Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Please donate a new , unwrapped toy for the HOLIDAYS FROM THE HEART fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Box Brothers is collecting toys now through Dec. 8th . Drop off gifts at any Box Brothers Location in Los Angeles , South Bay and the Valley . For a list of our Locations go to http://boxbros.com or Call us at 800-842-6937 for more info ...And Thank You for your Support ....

Visit Us at the SHOWBIZ EXPO this weekend

Come visit Box Brothers this weekend Booth 107 at the SHOWBIZ EXPO . For more info call Julie Mascio or [mailto:jmascio@boxbros.com] 800.474.7447

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well, looks like we are about ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday and while it may seem overdone and repetitive, this is the official time to give thanks for the blessings in our lives
and to maybe, just for a little while, discount the misgivings, the wrong turns, the mistakes and especially, any and all ungratefulness that was exhibited by me or anyone else, in the last few months.

It is somewhat easy to get overwhelmed with bad news, a lack of good economic news or how tough life can be, and it is easy to overlook all that we have to be thankful for. For sure, just about everything in one's life can stand some improvement, from health to income, to security to
a lack of insecurity and to prosperity. What does this all mean?

No one seems to appreciate their health, until you lose yours or see it being lost in others you care about. Nothing is more important or as valuable, as you cannot seem to buy good health
and to get it, is an everyday battle and then, it can also be day to day. Lets all give thanks that
we have the health we have and that we have the right and ability to make it better, next week
and next month.

As far as prosperity goes, I am hopeful that simply, times get better for all of us who have sacrificed just to get to this point, in this recession. At the same time, I only wish that those who
have prospered during this difficult economic period, like the monopolistic carriers.....and the oil firms who saw no declines......and perhaps the lawyers....who make on other's miseries.......will get some of what we all got so we can all share better and be more empathetic towards each other.

I thankful that while life is difficult, there is always tomorrow and the hope that lawyers will be nice people, the price of gas will drop 25% and that we end the practice of closed markets and monopolistic firms, and o'h yea, that firms like Amex, who do not want to speak to their customers, lose their customers to a firm that will.

Most of all, I look forward to some time off and some football, and of course, all the carbs you can eat in one day......and some turkey.

Thanks to all of you for another year and have a great turkey day and see you next week.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving .

Cool Things.....

Box Brothers
have some of the coolest accounts.... When a company can pack and ship anything, we get everything.... I have always enjoyed the memorabilia industry.... Here's a few photos of items from our account Gallery of Legends at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.... Who wouldn't he the collage of "The Duke" and his gunslinger ways.... Oh yeah; those World Series Champs New York Yankees.... I guess that's pretty cool as well, if your a Yankees fan... Most of us at Box Brothers are Dodger fans.... Happy Thanksgiving to all the Box Brothers family!!!! http://www.boxbros.com/las-vegas-nevada

Monday, November 22, 2010

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center In San Francisco

I think everyone should get a kick out of this lady who gave a 1 stars review to the fedex ship center a few blocks away, and then wrote a 5 star review of box brother the very same day!:
FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
Categories: Printing Services, Shipping Centers 11/18/2010
I wanted to ship a painting that didn't fit into a regular box. On their website, it said they can custom-package it for me. So I went to this location and asked for custom-packaging. I was told 3 times that they don't do this, until I had to remind them that's what I read on their website. After that, they proceeded to put my 20in x 27in item into a 50in x 70in box (double the size) which was going to set me back $260!. Luckily, ONLY one of their otherwise completely incompetent employees, advised me that if I find a smaller box size, it will be a significant reduction in price ($80). I refused to send the item in the huge box they put it, and I was told I had to pay $19 for it. I paid for it as I didn't want to deal with these people anymore. I went to the Box Brothers and found a perfect box. http://www.boxbros.com/packing
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4644 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 387-2140
Box Brothers
Category: Movers
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond 11/18/2010
if you are looking for an unusual box size, that's your place. Huge selection; great, friendly service.
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Kiyoshi Foster, Manager
Box Brothers
4644 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118
phone: (415) 387-2140
facimile: (415) 387-2152

45 Minutes to Unpack

I just wanted to thank you for the quality packing job you did on my painting. It arrived in great shape but it did take me over 45 minutes to get it completely unwrapped. I appreciate the amount of time and care you took to make sure this arrived in perfect condition. Next time I'm in California and purchased something humongous, I'll be sure to come to you!!!


