Monday, January 31, 2011

Packing & Moving Tips

Useful packing and moving tips from the official Box Brothers website. They also have shipping, packing, and moving services and supplies. This tips section also includes the official United States Postal Service Address Change site.

Packing and Moving Tips

Staring at the calendar today

I was staring at the calendar today and for whatever reason, it dawned on me that we are only
11 months away from the new year of is that for a dose of reality.

Who does not miss the holidays, when hope sprang eternal......I mean, for a few weeks, everyone felt that the shopping momentum put the long hard past of the recession, behind us.
I do not know how anyone else looks at it, but there is some weakness in our economy and since our business is linked to housing, home sales, and remodels, we are not seeing the normal volume of people we would see if the economy were functioning on all cylinders.

I read a story about someone in Las Vegas who was in the group they call the "99'ers" who have
exhausted all of their extended unemployment benefits and who face losing their homes, and
all of their possessions. It is so sad to read a story like that, but to me, it is even worse when
the leaders of this country say the worst is over. It might be, but for this man that I read about,
how can we celebrate when we see this reality. How can politicians waste so much tax money
and not help these people. I do not get it.
I guess it is about the image they want us to see, as maybe all of this has more to do with peoples' feelings and attitudes, than it has to do with the man who was facing the loss of all he had. I know some people are still scared, and I think this is because the banks are not lending and they do not show a willingness to do so, at least not yet.

I just wish we had the ability to solve this mess, so that we could all just have an easier time feeding our families, paying the rent or mortgage and having a decent time now and then.
Like I said, bring on the holiday, we have only about 328 days to Christmas Eve, 2011. http://http//

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mannyland Auction Sunday 1.30.2011

http://http// This Sunday we will be at the Mannyland Auction in Ventura . California Auctioneers has been using Box Brothers to Pack and Ship Auctions . Sundays Auction is the Estate of Manny Asadurian . January 30th,2011 @ 10am at 11905 Darlene Ln. Moorpark , Calif . For more info Call Charles at 800-842-6937 Charles is in charge of Auctions ....

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Jan.31st 2011 is Bubble Wrap Fan Appreciation Day ...Here is a link i found on Yahoo.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bonhams Auctioneers Letter

This is from Julie K at Bonhams for the motoring department job out in Vegas... or Call 702.227.6384


At Box Brothers, we understand that helping your parents or loved ones move can be an emotionally challenging task. Our staff is aware of the complexities involved in this process, and we're here to help you through such times.
Our trained professionals will come to the residence free of charge to provide you with a FREE estimate. This free quote covers all aspects of a small move for those who have reached the golden years.
•A full packing service is available, in which we professionally package and label all boxes being moved. Full unpacking can be arranged as well.
•We inventory all items being moved, and assist with the logistical aspect of moving a loved one.
•Our guaranteed packaging and insurance options give you peace of mind that your loved one's belongings are safe throughout transit.
•Our team of experts is trained to assist those who may need additional help and care due to age or infirmity. We understand that transport of goods is just one aspect of relocating a loved one.
•Over 25 years experience in packing and moving.
•Acclaimed customer service that you can count on - always!
We understand that there may be emotional upset when leaving one's residence. In our 25 years of service, we've learned that careful planning and detailed explanations of our procedures often help in the transition from one's old home, to a new one.
Call today to schedule your FREE consultation.
For more information on small moves, visit our Small Moves page at:

College Moves & Shipping

When the time comes to pack up and move away for some higher education, call Box Brothers to handle your move. If it's time to do the opposite and move away from school (for the summer, post-graduation, etc...), we're still here for you! Whether you have very few items or a house-full, let us take the stress of moving to or from college/university off your shoulders. Our options cover moves of any distance, including local, long-distance, and even international. When you're finally settled and going about your days in school, tell your family and friends about Box Brothers, where they can ship you care packages and more! If they mention that Box Brothers moved you to school, we'll give them 10% off when they ship you anything.
We understand that a college budget is often limited, and therefore offer a multitude of packing and shipping options with varying prices and features. This ensures that our clients always have a variety of options to choose from, and that they receive the services they require at a price they can afford.
Box Brothers can accommodate your needs, whatever they are, including: delivering boxes to your residence, professionally packing your belongings, and shipping your packages to their destination.
We offer a variety of guaranteed packing options, including on-site packing at your residence, as well as a custom crating service (if necessary) for any high-end valuables. If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, we'll still deliver boxes and packaging supplies right to your door.
Our domestic and international shipping options include UPS, FedEx, freight, and our own truck transportation service. We offer LTL (Less than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services, as well as containerization and storage options.
See our small moves page for more information, or call (800) 842-6937 today for your FREE college moving quote!
•Complete moving service, including fully guaranteed packaging of anything from dishes & books, to televisions & furniture.
•Guaranteed pick-up dates & times.
•For your convenience, our services are available seven days a week, and same day service is available upon request.
•Delivery dates as soon as 48 hours from time of pick-up!
•Don't wait 5-7 days to find out your costs! On-site weight calculation will determine your price with certainty, on your move day.
•Various insurance options! Find one that suits your individual needs.
•Free storage for up to 10 days!
•More convenient & more affordable than doing it yourself!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Office/Small Business Moves

