Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Get The Boss Mad

This is what happens when you get the Boss mad ......

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year

Just wanted to say good goodbuy to 2010, not that it was all bad or all good, but with the dawn
of 2011 upon us, we can't help but look forward to not only better times for the company, but better times for our employees, our customers and of course, the rest of the world, but especially
for our loved ones.

Just wanted to say thanks to our customers for giving us life, with their business and to our employees who provide the best service in the world and to our vendors, for making our efforts

Bring on 2011, and lets hope it will be the best year we ever had, for all of us.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heading South with Box Bros
We tried giving him a freight quote... but he simply wasn't having it. Maybe he's trying to start his own carrier... TJ Freight Lines?
At least we sold him a box right?

Another Pack Job for the TJ Martell Foundation!!!

Crucifix from the "Angels and Demons" movie

This is a Crucifix that was used in the movie "Angels and Demons". Box Brothers Woodland Hills packed and shipped this item are a few photos of the packing process...Box Brothers Woodland Hills 22512 Ventura Blvd., between Shoup and Fallbrook, 818-224-4661

Woodland Hills Art Packing

We just finished a pretty large art packing job here in Woodland Hills for a customer in Calabasas are some photos of the entire back room of the store filled with crated/packed art...and a nice reshaped 30 cube crate that we made for 4 pieces. Box Brothers Woodland Hills, 22512 Ventura Blvd., between Shoup and Fallbrook...(818) 224-4661

Someone left there coat in Tarzana

Geoff For this Great Photo. Box Brothers 19807 Ventur Blvd. Tarzana ( 818 ) 348.4661

Sunday, December 26, 2010

cool old chest

We get some really cool and interesting things in to pack and ship. The item below was a German soldiers chest in WWI. We packed and shipped this and a number of family related items recently for this customer. We pack and ship anything. Pick up is available
Box Brothers Redondo Beach - Open 7 days - Park in rear. Visit us at

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

We wish all Box Brothers and their Family's a Happy And Merry Christmas Be safe ......

Thursday, December 23, 2010

As we get closer and closer to the actual day of Christmas, it is funny, as it seems as though
we wait 365 days for the holidays and all that they bring, to come back again.

Now that they are here, the holidays, and everyone seems to be heading somewhere, there is
the possibility of people feeling left out, as some people really have no where to go.

I am not attempting to write about something sad, but just trying to point out that I noticed not
everyone is in the holiday spirit. To me, one of the great things about the holidays, is that it tends to sometimes, at lease, demonstrate a superior commitment by some to do good for others
by donating, or by giving toys, or by even being more polite.

I truly wish people were more polite and not as rude as they are, especially in traffic. To me, driving has become the most selfish act people demonstrate as, as long as their needs are met,
they do not care if they cut you off, make you late or never let you in......I wish I understood this
behavior, but I really believe that for whatever reason, driving has become the epitome of selfishness and rude behavior. People are simply rude and I just wish, this were not the case,
especially during this holiday period.

At the same time, we participated in the CMSA toy drive for sick children, out of the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, and I am proud to say that we gave the most gifts of any moving or transportation firm in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We donated boxes for multiple food drives and we did a few simple acts of kindness for a few customers who were in need. I only wish we could do more--and we will.

I just want to say to all, peace for you and your loved ones, health to those you love and if you
can, remember those who for whatever reason, the joys of the season are not with them.
we have a 20 year employee who is about to lose his mother. She has fought a long courageous
battle with the terrible disease of cancer, and she is not at home, in a hospice situation. It is hard for me to not be able to help him, as he is there and am 1000 miles away, but I swear my heart and soul are with them and I ask all of you to say a prayer for him and his family and his mother.
I do know he will hear it and feel the love.

We are also, in the Box Brothers family, having to go through this holiday season without one of our beloved long term managers, Jim, who passed away during the past year, and many of us miss him very much, especially during these holidays. He was such a character and always the life of the party. All I can say is that it was a true blessing to even know him.

So I ask that we all have a great celebration and at the same time, give thanks for what we do have and that we ask that the coming year is a blessed year for everyone in this beloved Box Brothers family. We have much to be thankful for and much more to do in the future, and we will, as we are one of the best families I have ever known.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Great Review !!!!!!!!