Box Brothers
Call Dave 310 -478 - 4008

Sunday, November 21, 2010

THE PET BOWL PROJECT "Made in California"

Attached is a write up for this Tuesdays auction at Bonhams. This has been placed at the front desk of Bonhams LA and San Fran. I also asked if they could place a blurg on their site about Box Brothers. http://www.boxbros.com/fine-art-shipping
The auction is "Made in California" Art Auction.

Artist Edward Ruscha, Ross Bleakner, Charles Arnoldi, Kenny Scharf, Rober Longo And David Hockney each hand-painted a pet bowl. "THE PET BOWL PROJECT"
These are to be sold at Bonhams auction to benefit PAWS / LA..A non-profit that helps low-income elderly and chronically ill keep and care for their pets.

see attached

Marianna Carlson
Box Brothers
220 W. Ivy Ave. Unit C
Inglewood, CA 90302
T: 800.474.7447 or 310-419-6375
F: 310.419.9915

Friday, November 19, 2010

Small Moves

Small moves have been a Box Brothers specialty since our inception 25 years ago. As pioneers and innovators of the “small move”, we have tailored our service to those who would be at a disadvantage using a full service mover. Whether your move is personal/residential, or a small business/office move, Box Brothers’ moving experts will design a personalized service to accommodate your specific needs, budget, and time frame.

• Complete moving service, including fully guaranteed packaging of anything from dishes & books, to televisions & furniture.
• Guaranteed pick-up dates & times.
• For your convenience, our services are available seven days a week, and same day service is available upon request.
• Delivery dates as soon as 48 hours from time of pick-up!
• Don’t wait 5-7 days to find out your costs! On-site weight calculation will determine your price with certainty, on your move day.
• Various insurance options! Find one that suits your individual needs.
• Free storage for up to 10 days!
• Over 25 years experience in the industry! Box Brothers is a member of both the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA), and the American Movers and Storage Association (AMSA).


Not all moves are large moves. If your move is of lesser volume than full service movers usually tend to, you may find yourself paying for services that you don’t need. At Box Brothers, we understand that every client has their individual needs, budget, and time frame. We work with our clients to design a personalized service plan, allowing them take advantage of the services they need, without paying for those they don’t.
Box Brothers’ professional team of packing experts is available seven days a week, providing packaging services both on and off-site. Our industry-renowned packaging service ensures maximum safety for your items, and is covered by our insurance firm. We handle items of any size and nature, including: dishes, electronics, furniture, antiques, artwork, sculptures, china, glassware, televisions, and more.
For your convenience, our on-site team will inventory all items being moved, so each item, along with the condition it’s in, is accounted for. The items are then packaged (if necessary), containerized, and moved to their final destination.
Our insurance offerings include: actual cash value, replacement cost value, no extra cost standard valuation. Third-party trip transit protection is available as well, and we maintain full liability insurance.
We work with specialized carriers, each with their own strengths and specialties. This provides the client with a multitude of transportation options, including expedited services.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let My Turkey Go .Tom Is No Longer a Hostage !!!!

Furniture, Furniture Everywhere



Oakland is swimming in high end furniture! The early November Bonhams SF Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts sale had us spending three days on pickups, and we are plowing through the packing now!

