Friday, May 27, 2011

Auction Logisitcs...And Celebrity Auctions

Auction Logistics, is the name we have attached, to those tasks associated with assisting
auctioneers with the marshaling of auction assets and preparing them for sale, as well as
the disposition of purchased property, from the auction.

At Box Brothers, we have been blessed to be a part of some really memorable and fantastic
auctions, of all types. We can talk about our participation in the marshaling of assets on behalf
of the Michael Jackson auction, the Bob Hope Auction, the Ozzy Osbourne Auction, the upcoming Debbie Reynolds Auction next month, or the many varied auctions that take place at Bonhams and Butterfields, one of our regular and long term auction clients.

Over the years, it is our belief, that we have worked more auctions and serviced more auction
buyers, than any other firm in North America, for the last 10 years. This is largely because of
our packaging and shipping abilities and offerings, from the packing and shipping of very small
items (e.g. jewelry, dishes, glassware, porcelain figurines, albums, keepsakes, etc) to pieces of
artwork, musical instruments, furniture pieces, chandeliers and just about any other item you
can think of.

We have handled items from Elvis Presley, Elton John, Sting, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones
and we have distributed props from movies and television series and even bathroom fixtures
from some famous, unnamed people. But the most rewarding and satisfying part of servicing
the Auction industry, is seeing the purchasers actually receiving their property and how happy they are to own these articles that were once used on stage, on television or used by those artists
who they have been fans of for some time.

There are auctions that have less emotion associated with them, like auctions for coins and
old money, or stamps, but in virtually all other fields (memorabilia, sports or entertainment,
artwork collections), the customers are so thrilled to own a piece of history, that they often cannot wait to collect their purchases.

I recall sitting one year at the MusicCares Auction, the division of the Grammy Awards, where
someone who I had met came and got an Eric Clapton Guitar. He had been to his concerts since
he was a teenage, and had followed his career to the point in his life, that he could not afford to own a piece of history or an article that his favorite artist had used. He was so happy, he could
not wait to pay for it and get it. I think he wanted to sleep with it.

When we discussed shipping the guitar back to his home in Texas, he told me that he wanted it
insured, and I asked what the value was, and he said PRICELESS (this was before the Master Card Campaign by the same name). It is almost kids opening gifts on Christmas Day, but a little
more planned.

On the Auction side, we have developed great pride in our work, coming up with many innovations that allow for our auction partners, to not only streamline the after auction process, but with our systems, experience and know how, we have been able to maximize the auctioneers return by allowing them to focus on the actual auction process, not the logistics portion, and since
we guarantee all of our work and indemnify against any and all loses, we have been able to create a win win relationship for both the purchasers and auctioneers, at the same time.

We just love the work, the challenges, it poses and being able to have everyone happy with the results.
Here's to more auctions.....

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