Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy in Oakland

This past week has been a bustling one for us up here in Oakland. With several expedited and international shipments, organizing Bonhams customers with their lots, and giving out quotes, the warehouse guys have been crating away and those of us in the office are controlling the rush, resulting with many happy customers. We currently have all sorts of domestic and international shipments consisting of art (including items like a 10' long painting and an antique marble coat of arms), to furniture and goods going to Africa, and everything in between. Of course...we like it busy here...and we definitely have a great team to handle it.

Box Brothers Oakland

Box Brothers welcomes Nick Eckhart

New employee Nick Eckhart spent the day here in Woodland Hills learning the Box Brothers basics...our products, our services, our devotion to customer service, a quick run through of our Resource Program...he has a great outgoing attitude and personality, and I think he is going to be a great addition to the Box Brothers team. Welcome Nick Eckhart!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The warehouse has been bustling all week! Along with our freight shipments, we've been packing some really interesting and unique items- from fine art and sculpture, to 200 year old Persian rugs. We've been handling the shipping for Bonham's and Butterfield's for quite some time now, and the influx shipments coming into the warehouse the past few weeks has been non-stop! I'd like to point out that the amount of positive feedback we've received from our customers has been overwhelming. Here at the warehouse, we pride ourselves on our dedication to every customer we have- from pick-up to delivery we strive to keep the customer informed on his or her shipping status. Look out for upcoming posts- with pics too! Below is a recent review on Google Local- enjoy!

Great Job!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Maria - Sep 20, 2010
I hired Box Brothers to move a sofa to my location out of state. They arrived on time at the origin location, did a great job packing, communicated with me every step of the way, from getting a proposal to letting me know it was on the way. AND it showed up several days early! I will definitely use them in the future.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Motor4Toys 2009

Happy Birthday Chris Greene

If haven't wished Chris a happy birthday yet. you can still do it ..his birthday is all day ( lol ) call him at box brothers of woodland hills at 818.224.4661

7th Annual Charitable Car Show December 5th 2010 ... 6;30 am to 12:00 noon at 21555 Oxnard St. Woodland Hills Ca. For the last 7 years Motor4toys has been the single largest contributor of toys to the TOYS FOR TOTS program . they need everyone's support to beat last years count of 35,000 toys . how ever you can help would be great they need your support. for more info click the link on top or Call Dustin at 818-516-5053 ... Remember EVERY KID DESERVES A TOY .......

Urban Cowboy...

Cowboy is in the land of surfers...... I told him that surfing is just as dangerous as bull riding.... The oceans a mean place and if you're not careful the riptides will carry you out to sea... We will not be going into the waters........

Chris long

Box Bros


Box Bros Los Angeles....

This week my travels have taken me to Los Angeles California...... The Box Brothers Inglewood Warehouse is working diligently building crates and processing tons of auctions items ready to be transported to their final destination.... I have brought with me Cowboy from our Las Vegas division..... I'm hoping the extra hands have helped the staff here in Inglewood...... It was great to see Ray from Box bros Santa Monica 1 location........ He came into the warehouse to follow up on the ton of items they picked up from an event on Saturday..... I appreciate the fact that he took the time to say hello to everybody in the warehouse.... Always good to see Ray!!!! Marianna is running around like crazy while conducting an efficient operation..... Her quality control on the art handling is unmatched within our corporation.... I hope all the store managers know that Bryan and Marianna are always available for questions concerning freight shipments and crating concerns.... They will Blog later on ways to load oversees containers......

Chris Long

Box Bros


Monday, September 27, 2010

Old School photo

Way back Santa Monica Photo....Thanks Chris for the photo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Park City, UT Trip....

Sometimes our clients ask for White Glove Delivery Services and we have to put on our Storm Trooper Outfits..... The Park City, UT job was a 900 mile journey round trip from Las Vegas.... The Las Vegas Crew showed up at 7am and loaded our truck headed to Park City, UT..... Eric B and I drove the 450 miles after loading and rented hotel rooms in the beautiful ski resort destination..... The following morning we were at the clients doorstep at 6:58 am..... Two minutes early for our 7 am scheduled delivery appointment..... I wasn't able to take photos of the items that we transported, but took some photos along the way... The photo with the smoke on the mountain top was from a extremely large forest fire somewhere in between Las Vegas and Park City.... I'm just glad it wasn't close to the freeway..... Marianna in our Inglewood Warehouse is always handling the higher end clients and her expertise in this industry puts us in a position to provide clients these types of services...... Always find out what the client is needing and learn how to say yes when it's outside of your comfort zone... If it's large, we can move it.... If it's expensive, we can insure it..... If it's urgent, we will get it there.... Don't turn away from work because it's outside your "Box"....... You can always call Marianna in the LA Warehouse or myself if there are any questions on what Box Brothers can do for clients.... We are only a phone call away..... LA = 800-474-7447...... Las Vegas = 800-355-7917.... The line of communication are always open....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Internet Ideas?