Here's some pics, including a $120,000 statue of a bucking bronco! http://www.boxbros.com/crating


Distributing a loved one's possessions is a difficult and unpleasant task following their passing. Box Brothers' estate asset distribution services are designed to minimize the stress of losing a loved one by ensuring that each heir receives their inheritance efficiently, affordably, safely, and without hassle or complication. This is an all-around, full service beginning with a free quote and ending with all items arriving safely at their destinations. The service includes: drafting an inventory list, establishing item values for insurance purposes, digitally photographing each item, packaging, and finally, transporting the items. http://www.boxbros.com/packing

Our unique, award-winning service puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and convenience. You shouldn't have to worry about your items being misplaced or damaged, especially during such an already difficult and strenuous time. Furthermore, having to hire multiple companies to pack and transport the more unique items can be a confusing and exhausting task. With one phone call to Box Brothers, you can rest assured knowing that everything is being taken care of. Our service guarantees maximum convenience by handling every item being distributed, no matter how big or small. Our team of experts has over 25 years experience packaging and transporting items of all size and nature, including: fine art, paintings, sculptures, electronics, displays, furniture of any size, china, dishes, antiques, heirlooms, and much more.
This service includes a complimentary visit, in which a member of our team may meet with you, your administrator, or whomever you designate. The purpose of this visit is to provide the client with an accurate, free quote. This makes for a more precise estimate than can be given over the phone. Often times, we have scheduled these visits on weekends and evenings to accommodate our clients' needs.

A Box Brothers representative will confirm with each beneficiary what items are to be picked up and packaged on their behalf. We inventory each item, noting all of its specifications and condition. The item list is then reviewed to discuss value, so that we may properly insure each item.
We understand that often times, you may be unfamiliar with every item in your loved one's estate. For your convenience, we will take digital pictures of all items to help bridge that gap on your behalf.

Over the past 25 years, Box Brothers' estate distribution experts have moved thousands of items on behalf of beneficiaries. The convenience that comes with our acclaimed service has proven invaluable to these individuals, as they were not in a position to undertake the hassle and exhaustion that accompanies distributing a loved ones estate. If you are in this unfortunate position, call Box Brothers today to learn how we can provide you with the same service countless others have praised. http://www.boxbros.com/contact-us

B.B.B. Report on 20/20

This is a good read..... Enjoy....