When relocating an office, it's crucial to conduct the move in a manner that won't interfere with your business. Having your phones unplugged and your computers disconnected for more than a short while can be damaging to any business. At Box Brothers, we understand the importance of relocating your office efficiently and without hesitation. Using innovative techniques, we ensure that your business remains uninterrupted throughout the duration of the move. Our options include an after-hours service, in which we begin loading the contents of your office after it has closed for the day, or on the weekend. Your office is transported and unloaded at its new destination before reopening the following day/week.
To ensure maximum protection for your office's contents during transit, ask about our award-winning, on-site guaranteed packing service, which includes safe, expert packaging of computers, monitors, office furniture, servers, and more. We take great care down to the smallest detail to guarantee the safety of your items, such as padding doorways to prevent them from damaging larger items as they are passing through. Multiple insurance options are available for the entire office move, such as item protection and trip transit protection.
Let Box Brothers setup your office at its new location! Our team of professional office movers specializes in office layout configuration. We will unload and configure your new office according to your desired floor-plan. Whether you'd like it arranged as identically to your old layout as possible, or in a completely new arrangement to better fit the new space, our office moving specialists can help construct your new office however you'd like.
•FREE on-site consultation with a Box Brothers agent. Our agent will provide you with a FREE quote, as well as coordinate the entire move from start-to-finish with you, including the floor-plan for your new location.
•Guaranteed pick-up & delivery times, as well as non-interrupting moving service during off-hours, such as nights and weekends.
•Complete office break-down and reconstruction, including cubicle walls, desks, computers, servers, office furniture, and more.
•Complete set up, configuration, and arranging of your new office according to your desired floor plan.
•Professional guaranteed on-site packing service to ensure the safety of your office furniture, computers, monitors, servers, and more! Multiple insurance options are available on all moves


People with smaller apartments are often at a disadvantage hiring a full service mover, as such movers often maintain minimum quantities and rates. At Box Brothers, our clients only pay for the services they need, without spending money on those they don't. We offer a complete apartment moving service, which includes packaging (product & service) on-site, insuring your belongings, and transporting everything to its destination.
Our service plans are fully customizable, so customers who prefer to pack their belongings themselves aren't obligated to use our packaging service. Furthermore, we are happy to professionally pack a portion of your belongings, for example antiques or electronics, without charging for a full packing service. At Box Brothers, our clients always receive a service tailored to their individual needs.
We will come to your apartment to provide you with a FREE consultation for your move. A Box Brothers expert inventories all items to be moved to provide you with an accurate quote for packing and moving. We offer expedited services, guaranteed packaging, insurance, and storage options as well.
•Complete moving service, including fully guaranteed packaging of anything from dishes & books, to televisions & furniture.
•Guaranteed pick-up dates & times.
•For your convenience, our services are available seven days a week, and same day service is available upon request.
•Delivery dates as soon as 48 hours from time of pick-up!
•Don't wait 5-7 days to find out your costs! On-site weight calculation will determine your price with certainty, on your move day.
•Various insurance options! Find one that suits your individual needs.
•Free storage for up to 10 days!
•More convenient & more affordable than doing it yourself!
•Over 25 years experience in the industry! Box Brothers is a member of both the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA), and the American Movers and Storage Association (AMSA).
Visit our small moves page for more information, or call us today to schedule your FREE consultation!

Artwork -Packed and shipped

We pack and ship a lot of artwork here. We shipped these recently.

href="">Box Brothers Redondo Beach - Open 7 days - Parking in rear.

