Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Great Review !!!!!!!!

Mr. Frydman,

I'm writing to let you know about what an amazing experience I've had with Box Brothers today. I think I've either called or e-mailed about 6 times since just this morning, each time dealing directly with someone who I can only imagine is the most patient person in the world-- Kiyoshi Foster (from your San Francisco branch). I think I must have been in contact with almost a dozen shipping companies today trying to find the absolute cheapest way to ship a settee across the country. It actually ended up that Box Brothers wasn't the cheapest (nor the most expensive); I selected your company based on the stellar customer service I received from Kiyoshi.
I had no idea how much went into trying to get a chair from Point A to Point B, just from the consumer's perspective! My intimidation grew as each freight company asked me more and more foreign questions (what is the freight class?, ...something about the size of a palette, can you tape pieces of cardboard around the chair?) and as the quotes jumped higher and higher (over $3000). All I knew is that I need a chair to get from here to there...affordably. Kyoshi made everything so simple, and remained friendly & optimistic even when I needed a bit to think and look around some more when the numbers were just higher than I anticipated. When I needed time to think he said "no problem". He kept my information on hand so I didn't have to go through the process again, did not lay on any guilt trips when I asked if he could put everything on hold while I looked around some more and, overall, really seemed more like a friend than a sales person.

I know I couldn't have been the easiest person to work with and cannot emphasize how appreciative I am of the customer service I received today. I'm not sure how large your company is, but Kiyoshi Foster certainly seems to be a huge asset to your business. I recommend a raise! :)

~Amy Parrish

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