Terror Group Gets 'A' Rating From Better Business Bureau?Consumer Watchdog Accused of Running 'Pay for Play' Scheme With Grading System By JOSEPH RHEE and BRIAN ROSS Nov. 12, 2010 The Better Business Bureau, one of the country's best known consumer watchdog groups, is being accused by business owners of running a "pay for play" scheme in which A plus ratings are awarded to those who pay membership fees, and F ratings used to punish those who don't. To prove the point, a group of Los Angeles business owners paid $425 to the Better Business Bureau and were able to obtain an A minus grade for a non-existent company called Hamas, named after the Middle Eastern terror group. "Right now, this rating system is really unworthy of consumer trust or confidence," said Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal in an interview to be broadcast as part of an ABC News investigation airing tonight on 20/20. In an official demand letter sent to the national headquarters of the Better Business Bureau Thursday, Blumenthal called on the BBB to stop using its grading system, which he said was "potentially harmful and misleading" to consumers. "The BBB accreditation and the BBB ratings systems is not about generating money," said BBB national president and CEO Steve Cox. He said the A minus grade for Hamas was given in error. "Plain and simple, we made a mistake," Cox told ABC News. Errors seem to abound at the Better Business Bureau. As reported by an anonymous blogger the BBB also awarded an A minus rating to a non-existent sushi restaurant in Santa Ana, California and an A plus to a skinhead, neo-Nazi web site called Stormfront. Each listing cost $425. "They ran the credit card and within 12 hours they were an approved, accredited member," said the anonymous blogger, who runs a site called bbbroundup.com the next business day the C grade was replaced with an A plus, and the one complaint was wiped off the record. In a second case, Carmen Tellez, the owner of a company that provides clowns for parties was also told she had to pay to fix her C- grade, based on a two-year old complaint that she says had already been resolved. The C minus became an A plus the very next day after she provided her credit card number for the $395 charge. "If I'm paying for a grade, then how are the customers supposed to really trust the Better Business Bureau?" she asked. Cox said the examples provided by ABC News were violations of sales policy and not a standard way of doing business. "The BBB is not operating fraudulently," Cox said. In his demand letter to the BBB, the Connecticut attorney general said, "I am deeply concerned that certain BBB practices threaten its reputation and effectiveness as a reliable resource for consumers." Allison Southwick, media relations manager for the BBB, said that the BBB had worked with attorneys general across the country, including Blumenthal, to fight fraud. "We disagree with his characterization that BBB does not adequately disclose the fact that Accredited Businesses financially support BBB," said Southwick. "However, we are always interested in hearing from our partners in consumer advocacy and are pleased to accept constructive feedback from his office and other consumer advocates." "We have made good progress in working with his office on these issues, and anticipate that we will satisfactorily address his concerns," said Southwick. The Better Business Bureau, a non-profit group that began 98 years ago, instituted its A plus through F grading system just two years ago, replacing a "satisfactory/unsatisfactory" ratings system. One of the first to raise concerns about the new grading system was New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner was investigating complaints to his office about the popular precious that maybe enhanced its revenues but also greatly diminished its credibility and honesty," said attorney general Blumenthal, who was elected to the United States Senate from Connecticut last week. "It's very troubling and it could be illegal because the failure to disclose to consumers could well be deceptive and misleading," he added. The ABC News investigation found numerous examples of well known companies that are not members of the Better Business Bureau being branded with F grades, often apparently based on scant evidence or a small number of complaints. The five-star Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston was given an F rating after only two complaints. "A million customers served, two complaints resulting in an F rating, seems to be somewhat unusual, to say the least, " hotel general manager Erwin Schinnerl told WCVB-TV in Boston. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck told ABC News that parts of his food and restaurant empire have received an F grade because he refused to pay to join the Better Business Bureau. "You know, if you become a member, you're sure to get an A, but if you don't pay, it's very difficult to get an A," said Puck, who has been a regular on the ABC News program "Good Morning America" since 1986. "I think where you have to join an organization to get a good grade is wrong," Puck said. “They're more interested in the money than their credibility," he said. The BBB's Cox said the three listings were all mistakes made by sales people. "That's an inaccurate statement that business people are able to buy As," Cox said. "We have more than 500,000 non-accredited businesses who have A ratings," he added. Yet, as part of the ABC News investigation, an ABC News producer with a camera was present as two small business owners in Los Angeles were told by Better Business Bureau tele-marketers that their grades of C could be raised to A plus if they paid $395 membership fees. Terri Hartman, the manager of a Los Angeles antique fixtures store, Liz's Antique Hardware, was told only a payment could change her grade, based on one old complaint that had already been resolved. "So, if I don't pay, even though the complaint has been resolved, I still have a C rating?" Hartman then read off her credit card number and metals dealer Goldine. Some customers had alleged they were ripped off after responding to Goldline's television ads, which appear in heavy circulation during conservative talk radio and television programs. Goldline responded to Weiner's criticism in part by pointing to the stamp of approval the company had received from one of the nation's most respected consumer groups. "We are proud to be rated A+ from the Better Business Bureau," Goldline VP Scott Carter said at a congressional hearing convened by Weiner in September. Weiner told ABC News he considered Goldline's A plus grade to be suspect. Weiner and other critics say they believe the BBB has used the new grading system as part of an extensive tele-marketing campaign to increase membership and revenue. An ABC NEWS examination of filings with the federal government revealed that at least 25 of the Better Business Bureau's top officers had salaries in excess of $100,000. The head of the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau, William Mitchell, was paid more than $400,000, according to the Better business Bureau. "I think the Better Business Bureau changed course and lost its way by adopting a system of pay to play that maybe enhanced its revenues but also greatly diminished its credibility and honesty," said attorney general Blumenthal. "It's very troubling and it could be illegal because the failure to disclose to consumers could well be deceptive and misleading," he added. The ABC News investigation found numerous examples of well known companies that are not members of the Better Business Bureau being branded with F grades, often apparently based on scant evidence or a small number of complaints. The five-star Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston was given a F rating after only two complaints. "A million customers served, two complaints resulting in an F rating, seems to be somewhat unusual, to say the least," hotel general manager Erwin Schinnerl told WCVB-TV in Boston. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck told ABC News that parts of his food and restaurant empire have received an F grade because he refused to pay to join the Better Business Bureau. "You know, if you become a member, you're sure to get an A, but if you don't pay, it's very difficult to get an A," said Puck, who has been a regular on the ABC News program "Good Morning America" since 1986. "I think where you have to join an organization to get a good grade is wrong," Puck said.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some good news