Cool Art work - Packed and shipped

Some artwork we recently packed and shipped.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach OPEN 7 DAYS park in rear

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feedback from a household move to Italy

With the strictness of Italian customs ansd the wide variety of items shipped, this was probably the most difficult international job I have done to date. It took a lot of communication with the client, the shipper, and Italian customs to get this from point A to point B, but it finally made it, the items arrived safely, and most important of all, the customer is happy:
Dear Bill,

After all the hard work, emails back and forth, and so on; Gianluca and I wanted to send a big thank you to you and all your men who packed our belongings or who participated in ensuring they were protected, safe, and handled gently.

Thank you again.


Gianluca and Jessica Samarani

Inviato da iPad

older oil painting - Crated
This is an older oil painting we crated recently. Great care has to be used when preparing a valuable piece of artwork for shipping. We recommend valuable artwork be shipped in wood crates. Quality wood crates are by far the safest method to ship and store or move a valuable and fragile piece of artwork. Original artwork as well has great limitations on available insurance coverage. Most artwork shipped in a quality wood crate can be insured through our third party carrier.

We cover oil paintings with paper first. Oils can be volatile and may react with plastics.

We use corners and well as bubble wrap and Styrofoam as well. The frame often is valuable as well great care has to be used to protect the corners. We pack and ship anything. We build wood crates any size and offer delivery as well.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach PARKING IN REAR visit us at OPEN 7 DAYS

Fish shipment - Packed and shipped

We packed and shipped these fish this week. Real fragile and of family significance to the sender. They are made of wood and real cool.

We double boxed these using peanuts and honeycomb as well as a 200 lb test box.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach OPEN 7 DAYS park in rear Visit us at

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yeah Chris Woodland Hills Way to Go

I've used Box Bros in Woodland Hills, Ca for years and consider them to be extremely helpful with all needs packaging and shipping. Chris and all the folks there are courteous and very professional. They make it hassle free!
Thank's guys for all your help over the years. Look forward to many more!
Bud Samuels

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Casino Services
Here are some of the services we do for Casinos in Las Vegas ..We will Pack and Ship ..Wedding Cakes,Bronze Statues,Restaurant Equipment,Slots,Neon,Marble Statues,Wine shipping and much more Call us at 702.227.6384

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chris Lomax, in East Lake Mead Las Vegas

Hi Box Bros! I had to write and commend "Chris" for his excellent customer service he provided me on 1-4-2011. I knew he couldn't be a Nevadian when I walked into your store and began talking to me. I think I will go there more often, only to see Chris. Thank you so much for hiring such great employees.
Mrs. Crenshaw

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Coast is Clear......

I am not sure if it is an omen of things to come, but today, here in Southern California, is simply
a wonderfully beautiful day. The sun, which was on some sort of extended vacation for the last few weeks, has suddenly and overwhelmingly returned, in all of its glory.

I know this does not mean every one's issues and problems are somehow eliminated or gone,
but it does feel good to see blue clear skies and be able not to have to run the heater.......

Just wanted to wish all of you a great weekend, have some fun and stay out of trouble, please do not do anything I would not do.........on the other hand, go out and have some fun........

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good days, bad days and some really wonderful memories

It seems that the longer I sit in my desk at Box Brothers, the more I get to see and experience.
Most of the time this is good stuff, learning about places and subjects, and how to do your best--and other times, it seems the longevity I have here allows for me to go though life's good days and of course, its tougher days.

I remember the early days of our company, and how I used to spend time at the stores, more than I am able to today, and I recall the days when, about 20 years ago, that I hired one of
the best people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, our Vice President, Chris Long.

I remember him getting a box from his home in Oregon, and you should have seen the smile on his face, this kid was maybe 18 or 19 years old at the time. His mother had sent him a box with goodies--cookies, pictures, a short letter and maybe a shirt or two. Maybe there were other things, but I remember Chris' smile that he got some good stuff from his mom.

On Monday, after four long years of struggle, Chris' mom succumbed to her battle with cancer.
For someone I have never met, but spoke with more than once, and who I talked about at length
with Chris, I can only tell you that the world and the Longs, lost one super great person to a terrible disease.

Maybe it was how she connected with Chris, or maybe how she always drove from Oregon to be
at her grandson's birthdays or how she took her family on so many trips over the years, and how she always supported her sons and her grandchildren. Calling her a saint would not be a big stretch, but she was human.

Chris told me about her patience, as if you had Chris as a child, you would have needed patience too, but I have been told she was not a person who would lose composure or give you any guilt,
just always there to give love and never complain.