Mr. Frydman,

I'm writing to let you know about what an amazing experience I've had with Box Brothers today. I think I've either called or e-mailed about 6 times since just this morning, each time dealing directly with someone who I can only imagine is the most patient person in the world-- Kiyoshi Foster (from your San Francisco branch). I think I must have been in contact with almost a dozen shipping companies today trying to find the absolute cheapest way to ship a settee across the country. It actually ended up that Box Brothers wasn't the cheapest (nor the most expensive); I selected your company based on the stellar customer service I received from Kiyoshi.
I had no idea how much went into trying to get a chair from Point A to Point B, just from the consumer's perspective! My intimidation grew as each freight company asked me more and more foreign questions (what is the freight class?, ...something about the size of a palette, can you tape pieces of cardboard around the chair?) and as the quotes jumped higher and higher (over $3000). All I knew is that I need a chair to get from here to there...affordably. Kyoshi made everything so simple, and remained friendly & optimistic even when I needed a bit to think and look around some more when the numbers were just higher than I anticipated. When I needed time to think he said "no problem". He kept my information on hand so I didn't have to go through the process again, did not lay on any guilt trips when I asked if he could put everything on hold while I looked around some more and, overall, really seemed more like a friend than a sales person.

I know I couldn't have been the easiest person to work with and cannot emphasize how appreciative I am of the customer service I received today. I'm not sure how large your company is, but Kiyoshi Foster certainly seems to be a huge asset to your business. I recommend a raise! :)

~Amy Parrish

Box Bros Woodland Hills

Look what's at the end of the rainbow! Box Brothers Woodland Hills, 22512 Ventura Blvd., between Shoup and Fallbrook...818-224-4661

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Packers!!!!!!

Here's some thing people purchase in Casinos when they win big..... Our job is to make sure they don't have buyers remorse and everything arrives on one piece..... I hope all of you are having a fun time packing and shipping out many holiday orders....

110% satisfied !!!!!! Box Brothers Sahara

Google user....... Dec 17th

They saved me loads of time!! I had several Christmas gifts I needed to get out and figured it would take me the majority of the day and a good chunk of change between packaging everything correctly and getting it sent the right way, but they ended up being my one stop shop. They were a joy to deal with and handled EVERYTHING for me perfectly. My items made it to all of their destinations, made it far more quickly than I expected and the price was nearly half of what I anticipated. 110% satisfied and I will certainly use them for all of my packing and shipping needs from now on.

Running Roger Las Vegas

I know most of our locations have a friendly helper.... In Vegas at our Sahara Location we have Roger who stops in on a daily basis and helps with the cleanup of our alley, windows and restrooms..... He has been in Las Vegas for over 52 years.... His sister takes care of him, but the community looks after him.... He will always makes a Snoopy Birthday card for anybody at our store celebrating a Birthday...... I had Jenny Pletcher ( Jacob Pletcher's wife ) draw up a Snoopy Birthday card for his 60th birthday..... Here's the photos of the card and a photo of The Running Roger..... We call him that cause this is the home of the UNLV Running Rebels and he's always wearing his Running Rebels sweatshirt.....

The True Meaning of the Holidays.......????

At we get closer to the joyous day of Christmas, we all know and appreciate the nature of these
days for children, and families alike. It is a time of joy and giving and for families and loved ones to get together and break some bread without the need for politics, or any of the everyday things that we would not really rather focus on, like traffic, crime, the schools, the economy, etc.

However, for many people, these are still trying times, indeed. Last week, we got an Internet lead, for moving boxes, that I sent to Chris Greene, our manager of our Woodland Hills location. I know we are not the cheapest cost firm in the world, but we are more than fair with our product prices and we stand behind the value of them--for the last 25 years--but when we communicated with this woman, she began to exhibit a great deal of emotion and just said that she can't afford to buy any boxes, she is losing her home of over 15 years, has no income, no money and no where to go.

I am proud that we just did not move on, but tried, in little ways, to somehow help this woman.
I can't even say for sure why this happened to us, but for both Chris and I, we were pretty stung.

They say things happen for a reason, and I was going through my email the other day and I read a blog entry in a site I follow, Relo Round, by an Eric Anders, someone who can write very well, and someone who tries to link up with those interested in a rounded discussion about issues involving the Moving Industry. In his entry, he spoke of this subject and how for many in this country, the holidays this year were more about a hot meal and food on the table and maybe, just maybe, some needed clothes, but no toys, no new big screens, DVDs, or trips to visit relatives.