Today, or actually yesterday, we finalized a new program for Box Brothers. We signed a contract with MOVEX, so we will have another transportation solution for all of our moving
For simplicity sake, what I can tell you is that the Movex Solution is a hybrid moving service
where a full trailer shows up, but the customer or a firm like us, loads the shipment and the truck is equipped with pads, dollies, ties, bars, etc. Your charges are based on linear feet so this
might help some customers understand how much stuff they have, but the best part of this service is that you do not have to rent someone else's truck and you do not have to drive it, and the cost will be close to the price for doing it yourself.
Like all new ideas, such as pods, containerized shipping, this is the first one priced to help influence those who cannot afford the cost of a full service mover. This is a good service for us
to sell as we can provide the materials and we can provide the necessary labor at origin or at destination, as well.

So look for more news in the coming days on this new venture.

I also wanted to announce that we will begin our new in store Federal Express shipping program, with the help of our partner, Seko. Many of you have already been trained on their website and
it will be live starting tomorrow. This system will grow and will allow us to be a lot more competitive with all competitors for air shipping, as we can now match anyone's price for air services, and even go after some of the carriers own accounts. There are a lot of potentialities and we will continue to update all of you on these new developments, but this is good news for all of us.
Time to pick up the pace and get back to our old days of domination, as it was harder work, but a lot less stressful, just ask Mr. Long in Vegas. He can tel you stories...I cannot relate here. stay tuned to the blog and maybe he will release some oldies for your enjoyment.....

SM1, Charlie Brown version ,Christmas Tree

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yahoo Review Box Brothers Las Vegas

If you want the best customer service in Las Vegas head to Box Brothers for all you packaging and shipping needs. Its a dream team on staff daily - Chris Brian Eric Jacob & Zach. These guys will make your day better and take care of your stuff in the process. They have never let me down in all the years I have been doing business with Box Brothers. BY : Papa Stan at Yahoo Local
http://boxbros.com/ 0r 702.227.6384

Small bronze Sculpture from SGI Santa Monica, Ca.

SGI, has been a regular customer of Box Brothers Santa Monica1. Believe it or not but, they had a framed certificate
and it's at Aliso Viejo Ca. and Gary Murie of SGI in Santa Monica instructed to drop the said item ONLY @ SM1!!! http://www.boxbros.com/santa-monica-california


Monday, November 15, 2010

Mohammed Ali vs. Box Brothers of Santa Monica #1

Mohammed Ali? Manny Pacquiao? .....Ray at Box Brothers Santa Monica? Who is the greatest Boxer? I know who I'm voting for .... lol ...PLACE YOUR VOTE IN THE SIDEBAR TO THE RIGHT! Or, Mail your vote for the BEST BOXER to:
2113 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA.
Call 310-453-1532 for your chance to win a FREE day of boxing with our champ!
Nothing is too big for Ray to knock out !!!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Box Bros 8.1.89


Gobble gobble time

Its Gobble gobble time again and it seems everyone is cranking up for the big Thanksgiving Holiday Feast. Except this year, I do not see as many turkey giveaways as I think we had last

Does this mean that things are getting better in this economy. We are definitely seeing small signs, but no one seems to know for sure and what I really think is this (I am such a pundit...):
1) the election is finally over and lets move on.......what a waste of money.......;
2) We are all tired of suffering and suffering and giving up those things we all want to own
but have put off getting them;
3) I think people have found a way to live to meet their expenses and have something left
over to maybe buy something or enjoy life a little

I just think it will not be a bull rush, mostly uneven, with a good month, then a mediocre one,
and so on. In the past, it has been a steady climb, but they hammered everyone to save the banks, and the rest of us get the crumbs. Did anyone find my/our Tarp Stimulus check, as all I got was fees from the banks who got theirs........

