Friday, February 25, 2011

Its Snowing.......but this is California....

Well, here I am at our Oakland, California warehouse, and the weather forecasters are predicting snow at sea level, here in the bay area, between late tonight and noon tomorrow.
I used to live in the Berkeley area, when I attended school there, back in the late 1970's.....and I recall a lot of different and unusual things about my time in the bay area, but never was there snow unless we drove to Lake Tahoe......

I had the opportunity to do quite a few things during this trip. I attended my first North Bay
CMSA Chapter meeting, which had, as its guest speaker, one of the heads of the Google Ad Program for Moving spoke and it was quite informative, and I even got a free Google Pen.
Ask me, I think it is the most expensive pen I did not directly pay for, but that is a whole other story, for another time.....

I got to also got to break some bread with our entire crew, last night. It was a chance for me
to reconnect with our staff up here, from Kiyoshi Foster who runs our San Francisco location,
to Sharie Michalec and her family, as well as Ganzo and his family, too. Dan and his fiance, Carrie and our top comedian and musician extraordinaire, Bill Carter, kept everyone in stitches.

Today I am going to visit our San Francisco location and do so before the snow arrives.....and tonight, I am blessed to be attending a play that my niece has the lead in, up in Martinez. Nothing like a full agenda.

I just wanted to say that we have a great crew up here with so much to look forward to, and I want them all to know that I appreciate their fine work, commitment to customer service, but most of all, that we are one great team and family, all rolled into one-committed to giving our customers the best possible service in the whole wide world.

Three more days till March.......get ready....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Box Bros San Diego.....

Hello Bloggers...... I had a chance to go visit our new location in Rancho Bernardo, Ca..... They service all of San Diego County..... Charley and Ryan are truly Box Brothers..... They have their hands full working together with Virtue Logistics and now doing Box Bros together.... If you haven't had the opportunity meet these guys, they know quite a bit about the freight industry.... They share a retail space with a sports memorabilia office and the photo of the wall is like a wall of fame... Tons of sports player and playboy models have signed that wall..... I went on a pick up in downtown San Diego for their first freight job.... He passed the driving test in the short bus.... We will see how he does in a real truck.....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

You can now follow us on Twitter

You can now follow us on Twitter. . Http://

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks, Box Brothers San Francisco, you got my vote.

Box Brothers San Francisco are incredibly diligent about five star customer service and are open to feedback and suggestions without defense. They genuinely seem to care and are willing to problem solve and follow up. The family business isn't just a hip branding approach, their actions actually match. Thanks, Box Brothers San Francisco, you got my vote.

How is it Going ? Good or Bad....

It seems, however, that while there can be good and productive news on one front,
there always seems to be another front, where things are not always in sync. I am
becoming more accustomed to a mixed bag of news, that one area of our firm is progressing,
while another is not.

To a large extent, this has to do with the unevenness of how all of the markets we are in are recovering from this recession.
For example, in Las Vegas, I heard that over 50% of the homes that were purchased in the last 7 years, are worth less than their existing mortgage.
Think about that for a moment.
In the last few years one out of two homes in Las Vegas are worth less than what was paid for them.
All of the homeowners equity, or whatever money they put down to buy it, is gone today.

We used to talk about the wealth effect here in Southern California.
That is where people are employed, and if you want to work, you can find a decent job; where you have equity and a line of credit on your home, and everyone seems to have a newer car, clothes, vacations, new 3D televisions, Sony Playstations, etc, etc, etc.

Today, we hear that a lot of the country is recovering from the recession; the automakers recently awarded bonuses to all workers; manufacturing is up to record levels, as reported by
the Philadelphia Federal Reserve yesterday.....

Is this glass half full or half empty? It depends on where you live, but I will tell you this, as I have been in this position before where in California, where the bulk of our business is, is not doing as well as the other side of the country.
For that matter, the entire west is not up to the level of say, the eastern seaboard or even the great state of Texas.

