Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fine Art Packing & Shipping

Packaging Fine Art is a delicate task that requires proper training, natural skill, extensive knowledge, and, most notably, loads of experience. “Experience” is critical to successfully packing and transporting precious, fragile artwork safely. Furthermore, this quality is not one than can be taught or learned, making ‘experience’ an invaluable trait in a packing/shipping company. Box Brothers has over 25 years experience handling all manner of fine art, including (but not limited to) sculptures, oil paintings, ceramics, glass art, models, statues, display pieces, antique art, museum pieces, medieval art, historical pieces/artifacts, and more! Throughout our two-and-a-half decades in the business, we have developed unique and innovative packaging techniques not found anywhere else in the industry.
At Box Brothers, we believe in giving our clients a vast array of options to choose from. Our packaging service, for example, is fully personalized for each individual client, allowing him/her to select only the services they want, without having to pay for the ones they don’t need. Similarly, our shipping services are designed to allow each client to choose from a host of multiple options and carriers. We offer shipping with all major carriers, as well as freight services, via ground, air, and ocean. Even if you are moving (and have already hired a mover), and do not require our shipping services, we would be happy to come to your home and package your fine art on-site in preparation for your move. Call or come in today for more information!
• Over 25 years experience working with museums, galleries, art collectors, designers, auction houses, artists, architects, interior decorators, art exhibits, home stagers, hotels, and many more.
• Personalized service plans to ensure that you pay for only the services you need! NO Unnecessary Costs! NO Hidden Fees!
• Our award-winning professional packaging team has the highest level of training, knowledge, and experience in the business. We use only the highest-quality packaging materials to ensure maximum safety for your fine art. Pack and ship your items with a team of experts you can trust.
• We offer in-home packaging as well as in-store. Come to us, or we’ll come to you! It’s your choice!
• We build high-quality custom crates for each individual item, depending on its size and specifications. Each crate is made to order, designed specifically for your item.
• Reliable shipping services, including all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL) and freight services. Our extensive list of shipping options enables our clients to choose from a huge selection of services, each varying in price and features.
• Not ready to transport your fine art just yet? We offer storage services that you can trust to store your items safely until they are ready for transport.
• Our packaging services are available to anyone… even if shipping services are not required. Whether you are moving, shipping, or storing, call today to find out why Box Brothers’ packaging service is the right option for you.
Box Brothers has packed, shipped, and stored fine art for a multitude of clients, including museums, galleries, art collectors, designers, auction houses, artists, architects, interior decorators, art exhibits, home stagers, hotels, and many more. Additionally, we offer services for people who are moving from their residence and need their fine art packaged and/or shipped. Even if you’ve already hired a standard mover, you may want to consider having our artwork packaged by our specialists, as they are specifically trained to package fine art. Furthermore, if you choose to pack your belongings on your own (instead of having your movers do it), but wish to have your valuable art professionally packaged, standard movers will often charge you a pre-determined flat-rate for “packaging.” This means that just to pack your fine art, they are charging you the standard fee to pack an entire household. At Box Brothers, we charge only for what we package, without any hidden fees or strings attached.
Every aspect of your order is personalized according to your needs, including preference, budget, and any other factors that may exist. Elsewhere, customers are often restricted by having only a few ‘service plans’ to choose from, and being unable to customize them. This often results in a client paying for the highest-tiers of packaging and shipping, regardless of whether or not they need both, or any of them for that matter.
Example: You’d like to pack & ship a painting, and you are concerned about the fragile, antique frame. You are less concerned, however, with when it arrives at its destination. In this case, you may select the safest, highest-quality packaging service (custom crating) to pack your painting. To ship it, though, you might choose an affordable, standard ground service.
Call or come in today to learn more about our fine art packing & shipping services.

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