The blog spoke about how a few people in this moving industry, have come up with a program that asks people who are moving to consider possibly, donating their pantry items to the local foodbanks, so they do not have to throw these items away or pay to have them shipped to their new home. The food would get processed by the mover to get picked up by the regional food banks. It hit me like a brick, in the eye. What a great way to give back, to help those who are hungry--who could argue with that?

So the Box Brothers would be a hybrid member of this group, I thought, as we do not really operate as a mover, so maybe we could use our retail stores to reach out to all of those who are
moving, to see if they would like to participate in this program. Our stores can be collection points for all of those in the community, who wish to participate for this great cause.

So maybe things do happen for a reason, and I am asking all of the Box Brothers, to join in with
me in understanding and participating in something that truly embodies the holiday spirit of joy
and giving to those who truly need it. What a great opportunity we have to really make a difference in the world and it starts with us--each one of us.

Happy Holidays to one and all, and so you all know, we are trying to reach out to the customer who contacted us about needing some moving boxes, since she is losing her home and has no where to go. We are going to try to help her, and maybe make this world a little better place for all of us.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Francisco Box Brothers Gets more Yelp Reviews

another 5 star review!

Victoria A.
San Francisco, CA

if you are looking for an unusual box size, that's your place. Huge selection; great, friendly service.

Kiyoshi Foster, Manager
Box Brothers
4644 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
phone: (415) 387-2140
facimile: (415) 387-2152

People Loves us on Yelp !!!!!!!

Congratulations Box Brothers of San Francisco . It's Official People on Yelp really love you !!!! Great Job ... That's Huge Kyoshi Keep it up... Kyoshi is the manager at the San Francisco Store and he gets great reviews...This is from Yelp !!!!!

The 5 Little Piggies Went to Market ... Wink Wink

Some cool items we shipped this week. We pack and ship anything. Even The 5 Little Piggies ..... Box Brothers Redondo
2302 Artesia Blvd. or Call us at 310-379-4491
PARK IN REAR - Open 7 Days. visit us at

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pacific NorthWest Box Brother!!!!!

It seems to be looking a lot like Christmas in some Box Brothers locations..... Here's a photo of what the Seattle office has to deal with in the winter months....

Fine Art Packing & Shipping

Packaging Fine Art is a delicate task that requires proper training, natural skill, extensive knowledge, and, most notably, loads of experience. “Experience” is critical to successfully packing and transporting precious, fragile artwork safely. Furthermore, this quality is not one than can be taught or learned, making ‘experience’ an invaluable trait in a packing/shipping company. Box Brothers has over 25 years experience handling all manner of fine art, including (but not limited to) sculptures, oil paintings, ceramics, glass art, models, statues, display pieces, antique art, museum pieces, medieval art, historical pieces/artifacts, and more! Throughout our two-and-a-half decades in the business, we have developed unique and innovative packaging techniques not found anywhere else in the industry.
At Box Brothers, we believe in giving our clients a vast array of options to choose from. Our packaging service, for example, is fully personalized for each individual client, allowing him/her to select only the services they want, without having to pay for the ones they don’t need. Similarly, our shipping services are designed to allow each client to choose from a host of multiple options and carriers. We offer shipping with all major carriers, as well as freight services, via ground, air, and ocean. Even if you are moving (and have already hired a mover), and do not require our shipping services, we would be happy to come to your home and package your fine art on-site in preparation for your move. Call or come in today for more information!
• Over 25 years experience working with museums, galleries, art collectors, designers, auction houses, artists, architects, interior decorators, art exhibits, home stagers, hotels, and many more.
• Personalized service plans to ensure that you pay for only the services you need! NO Unnecessary Costs! NO Hidden Fees!
• Our award-winning professional packaging team has the highest level of training, knowledge, and experience in the business. We use only the highest-quality packaging materials to ensure maximum safety for your fine art. Pack and ship your items with a team of experts you can trust.
• We offer in-home packaging as well as in-store. Come to us, or we’ll come to you! It’s your choice!
• We build high-quality custom crates for each individual item, depending on its size and specifications. Each crate is made to order, designed specifically for your item.
• Reliable shipping services, including all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL) and freight services. Our extensive list of shipping options enables our clients to choose from a huge selection of services, each varying in price and features.
• Not ready to transport your fine art just yet? We offer storage services that you can trust to store your items safely until they are ready for transport.
• Our packaging services are available to anyone… even if shipping services are not required. Whether you are moving, shipping, or storing, call today to find out why Box Brothers’ packaging service is the right option for you.
Box Brothers has packed, shipped, and stored fine art for a multitude of clients, including museums, galleries, art collectors, designers, auction houses, artists, architects, interior decorators, art exhibits, home stagers, hotels, and many more. Additionally, we offer services for people who are moving from their residence and need their fine art packaged and/or shipped. Even if you’ve already hired a standard mover, you may want to consider having our artwork packaged by our specialists, as they are specifically trained to package fine art. Furthermore, if you choose to pack your belongings on your own (instead of having your movers do it), but wish to have your valuable art professionally packaged, standard movers will often charge you a pre-determined flat-rate for “packaging.” This means that just to pack your fine art, they are charging you the standard fee to pack an entire household. At Box Brothers, we charge only for what we package, without any hidden fees or strings attached.
Every aspect of your order is personalized according to your needs, including preference, budget, and any other factors that may exist. Elsewhere, customers are often restricted by having only a few ‘service plans’ to choose from, and being unable to customize them. This often results in a client paying for the highest-tiers of packaging and shipping, regardless of whether or not they need both, or any of them for that matter.
Example: You’d like to pack & ship a painting, and you are concerned about the fragile, antique frame. You are less concerned, however, with when it arrives at its destination. In this case, you may select the safest, highest-quality packaging service (custom crating) to pack your painting. To ship it, though, you might choose an affordable, standard ground service.
Call or come in today to learn more about our fine art packing & shipping services.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Its that time of the year. We here at Redondo put up our holiday decorations. Its cool to have a little holiday spirit. Hopefully we will have an active shipping season.
Matt and Sean putting up decorations.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach visit us at Open 7 days park in rear.