Without California and the west doing better, this puts a hurting on us, as we are behind the curve.
Just last week, housing prices and sales dipped for the first time, out here in the west, since the uptrend.
Now fuel is going up like crazy and people are starting to talk about inflation.
That right there is the problem.

If the Fed uses interest rates to control inflation, then we are really screwed out here.
Why you ask ?
Because our wealth and economic activity is dependent on the housing market and its ancillary producers, from suppliers to craftsmen.
Construction is in the toilet, so is lending, and no one knows when this will change.

I am not predicting gloom and doom, as I believe that there are signs of progress and that it is
not as bad as it had been one year ago, but if you ask me, it is not all that much better, either.
Unemployment is still too high, crime is up no matter what they tell you, and with fuel jumping 15% overnight, you can see that Exxon and Chevron are still making money at our expense.
Who would have thought that what was good for the crooks in Iran would be good for our domestic oil firms, but every time oil goes up, they make record profits.
Either we need more hybrids or more oil, as no one wins with the approach we have today, except the oil companies.
Who would have thought.....

So we have to be determined to get better and forget about the government helping, as they always help the wrong people and they have no real ability to be efficient, since so many hands are always in their pockets, they have lost the ability to make anything happen on the ground that would benefit this local and statewide economy.

So, in a nutshell, it is up to us, to make this happen. And I believe it can be done, but only if
all of us focus correctly on the task at hand.
We have to go out and get the business today, and tell people why we are the best choice, to be the one who gets the work.
We have to communicate better, and we have to seize the moment, or someone else will.

So lets go get em and look back at this time with some reflection and lets start dominating
again. HOORAH

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Framed Print - Pick-up, Crate, & Ship

Here are some photos of a large framed print that we picked up, crated, and shipped here at Box Brothers Woodland Hills. The photos are taken at each stage of the packing process. Box Brothers Woodland Hills, 22512 Ventura Blvd. 818-224-4661

Profiles in History..."Small Soilders" props

These are dolls used in the movie "Small Soilders". We packed and shipped them from here at Box Brothers Woodland Hills. 818-224-4661

Mannyland Auction

Here are some photos from the Mannyland Auction in Moorpark. We set up a small booth right outside on the patio from where the actual auction took place...we were available to both answer questions regarding packing and shipping, as well as sell some product as winning bidders exited the auction. The horse was driven to it's destination in Las Vegas via Chris Long truck lines : ) ...all the other items were crated and shipped here at Box Brothers Woodland Hills. Box Brothers Woodland Hills, 22512 Ventura Blvd., between Shoup and Fallbrook 818-224-4661

Monday, February 14, 2011

Great Job Daniel on Friday at Burbank

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Scott Mizmound 02/13/2011
I usually only write these reviews when I have been given extremely bad
service, but I am glad to take the time out of my schedule to share my
great experience at Box Brothers. My family back home asked me to
package and ship out a priceless oil painting that our father created
before he passed, and was very uneasy about having the painting leave my
sight. The employee there by the name of Daniel was a god send, and not
only did he do a fantastic job packing but he also calmed my woes about
the shipment. He went above and beyond service with a smile when he
emailed me my tracking numbers and attached numerous pictures of the
packing process from beginning to end. I am just so pleased with the
amount of respect and “Kit-Glove� service that was provided to me, that I
am a customer for life!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Customer Finds Us Under The Rainbow

Chris has been MORE THAN HELPFUL in accommodating the needs of my business. I come into the store at least twice a week to drop off framed posters for Chris to box. Not only does he box it, but he packages it by using bubble wrap, paper and sometimes he even double boxes it, if need be.

I find that Chris is all about ensuring that something arrives to its location on time and not about making the consumer spend money.

I appreciate all the time he spends on taking care of my products. He is truly a great person to be at the shop on Rainbow!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New eZine Article - Open Me First Boxes

Check out our new moving/packing tips article on eZine Articles!

Top secret shipping services

Packed and ship to New York... Is this how they packed in the old days ? Air freight service packing service and you can see white glove service .