Box Brothers' prescence on the internet is always a work-in-progress. It is an ongoing effort, and we need your help. Any ideas and/or contributions you have will greatly assist in continuing the process. Ideas for our website, blog, wiki.. any of it... let us have 'em! Many of you already do this on a regular basis, and we appreciate it; you are contributing a great deal to Box Brothers.
Even a small blog post every couple days goes a long way... let's not forget that.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carved Limestone Piece

This hand carved limestone piece was brought in for custom packing here in Woodland Hills by a new customer who owns an antiquities business here in the valley. Need something custom packed? Call Box Brothers, Woodland Hills (818) 224-4661

Yelp Review D.C.

First to Review .I am a court reporter so it is important to me that the court documents I mail arrive at the destination timely and intact. I know that will happen if I send my documents via David Collins at Box Brothers, 11701 Wilshire Blvd., Ste C, L.A., Ca. 90025. David is a professional, and I feel secure when my documents are in his proficient hands. Thanks, David, for making my work load lighter.

Welcome, Rick Howell!

About a week and a half ago during resume reviews while searching for an assistant, Kiyoshi, SF Store manager, asked me if I recalled working with a Richard Howell while I was at Bonhams and Butterfields, where I managed their transportation before coming to Box Brothers. I asked for the resume and realized it was Rick, a former Bonhams warehouse supervisor that I worked closesly with during my term there. I always remembered Rick as the type of guy who was relaxed at work, but always got the job done, and was never afraid to go the extra mile. I recall one day where Rick cleared the gallery floor there on his own in less than one full work day. This is a job that normally takes five crew members the same amount of time. Rick, having grown frustrated with his coworkers lack of motivation, took it upon himself to do the work, and finished the job solo before the day was over.

I'm happy to say that this work ethic has carried over to Box Brothers. I've never seen a new hire dive so readily into the labor and customer service required at a retail store. Rick eagerly stocks incoming box orders with the dual goals of clearing the sales floor and learning where the stock is kept. He fills idle time with cleaning, stocking and organizing the shop without being asked, and his demeanor is friendly, smart and funny.

Normally I wouldn't throw down the welcome mat for a new hire until they have completed training and a probation period proving their dedication, but it really makes my day to walk into my SF location and see a clean and fully stocked shop, with Kiyoshi taking sales calls and booking jobs while Rick handles box sales and helps customers out with their purchases. All this after only a week of training. So a big warm Box Brothers welcome to Rick Howell.

We let Rick have his pick of the most recent Uline order's free gift. Here he is brandishing his Uline maglite, ready to light the way for those in the dark about their shipping needs, or bash a shoplifter sneakily tucking a 20 cube display box under their shirt...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mark Frydman's and Box Brothers Ecopnomic Stimulus Plan

I was doing some thinking today, as I reviewed some of our many transportation bills
that we incur in our business. They include weekly bills for United Parcel Service at all of our
locations, Federal Express and Federal Express Ground Package bills, again for all locations,
and now we have DHL and US Postal Service at all of our other locations, as well.

Then we have all of the LTL, Truckload, Air Services, Ocean Services bills, for all locations.

It is fair to say that we are loaded up on transportation services bills and they all have one thing
in common to my point in this blog entry: that all of these services have added on costs due to the high cost of gasoline or fuel.

Many of you may be surprised to learn that in LTL or less than truckload shipments, which a lot of small businesses use daily, there is a standard of a 20% fuel additive that is in addition to the normal line haul or cost for this service. Yes, so for a $300.00 shipment, that is now $360.00.
For a $500.00 shipment, that will now be $600.00.

For ground and air services from UPS and Federal Express, we have no real idea how much they
are charging us extra for fuel, as they have not only blended the rate for extra fuel costs directly into the charge for transportation, and then they add some more. My guess is that it is about
15% here, but you would need a whole room of accountants to figure it out. Gee, I wonder why they have worked so hard to hide this cost from the payor?

Short answer: Monopolies do as they please until they are told not to.

But in the case of the trucking industry, prices might rise if they were not able to pass on the 20% surcharge, as my guess is that most of the carriers never have made nets of 10%,
so a 20% drop in true revenue might force them to increase their prices, in order not to go out
of business, but the truth is that Fedex and UPS trucking still cannot make money in freight
even with this additive.