Friday, December 10, 2010

What A Difference A week makes......

Not that my personal business or time away from the office is anybody's else concern,
but it is nothing short of amazing how getting away from work for a few days, can help
recharge your batteries and give you some important time to reflect on the fact that the rest
of the world is both a large and amazing place. Say what?

Of course it is true that going away and separating from work has benefits. My problem is that
coming back is very hard to do, when it is so hard to go away in the first place. And in fact,
this week back to work has been really hard. I knew it would be.

But for whatever reason, I look forward to going away more, with some vigor, I might add.
Being in a different environment and not at work, was great. It helps to go to a place that is
tropical and beautiful and different. God Bless Hawaii.

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday, as here they come. Only 2 more weeks to go,
and this year, Christmas Day is on Saturday, so all of the big sales will be on Sunday, and
for those of us who do not want to shop, football season will not be over. God Bless the NFL.....

Have a great weekend, but be ready for the next two weeks...I am now....

Holidays from the Heart Contributors

I was proud to be a part of the ‘Holidays from the Heart’ drive. I had two contributors that donated all of the toys. And I feel that they deserve a shout out to, for their unbelievable generosity.

Marina Interandi – From 1st Class Tailors


Vicki – From the Cleaners


Both of these ladies are neighbors of mine here at the Brentwood location. And if you ever need anything tailored or cleaned, please send these ladies your business. They are truly wonderful people.

General Packaging Guidelines Tip for Shipping
General Packaging Guidelines . From your FedEx Authorized ShipCenter ..Packing Techniques and General Packing Gudelines ... At Box Brothers We can take the Guess Work out of Packaging .. Since 1985 ...Call Us at 800-842-6937 or Visit our Website at

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holidays from the Heart

We unfortunately have to close our collection boxes for the "Holidays from the Heart" campaign. All the toys we collected will be turned over to the California Moving and Storage Association tonight, so they can pass them on to the Childrens' Hospital of Los Angeles. I am proud to have been a part of this and equally proud of everyone who participated in this most worthy cause. For the past week we have had several conversations about this charitable act and the response we have received from our customers. Most of you mentioned to me today that you want to start the collection earlier next year, so we'll see...

While we had several stores that received toys for these children, it became a close race at the end of the collection time. Geoff Colcord in Tarzana collected 13 toys and Dave Collins in Brentwood received 20.