CMSA Los Angeles Chapter Meeting 2-8-11

For those of you that don't know what the CMSA is = California Moving and Storage Association.... Box Brothers has been a member of this organization for 20 years.... What many of you don't know, is that the President of Box Brothers used to be a Chapter President.... Over the past 10 years I have been attending these meetings on my own with help from Dan Wagner or Bill Carter up in the Bay Area.... Last night I had the opportunity to go with Mark Frydman and found out just how much Mark knows about the industry..... It wasn't his knowledge on the history of the moving industry that stood out to me, it was his willingness to get a new chapter member introduced to the "old schoolers" so this young kid could feel welcomed while promoting his new moving company.... I heard stories about Bekins in the 70's.... How they used to be all union workers..... A Union strike that made a lot of those Bekins employees go off and start the many moving companies of today that we all know... I've met Paul Bekins a son of the Bekins family... He owns Bekins North West Atlas in the Seattle area... They're a very interesting family and their name is still one of the biggest movers in the industry... The stories I heard at the meeting were just amazing.... The moving industry is made up of hard working entrepreneur's that had to build their empire off of sweat and tears....
I have a new appreciation of who Mark Frydman truly is..... His ability to talk, "as we all have heard his stories", to everybody in the room and give true advice on business and on life... I am proud to be a part of his team and know that our Company is run by a man with so much knowledge, that actually cares about the other companies and people in this industry..... We all know he gets upset from time to time but he does care about everybody that works for Box Brothers... I'm off to San Diego to attend the CMSA San Diego Chapter Meeting with our new franchisee Charlie and his brother Ryan in Ranch Bernardo, Ca.......

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another week, another dollar....another week of mixed economic news, another round of
news from the crazy world we live in and closer to home, we have cold weather, snow
in Dallas and our friends in San Antonio got a snow day. Imagine that, our Texas Licensee
can go ice fishing.......

Closer to home, it seems that the flu bug is running around town, spreading its ugliness....
we have had several people out with the flu and it is not a 1 day thing this time. I heard of kids
being really sick, and we had all of our office staff at Inglewood get hit with the bug, leaving us
a little shorthanded.

I am hopeful that after this week of weather across the US, that maybe we get a little warmer
and I know Texas will recover since the Super Bowl is played in an indoor stadium....and it is
always nice when the sun does eventually come out.......

So lets get on the mend and I hope all of you have a nice super bowl weekend and for those of you under the weather, get well and for those of you ready to party for the Pack or the Steelers, have a great time.

Getting Greener...More Fiber...Box Brothers Leads the Way

Box Brothers is proud to announce, in conjunction with its exclusive supplier network, that it
is the First Chain of Box and Packaging Stores in the United States, to sell cardboard boxes
that are made with 100% post-consumer waste.
While there are some technicalities involved in trying to describe how this material is made into actual cardboard boxes, EnviroKraft is constructed from materials that have actually been discarded or disposed of by consumers such as you and I, and traveling through various recycling streams. From that phase, the material is made into cardboard and then, into these
cardboard boxes.

While we are limited to certain sizes, until the manufacturing process gets into full cycle production, we are making available, 17 distinct sizes that can be used for general mailing, moving, and shipping purposes.

Today, you hear a lot about new recycled products that are meant to replace older items that
are not as green or made with recycled materials. The problem for us in the box and packaging
business, is that while many of us would prefer to use materials that are more friendly to the environment today, many of these products do not perform as well as their predecessor products that are not made with items that are more friendly to the environment, long term.

For example, today you see some boxes that claim to be made with 100% post consumer recycled paper or cardboard. These boxes are not of the same bursting strength or built to
withstand the weight and handling of our older cardboard products. Yes, not all boxes are the
same, as some have purposes requiring lower weight capacities and bursting strength.

Why is this important?