I also realize that times will not be like they used to be, and either will our sales, but all is not lost
as we can rebuild a better path moving forward, as if this recession did anything, it made us focus on expenses, since the sales side was so week. Many people think this is the reason why
unemployment is lagging, but the truth is that the bank and credit card firms (How American
the Ripoff Express got our tax money/bailout only proves to me that this whole bailout was largely corrupt) got cash, and small business got a crock of you know what, or nothing. Coal.

If small business is hurting and it is the driver of jobs, and the way up, how come we did not get cash, or working capital loans, as if the government wanted preferred stock of Box Brothers, I surely would have had it created for them, so long as we got the 50 million.........I mean, why would the government want to do the most good for the hardest and most dependable part of the economy..........and I am not a liberal either. Nor am I am conservative, but this is the actual
truth, we got the shaft, small business did. That is why this economy is not good, they will not let us make any money and they scared the ones who have money not to spend, except on everyday necessities, which is why AT&T is fine, and Mobil and Chevron are fine and some of the food guys are fine, too. but not the store keepers, not the tradesmen, not their suppliers,
not the small businessmen.

I hope it changes and we see signs that it might, as this is what would be best for all.

As we used to say in the old days, keep on truckin.

Friday, November 12, 2010

CMSA: Only 5 Tickets Remain for the Crab Feed!

The CMSA Northern Region Chapter has already sold 95 tickets to their Holiday Crab Feed. Only 5 tickets remain so please hurry to get your tickets ordered. (Last year, tickets were sold out!) The Crab Feed will be on Thursday, December 9th.

Dinner includes tons of crab, green salad, pasta, garlic bread, hot butter & cocktail juice, and coffee. If you can, bring a prize for the raffle!

A special room rate of $99 per night will be available at the Marina Inn if reservations are booked by November 19th.

Buy your tickets from Sharon Hildreth of Valley Relocation & Storage at (925) 383-6978, or Mark Hildreth of New Haven Moving Equipment at (510) 773-9273. They can be reached by e-mail at shildreth@valleyrelocation.com or MarkHildreth@newhaven-usa.com.

Please click on the link below to access the flyer.
http://thecmsa.org orhttp://boxbros.com

CMSA Staff

Custom wood shipping crates free quotes today

As of today you can get a free quote on shipping crates from Master Crater..Call 24/7 toll free at 866.968.6762 or go on line for your FREE FAST QUOTE at http://mastercrater.com Awesome service great prices !!!!!! Tell them box brothers sent you for your discount it's as easy as 1 2 3.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brentwood Dave

Dear David,

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your hard work. Now I know where to go to ship everything in the future!

Cathy P.
http://boxbros.com/ or call Dave at 310-478-4008

Sharon K. Says it took a while to unpack !!!!

Thank you for you amazing service. My hand sculptured turtle I bought on Venice Beach arrived safely and completely intact. lol, it took a while to "unpackage" it. Well done.

This could have come from any of our stores
we here this all the time....IT TOOK a WHILE to UNPACK ( LOL )

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Las Vegas 2 shorts

come visit box brothers in Las Vegas http://boxbros.com or call 702-227-6384

The Annual Toys R Us Toy Run

The Annual Toys R Us Toy Run - Driven World
The Annual Toys R Us Toy Run 7th Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show
.2 minutes ago · Share
Dustin Troyan
Motor4toys Annual Toys R Us Run:
Click link for full details. 100+ cars and drivers will be heading over to Toys R Us to buy toys on Nov. 21st. We will leave Supercar and goto Toys R US across the street. We will have our own parking as well as our own checkers! RSVP on LInk
or go to our facebook page for info at facebook/boxbrothers

