I do not know anyone having a lot of fun these days, but maybe I am hanging out with the wrong people.....
stay tuned.

Packing Pictures Tips for Moving

Small pictures can be wrapped and stood up in normal packing boxes with other goods.

Extremely large pictures, such as the type commonly found hanging over a sofa or mantle (usually measuring 24" x 36") should be packed by your mover in one of his specially designed picture or mirror cartons.36x27x5 ix a half of a two piece mirror carton you can use one or two together. when you use two it will adjust to 54 in in height so your box can be 36x5x27 to 54 in height . we sell all sizes of picture boxes smaller and larger.Just come in to a box brothers store or on line at or call 800-842-6937

Many pictures, however, that are just a little too large to fit in regular cartons (16" x 20" or 18" x 24") can be packed in a self-devised picture carton.

If your picture is glass take it out or take masking tape and criss cross the glass this will make it stronger so if it does brake it will not mess up you photo.

tip. take glass not move with glass save your photo

Select a carton that is larger than your picture when open at both ends.
Lay your picture, face down, on several sheets of packing paper which have been spread out so as to be almost twice as wide as your picture.
Open the bottom of the carton, and then flatten the carton. Seal one of the open sides with your tape.
Wrap the picture in much the same manner as you might a gift box. Bring one side of the packing paper around the picture so that it will cover most of the back of the picture. Then bring the second side of the packing paper around to cover the back of the picture. Seal with tape. Fold up both ends of the packing paper and bring over the back of the picture. Seal with tape. Turn picture over and seal the areas where the packing paper overlaps.
Slide picture into unsealed side of your carton and seal this end with your tape. At Box Brothers you can always ask us at Box Brothers how to pack .. Ask us we know we are the pros . 800-842-6937 or on line at

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