When we decided to make each store a collection point, we offered our customers discounts for any contribution and a $25.00 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory to the Manager whose store collected the most toys. When I told Dave this morning it looked like he was probably going to be the winner, he asked me if we would take the $25.00 and buy more toys for the kids instead of giving him a gift card. As you can imagine, I accepted his offer immediately and we dispatched Mark to get more toys, which he did right away. We all want to thank Dave for his efforts and his unselfish act of kindness.

We hope this brings a few smiles to the faces of those poor kids that will have to spend the holidays in the hospital.

To everyone who participated, thank you so very much. I believe your efforts and actions will be returned to you.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank you for visiting our booth

Box Brothers Thanks You!

On behalf of all of us here at Box Brothers, we'd like to thank you for visiting our booth at this year's Showbiz Expo. Your interest in our company is greatly appreciated, and we'd like to briefly describe our services and explain the function of a packing/shipping company within the show business industry.
Over the last 25 years, Box Brothers' renowned services have been employed throughout all facets of the 'showbiz' community. Our services, such as shipping, packaging, crating, supplies, and many more, have proven indispensible to our countless clients, ranging from independent ("indie") filmmakers to major film studios to actors, directors, and more. Since our inception in 1985, Box Brothers has worked closely with our clients in the industry to provide them with the most unique and efficient packing and shipping services available. With decades of experience packing and transporting delicate items, such as film & camera-crew equipment, massive sets, fragile props, sound equipment and more; our team of experts has the knowledge and skill to handle packaging of any type and size.
The invaluable reliability and convenience we provide has been trusted for over 25 years by the entire show-business community. Our boxes, bearing the words BOX BROS in large print on them, can be seen in numerous amount of television shows. Our boxes have been used as props, and even as a landing-pad for a stuntman during a stunt. Box Brothers stores can be found throughout Southern California, and especially in and around the Los Angeles area, just near the major motion picture studios. We serve these studios on a regular basis, most often delivering boxes and packaging supplies. Ultimately, when the studios need to pack and ship their items, they call Box Brothers to ensure their items are packed and transported safely to their destination.
• Need to transport delicate film and/or sound equipment to a new location? How about wardrobes, stage props and sets? Our award-winning shipping & packaging services are the most reliable, convenient, and hassle-free available. Trust the company used by all the major studios in the film industry, including Universal, DreamWorks, Miramax, MGM, Sony Pictures, Disney, and more! We work with all major carriers and insurance is available for any shipment.
• Our packaging techniques are the safest and most reliable methods of packing items in preparation for shipping, storage, or sale. We use innovative methods and cutting-edge technology, as well as the highest quality packaging materials, to pack anything from props to wardrobes to entire sets! Shipping and storage options are available as well.
• Over 25 years experience working for the largest names in the industry (including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and countless others) to provide any and all packaging, shipping, and moving products & services they require. We are extremely familiar with the entertainment industry and have designed services specifically tailored to accommodate film studios, directors, independent filmmakers, actors, and more!
• Need boxes and/or packing materials? Whether you need a recurring box order, or just a one-time purchase, our guaranteed order delivery service will have your boxes & supplies there in no time! NO HASSLE!

When Steven Spielberg needs shipping done right, he trusts the experts at Box Brothers... so call today for more information on our many services designed for the show-business community!

For more information, call us today at: (800) 474-7447 and ask for Marianna or Julie
For a full list of locations, please visit:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ShowBiz Expo Los Angeles Ca

ShowBiz Expo Sat.Dec 4th and Sun. Dec.5th.. Box Brothers Ruled the Los Angeles Convention Center
Very Awesome Booth Put together by Marianna and Julie from the Shipping Center in Inglewood CA, Great Job !!!!! Also Thanks to Chris Greene who helped man the booth . So if you need Wood Crates or shipping or packaging ..Please Call 800-474-Ship (7447) or Email to Domestic and Overseas White Glove Service !!!!!!!!

Profiles in History Hollywood Auction #43 Profiles in History Hollywood Auction #43 Dec 17 and 18 2010 .... As we pack it we will post it...Box Brothers

CMSA Reminder: Greater LA & OC Joint Chapter Meeting (12/9/10)

To All CMSA Greater Los Angeles and Orange County/Beach Cities Chapter Members:

This is a reminder that your chapters are having a joint meeting on Thursday, December 9th, at Clearman’s North Woods Inn in La Mirada. Come get in the spirit of the season with the holiday party and Holidays from the Heart fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Remember to bring a toy to donate for the kids at Children's hospital! A suggested toy list is on the second page of the flyer.