Why would the government allow this sizable increase to be passed on to small business? All we hear is that it is small business that does 75% of the hiring; it is small business that will lead us out of recession (did you hear that the recession ended 7/09, they said in 9/10, today) and it is
small business that is all good...........

so why are we getting hammered by the two monopolistic transportation carriers, UPS and FEDEX, who bought their way into LTL trucking a few years ago and who have led the industry down this path of 20% fuel surcharges?

If the government or the federal reserve used its assets to buy down the 10 year notes, the ones used for 30 year mortgage rates, and spent billions on these purchases--and I think it was a good idea--how come you do not have the cost of oil lowered to where it should be, not where the
speculative market would like it to be?????

I have heard that the demand price or true demand price of oil is around $60.00 a barrel, and
no one knows why it sells for 20-25% more than that, but if you simply follow the money
(heard that one before), you will see that the stock prices of the 4 major oil firms follows lockstep with the inflated price of oil.

I also believe that the government allows this to happen, as when the current President ran for office he said that this market, the oil futures market, allows unregistered trades, thereby increasing speculation in that market. Well, 20 months later, and it turns out to be lip service,
but I just cannot figure out why.

Imagine the boost this economy would have if the shipping prices came down 20% and the cost to fill up your car went down 20% or if your electricity bill went down 20% due to its linage to the cost of oil--how great a boost would that be?

I ask, and hopefully, not rhetorically, how come this cannot happen, that we get the price of oil
down to where it should be, and not what Mobil, Chevron and Shell want it to be for their own purposes--but Wait, there is more good news. Iran would get less money.........what would be wrong with that?

I will keep dreaming, and hoping for the best, but I am no fool, and hell will likely freeze over before this happens. After all, the oil firms must own that too....

Inglewood Review


Box Brothers Inglewood did a fantastic job on our move. I've used movers about 5 times during various moves, and Box Brothers was by far the best and most professional. They were able to accommodate my move in various ways, which was great. Essentially we moved two apartments from two different places into one. In addition, the pick up and delivery dates had to be different. Box Brothers picked up everything from two locations about 30 miles apart, stored everything overnight and brought everything to the new location the next day. I was never worried about any of my belongings, they are insured and reputed, which I found out many movers aren't. Also, there were no hidden charges, everything was upfront.

The staff was very helpful as well. The manager on the move was great, he made suggestions on how to wrap things and move them as well as asked questions before making any assumptions about how to handle my things. The move was very efficient and smooth. They also went above and beyond, they moved some furniture onto a roof top deck, which was not required of them and was not easy.

I would recommend Box Brothers to my friends and colleagues as well as will use them myself again.

A. J.
Santa Monica, CA

Friday, September 17, 2010

Box Brothers gets LOST!

Today I was able to go to Thousand Oaks and pick up a few items from the Lost Auction that was held by Profiles in History last month. We were able to get the packing and shipping on the stretcher and first aid kits that were used on the show. The customer was really happy with our service and pricing since we were about half of what Fine Art quoted her.

Marianna has quoted a few more jobs, so hopefully we'll get those too.

All in a day's work for the best packing and shipping company there is!

Maple Valley Review

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010
Hi Chris,
Just a note to let you know my Dad's desk arrived this week in excellent condition.
Please let everyone know who had anything to do with the packing & shipping of it how much I appreciate the great job they did.
It was worth every penny of the $400 I spent to have it shipped.
Thanks so much for the great job your company did!

Cheryl Anthony
Fayetteville, GA

Box Brothers Maple Valley location
888-533-8385 or 425-7577

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Porcelain Turtle Packing

Artwork Shipping to NYC Art Fair

We packed & ship this Artwork to NY for an Art Fair on the
27th of Sept.


From our SF Store Yelp Page:

Just got back from the most amazing service from Bill at Box Brothers. This was my first time moving "the right way" by getting real moving boxes and supplies. Had no idea what or how much I needed. Bill was extremely helpful and made it so easy. Plus on top of their good prices and excellent service I got a great AAA discount. And he loaded my car for me. :) Will recommend Box Brothers to all my friends for packing, moving, shipping needs. Thanks Bill!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spice Cabinet - Packed and Shipped

Cool old small spice cabinet. Neat item that has a lot of family significance to the sender. This was hand made out of Koa wood we packed and shipped this item to Hawaii recently. We pack and ship anything anywhere.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach Park in rear / Open 7 days visit us at