If you move, and your goods are being packed efficiently, a book box, packed full will weigh
approximately 50 lbs. Do you want it to rip before you unpack it? Do you think if you shipped
this box via a parcel carrier like UPS, FedEx or the Postal Service, that it might get handled
up to 15 times before it reaches its ultimate destination? Ever seen the old Chinese boxes that
seemed yellow in color or shade? Ever handled one? How the paper of the box separates and if
their is any weight, it crushes? Welcome to the early version of recycled cardboard---it is not as
strong and durable as conventionally made cardboard, which uses, on average, about 50%
recycled paper and board, but never 100% post consumer waste paper, as it is not as strong.

So we now have a better mousetrap to offer our customers, and one that not only is friendlier
to the environment, but also meant to withstand the purpose for which it is made, to protect
whatever is in it, for moving, shipping, storing or whatever purpose you have in mind.

As this blog is being written, our retail stores are bringing in this new line of cardboard products and you can rest assured, that this new line of merchandise will exceed everyone's expectations as to cost and performance.

We are getting greener all the time and you know what we say, a box a day and you have all the fiber you will ever need......

Early Day in Las Vegas

Last night around 4:30 pm we had an order of 6 boxes.... These were rather large boxes and they wouldn't fit thru a standard door way... Here are the sizes.... 1 = 50x50x36.... 2 = 32x32x48..... 3 = 52x52x48.... 4 = 48x48x53.... 5 = 60x24x36..... 6 = 55x55x66..... These boxes aren't your ordinary size.... A lighting company here in Las Vegas needed them by 8 am this morning..... Our crew came in at 6 am to start the cutting and taping in the alley... I'm glad I was able to handle the sale because it required a little bit of thinking and of course effort.... If you are asked to build these sizes what would you use to build them?? Here are a few photos of the guys freezing their butts off in the alley....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artwork -Packed and shipped - Redondo Beach

Here is a delicate piece of artwork we recently shipped. We have a large selection of boxes and packing supplies. This item we custom boxed for safe shipping. Need a box or crate for your artwork? We have a large in stock selection of boxes and packing supplies. We make quality wood crates to order fast.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach - OPEN 7 days - parking in rear - fedex/ups/dhl

International Shipping - Redondo Beach

We ship artwork of all types. This piece is high value and needed special handling. We suggest wood crates for higher value artwork. This item was shipped international. We pick up and pack your artwork for safe shipment using preferred carriers. Box Brothers has been providing quality and service since 1984. We ship anything anywhere.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach - OPEN 7 DAYS - FREE parking in rear. Visit us at

Hawaii Shipping - Redondo Beach

Need to Ship to Hawaii? No problem. We pick up , pack and ship your item. The item below is a 10 foot long surf board we recently shipped. No minimum shipment and we use the most reliable carriers to ship your item by air or ship. We ship anything anywhere.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach - Open 7 days - Free parking in rear - UPS/FEDEX/DHL Visit us at

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clars Auction News !!!!!

Featuring some of the most important works to come to market in a long time. Highlighting the sale is fine art by Milton Avery, Amedeo Modigliani, William Keith, Vaughn Flannery and Moise Kisling. In addition to a William Golcher, .52 caliber rifle, a first edition of "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck and a circa 1940 Edward H. Bohlin saddle, items of historical interest are a framed Indenture from Queen Elizabeth I with the Royal Great Seal, a medal related to the S.S. Titanic and documents signed by Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Napoleon Bonaparte. A strong collection of Asian antiques includes ivories, corals, Chinese paintings, Japanese woodblock prints and Chinese scholar's objects. The sale concludes with an extensive offering of silver including Wallace flatware service in the "Violet" and "Sappho" patterns.Sale & Gallery information: Saturday, February 5th @ 9:30am and Sunday, February 6th @ 10am. Preview will be Friday, February 4th from 1pm to 6pm, 9am each auction day and by special appointment. Bidding for this sale is available in person, by phone, absentee and live online @
For Packing Call Box Brothers 888.568.2670 To register to bid and more information, call Clars Auction Gallery at (888) 339-7600, or email: Clars Auction Gallery is located at 5644 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

How to find a licensed mover tips from the CMSA


Be sure you check that the mover is licensed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) when you are moving within the state of California. This license number is a Cal-T (6 digit number) and is to be shown on all documentation and advertising materials. Please feel free to call the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) or the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to check license status. The CMSA consumer hotline number for calls within California is (800) 672-1415. Never move with a mover whose license is non-existent, revoked, and or suspended.