Please RSVP to Pat Longo at by Tuesday, December 7th.

To view the flyer, click on the link below:

CMSA Staff

Monday, December 6, 2010


Box Brothers’in-home packing services are designed to help you successfully complete the “packing” phase of your residential or commercial move. Packing up your home or business in preparation for moving, storage, or shipping can be a daunting task. While some items are easy to pack (household goods, clothes, books, etc…), others require more sophisticated packaging. Whether you’d like us to pack your entire residence, or only a portion of it, Box Brothers’ team of experts is here to provide you the with the same outstanding service and convenience we are renowned for.
• Professional packaging experts with over 25 years experience. Specializing in fine art, antiques, electronics, sculptures, furniture, fine china & dishes, paintings, flat-panel televisions, chandeliers, and more!
• Thousands of box sizes to accommodate ANY item. Picture/mirror boxes, dish packs, wardrobe boxes, book boxes, lamp boxes, and much more! If we don’t have a box for it, we’ll make one!
• High-quality packaging materials including: bubble wrap, foam peanuts & loose-fill, blank newsprint, foam rolls, stretch wrap, foam sleeves/pouches, and much more!
• Fine art? Fragile sculptures? Valuable electronics? We build custom crates (the safest, most sophisticated packaging method) for your most precious belongings.
• NO “standard cost”! NO “minimum charge”! Most movers have a “flat-fee”… at Box Brothers, you only pay for the services you want.
• Guaranteed packaging & insurance available!
Like our other services, Box Brothers’ in-home packaging service is fully customized for each client, based on their individual needs. We’ll send a representative to your residence/business, free of charge, to give you an estimate for the services you require.
o Example: You wish to pack your clothing by yourself, but to have your dishes, china and electronics professionally packaged. You choose which items you’d like us to package—without paying for those you don’t.
When it comes to packing, the most valuable asset is experience. With over 25 years of experience, our professional packaging team has perfected packaging techniques, ensuring an unmatched level of security for your belongings. Each item is packed according to what method best suits it, using the highest quality boxes and packing materials.
Call today to have a Box Brothers representative come to your residence/business and give you a free in-home packaging quote.

Check Out Doddle

Check Out Doddle

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jeff Swenty...Local San Fernando Valley artist

Local 8-bit pixel artist Jeff Swenty creates classic video game characters from small squares of stained woods...he has seen an increase in sales of his art...and comes to Box Brothers Woodland Hills to have them packed and shipped in softpack styrofoam crates...check out his and check out our website come to Box Brothers Woodland Hills for softpack styrofoam crates. Box Brothers Woodland Hills, between Shoup and Fallbrook on Ventura Blvd. 818-224-4661

Ferguson Really know what SERIVCE IS ABOUT !!!!

From: Law Gene Date: Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 11:29 AM
Subject: Review
Cc: mediterranean antiques

David: I tried to do a review on the link that you sent but it would not take it for some reason. I thought you did an excellent job in getting our shipment to us. We could track it from the time it left until it arrived in Santa Fe. We would definitely recommend you to anybody here in Santa Fe that needs your services. You were an excellent communicator and really know what SERIVCE IS ABOUT, which is virtually unheard of these days.

Thanks again for such a wonderful job and to Alvoro Torok who worked so hard in getting this table to us.
Many thanks always,
Eugene Law
Charles David Interiors
Santa Fe, NM

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Please donate a new , unwrapped toy for the HOLIDAYS FROM THE HEART fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Box Brothers is collecting toys now through Dec. 8th . Drop off gifts at any Box Brothers Location in Los Angeles , South Bay and the Valley . For a list of our Locations go to or Call us at 800-842-6937 for more info ...And Thank You for your Support ....

Visit Us at the SHOWBIZ EXPO this weekend

Come visit Box Brothers this weekend Booth 107 at the SHOWBIZ EXPO . For more info call Julie Mascio or [] 800.474.7447

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well, looks like we are about ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday and while it may seem overdone and repetitive, this is the official time to give thanks for the blessings in our lives
and to maybe, just for a little while, discount the misgivings, the wrong turns, the mistakes and especially, any and all ungratefulness that was exhibited by me or anyone else, in the last few months.