I have never been able to figure out why the good, no, the great people are the ones who have to suffer, as we see so many bad people and people who do not care about others who seem not to suffer as much as the good people. I have no answers, but I do know that the world was a better place because of Mrs. Long. I know that her family will always have her in their hearts and in their souls, as she was a true giver and someone who loved her family with all of her heart and soul.

I know life is not fair, nor is it right, when we have to suffer with these losses, as I recall when I lost my mom, many years ago. I know that Chris is staying strong, as he has little choice with all of his responsibilities, but if you ever get a chance to ask him about how good his mother's cookies were, you might possibly find out just by seeing Chris' big giant smile.

Mrs. Long, thank you for the love you gave, as i saw it, tasted it, and you have to know you leave a very strong and loving legacy with your children and your grandchildren, that will attest to your greatness. I am just glad that the suffering is over and that you had to know just how much your family loved you. In this way, you were also truly blessed.

Bonhams Motoring Department.....

Hello Blog Readers...... As a motorcycle enthusiast, it was my pleasure to help out the Bonhams and Butterfeilds Motoring Department..... They put on an Auction at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino Jan 6th 2011..... The access to the showroom wasn't the best fit for this event.... We had to meet up with 2 53' trailers and then load them on my personal quad trailer in order to bring them to the 5th floor of the parking garage.... With 190 antiques motorcycles at 7 per trip this was a two day affair just to get them to the showroom.... Cowboy and Jacob found the bikes of their dreams and my back still aches from pushing them up and down ramps all day.... I used to enjoy motorcycles, but for the next month or two, I'm all biked out..... This was a great job without any casualties.... By the way.... All 190 motorcycles had to be brought back down to the semi's 2 days later.....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I often wait till the end of each week to sign in and add my many words to this blog. From the time it began, I was not all that sure what it would be like or how it would affect not only Box Brothers, but our family of employees and our friends, and associates, who work with us in this
transportation industry.
The blog has seemed to tie us all together in a way, a thread that is common among a diverse group of people and while it is true, that some may never feel or understand the value of this blog, I am today, a true believer.

I never felt as though, in my job, there was much room for fun and enjoyment, as the last two years would have made anyone run for the hills, with how business and its flow has changed in that time.

While that much is true, what does not seem to change is the fact that our people make the difference. All the difference. You know, big business, who we compete with daily for survival,
has all the tools, the money, the mouthpieces, the lawyers, the connections, and the power to attempt to crush you, but what they do not have is the people and the power of those people to give a damn, and to provide the level of service that keeps customers coming back.

The people that know us, respect us for what we do and how we do it, and we have a fine reputation amongst those who do more than provide lip service, but I want to just link up this blog with our people as simply, this makes us a stronger group. Gives us some identity, some place to belong to.

When I saw, last week, that someone shrink wrapped Cesar Calderon's car, it was not only hilarious, but everyone that knows Cesar (and Ray) had to just laugh, as they always play pranks on one another, but what is best, is that it is all in good fun.
When work is to be done, Cesar is unmatched, in his commitment to see it through, not just to do
it, but to do it in a very professional and complete way. Cesar has been helping customers for over 20 years at Box Brothers, and no one does it better.

Speaking of Cesar, I saw that someone posted a life sized doll of his new girlfriend, on this blog. Did anyone tell him that "ANGELina" has four arms, and only two ugly toes on her two feet?
Ha Ha, but to know Cesar is to love him.

I would be remiss if I did not go out of my way to also let you all know of another example of great service, that we gave to one of our customers. One of our newest managers, Chris Lomax,
of our Summerlin, Nevada store, so pleased a customer that she wrote in that she is going to come back in to the store just to see him again. There is not greater feeling of joy and accomplishment, then when you get to hear how great your family and your people are, and while I wish times were even better and easier for all of us, we need to acknowledge when we do our jobs and make other people's life a little better and easier that we are truly fortunate not to have to work for a giant firm who could care less about touching a customer's life in the ways we do.

I thank Chris Lomax for his fine work and I thank Cesar for his sense of humor and to all of the Box Brothers who dig deep and provide our customers with the very best, thank you. Thank you very much.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Job

My son and I recently came into your location to have a specialized shipping box "built" for the computer we were sending. You did a
fabulous job. I wanted to let you know that it made it perfectly to its destination. We ultimately decided to take it with on a flight and ship
it through on the plane. No problems at all.

Thank you for the excellent job you did in packing and protecting the electronics. We very much appreciated it and will use your
service again in the future when the need arises.