Make every effort to arrange for your move well in advance of moving day. If you have more than a couple of rooms of furniture to move, it is advisable to call two or more movers to obtain written estimates for moving within California. Yes, it is important to evaluate rates/prices, but you also want to evaluate the company through their representative to be sure they are qualified to move your personal possessions. The carrier may also want to see your belongings to be sure they send out the right equipment and personnel to handle your move.

Find prospective movers in your area:

Find prospective movers in your area by contacting the CMSA (800-672-1415 within California, personal referrals, real estate brokers, and the yellow pages. Be wary of companies advertising on the internet, in certain local newspapers and/or handbills talking “cheap” price. Be especially careful in selecting movers over the internet. You want to make sure that you have a local address for the mover so that you know in fact that they are who they say they are and that they are a viable business in your community. Check to make sure that they are licensed and carry the required insurance coverage. Be sure they have evidence of workers’ compensation insurance as well as cargo insurance. If they injure themselves at your residence and do not have the required workers’ compensation coverage, you can be held liable. If they break or lose something, you want it fixed or replaced to the limits of their liability.

Carrier/Mover Liability:

Make sure the mover explains their basic liability and transit protection options, and be sure to ask questions.


While always a factor in buying anything, do not select a mover on price alone. Permitted carriers are obligated to carry the above referenced insurance, to provide trained personnel, and clean and safe moving vans. That all costs money. Extremely cheap rates are a red flag that the service will be less than adequate, and the carrier will not have the mandated insurance and/or trained moving personnel.


This company is sending movers into your residence to handle and move your personal possessions. The lowest price, especially if it is far below the average price of other movers, may be a red flag. Be careful! Don’t move priceless heirlooms on the cheap!


If you require storage space for your household effects for a short period of time prior to moving to a new residence, your CMSA member mover can assist you. The California Public Utilities Commission regulates storage rates for short-term storage, less than 90 days, through a maximum rate tariff.

Long Term Storage (more than three months) is unregulated and rates can vary. Most household goods storage facilities store personal effects in wooden containers referred to as vaults. Common industry practice is to charge by the vault or by weight per month plus valuation protection.

Some self-storage companies offer storage and require you to load/unload your own vaults. This widely advertised service sounds inexpensive. However, be sure to check the monthly vault storage rates with those of a conventional household goods storage warehouse. Conventional storage facilities pricing is often far more reasonable. The possessions are stored in the same manner as self-storage vaults and yourself can access your belongings in the same manner as self-storage.

If you need information on reputable, safe, clean, and reasonably priced storage facilities, call or write the California Moving and Storage Association.

Not to Exceed Price:

For moves within California, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations require all movers to provide each consumer with a written “not to exceed price” before the move commences. This price will be clearly disclosed on your Agreement For Service. The mover will have you sign this form before the move begins.

Important Information for persons moving within California:

This is a booklet mandated to be provided at the first-person contact between the consumer and the mover, unless the consumer has received the booklet from another mover.

Evaluate Service Presentations:

Listen and evaluate the mover’s presentation of services and price. Usually an individual presentation stands out in clarity, and your questions and concerns are professionally answered to your satisfaction.

Visit the Mover:

Drive by, stop in the office and buy a box. Make sure the mover has a business. See the trucks at the business site. Look around to make sure these are the kind of people you wish to invite into your residence to handle/move your personal possessions.


A CMSA Member:

Select a mover with the CMSA designation. You should want a mover who abides to a code of ethics, operates clean and safe trucks, and utilizes trained personnel. They will provide the quality service at fair and competitive prices.

For more information or assistance call
(562) 865-2900 or (800) 672-1415

Tuesday, February 1, 2011