It is somewhat easy to get overwhelmed with bad news, a lack of good economic news or how tough life can be, and it is easy to overlook all that we have to be thankful for. For sure, just about everything in one's life can stand some improvement, from health to income, to security to
a lack of insecurity and to prosperity. What does this all mean?

No one seems to appreciate their health, until you lose yours or see it being lost in others you care about. Nothing is more important or as valuable, as you cannot seem to buy good health
and to get it, is an everyday battle and then, it can also be day to day. Lets all give thanks that
we have the health we have and that we have the right and ability to make it better, next week
and next month.

As far as prosperity goes, I am hopeful that simply, times get better for all of us who have sacrificed just to get to this point, in this recession. At the same time, I only wish that those who
have prospered during this difficult economic period, like the monopolistic carriers.....and the oil firms who saw no declines......and perhaps the lawyers....who make on other's miseries.......will get some of what we all got so we can all share better and be more empathetic towards each other.

I thankful that while life is difficult, there is always tomorrow and the hope that lawyers will be nice people, the price of gas will drop 25% and that we end the practice of closed markets and monopolistic firms, and o'h yea, that firms like Amex, who do not want to speak to their customers, lose their customers to a firm that will.

Most of all, I look forward to some time off and some football, and of course, all the carbs you can eat in one day......and some turkey.

Thanks to all of you for another year and have a great turkey day and see you next week.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving .

Cool Things.....

Box Brothers
have some of the coolest accounts.... When a company can pack and ship anything, we get everything.... I have always enjoyed the memorabilia industry.... Here's a few photos of items from our account Gallery of Legends at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.... Who wouldn't he the collage of "The Duke" and his gunslinger ways.... Oh yeah; those World Series Champs New York Yankees.... I guess that's pretty cool as well, if your a Yankees fan... Most of us at Box Brothers are Dodger fans.... Happy Thanksgiving to all the Box Brothers family!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center In San Francisco

I think everyone should get a kick out of this lady who gave a 1 stars review to the fedex ship center a few blocks away, and then wrote a 5 star review of box brother the very same day!:
FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
Categories: Printing Services, Shipping Centers 11/18/2010
I wanted to ship a painting that didn't fit into a regular box. On their website, it said they can custom-package it for me. So I went to this location and asked for custom-packaging. I was told 3 times that they don't do this, until I had to remind them that's what I read on their website. After that, they proceeded to put my 20in x 27in item into a 50in x 70in box (double the size) which was going to set me back $260!. Luckily, ONLY one of their otherwise completely incompetent employees, advised me that if I find a smaller box size, it will be a significant reduction in price ($80). I refused to send the item in the huge box they put it, and I was told I had to pay $19 for it. I paid for it as I didn't want to deal with these people anymore. I went to the Box Brothers and found a perfect box.
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4644 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 387-2140
Box Brothers
Category: Movers
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond 11/18/2010
if you are looking for an unusual box size, that's your place. Huge selection; great, friendly service.
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Kiyoshi Foster, Manager
Box Brothers
4644 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
phone: (415) 387-2140
facimile: (415) 387-2152

45 Minutes to Unpack

I just wanted to thank you for the quality packing job you did on my painting. It arrived in great shape but it did take me over 45 minutes to get it completely unwrapped. I appreciate the amount of time and care you took to make sure this arrived in perfect condition. Next time I'm in California and purchased something humongous, I'll be sure to come to you!!!

Box Brothers
Call Dave 310 -478 - 4008

Sunday, November 21, 2010

THE PET BOWL PROJECT "Made in California"

Attached is a write up for this Tuesdays auction at Bonhams. This has been placed at the front desk of Bonhams LA and San Fran. I also asked if they could place a blurg on their site about Box Brothers.
The auction is "Made in California" Art Auction.

Artist Edward Ruscha, Ross Bleakner, Charles Arnoldi, Kenny Scharf, Rober Longo And David Hockney each hand-painted a pet bowl. "THE PET BOWL PROJECT"
These are to be sold at Bonhams auction to benefit PAWS / LA..A non-profit that helps low-income elderly and chronically ill keep and care for their pets.

see attached
Marianna Carlson
Box Brothers
220 W. Ivy Ave. Unit C
Inglewood, CA 90302
T: 800.474.7447 or 310-419-6375
F: 310.419.9915