Deborah Harry's Photo

I packed and shipped this Deborah Harry photo, valued at $5,100, to Belgium via UPS Expedited service. However, when I tracked the shipment this morning. I discovered that a Shipper's Export Declaration Form was required due to the value which exceeded $2,500.00. I did not know this was necessary, and have never filled out such a form before. Well, live and learn, as they say. You can download the form yourself from the UPS Web Site or for a $10.00 service fee they can assist you in person by calling their UPS preferred customer service hot line (800) 377-4877...This is good information for anyone shipping high value items (over $2,500.00) such as this Internationally.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Santa Monica’s Real Estate Market Shows Improvement

posted Nov. 9, 2010, 3:09:00 pm
Michael Edlen

The media paints confusing pictures regarding the present status and anticipated direction of the housing market. Headlines and statistics based on nationwide, statewide, and citywide reports lead to conclusions that are inconsistent, unreliable, and often times confusing even to the professionals in the industry.

Even when one looks at data in a specific community such as Santa Monica, the current market is challenging to understand. For example, it has been observed that the level of sales is 37 percent higher than it was this time last year, this is indeed a very “bullish” sign for the Santa Monica housing market. Other favorable signs include prices per square foot being only three percent lower than last year at this time, which could imply a flattening out of prices may have started to occur. Also, we have calculated that there is less than a six-month inventory of Santa Monica homes available for sale. This is the point that generally is agreed can be classified as a market relatively in balance between buyers and sellers. Also, it may be a good sign that the average days on market, which had been more than 100 days, is now closer to 60 days.

Although the above can be interpreted as favorable signs for a market that may be stabilizing, the evidence of that is far from clear. For example, a research report published on October 18, 2010, by Altos Research stated that the Santa Monica “market has shown evidence of slowing recently. The Santa Monica market is currently in a buyer’s advantage, with several months of inventory available at the current rate of sales.”
In looking at the condo and townhome segment, Santa Monica median prices have been relatively flat since reaching below $700,000 in the Spring, as compared with the earlier plateau of $800,000 for the previous one- to two-year period. Similarly, the price per square foot for condos and townhomes has been nearly unchanged for close to two years. However, inventory has been rising steadily throughout 2010 and buyers have far more alternatives to select from.

Whether the local market has about reached its bottom level or not is clearly unknown. For those who wish to try and time the market, interest rates may eventually have risen in offset to any further market price declines. Furthermore, potential sellers may need to wait several years before prices have increased enough to justify having delayed their selling at current values. http://www.boxbros.com/small-moves

Michael Edlen of Coldwell Banker has been tracking and analyzing the local real estate market for years, and provides confidential counseling services to prospective buyers and sellers. More tips and information are available on MichaelEdlen.com. He can be reached at 310.230.7373 or Michael@MichaelEdlen.com.
This is a good sign for moving boxes call us or email us at http://boxbros.com/

Monday, November 8, 2010

Furniture Freight...Woodland Hills to Chicago

Oak furniture consisting of dresser, chairs, and table...shipped freight from Woodland Hills to Chicago, IL. Need something packed and shipped freight? Call Box Brothers Woodland Hills...(818) 224-4661
Box Brothers Woodland Hills, between Shoup and Fallbrook on Ventura Blvd.http://boxbros.com

Pair of Italian Glass Sconces, Attributed to Barovier-Toso, of leaf form, having crackled golden yellow decoration throughout. Height 34 inches.

Friday, November 5, 2010

packed and shipped for Grandma to Rhode Island


A apple a day keeps the DR. away .So let's pack it and ship it out . Before the worm eats the apple

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small Shipment - Picked up packed and shipped

This is a small cabinet a customer recently shipped. The lady called and talked to Matt. There was some confusion with how to measure the item so Matt went over to her house measured and weighed the item. Matt was able to quote a pack and ship price and pick the item up. http://www.boxbros.com/packing

We pack and ship any thing any where. Pick up available. Open 7 days Parking in rear
Visit us at Box Brothers . com

Pack & Ship for Mrs. America

Mrs America knows where to get her box packed....that's right She heads on over to Box Brothers of Santa Monica for a little pack and ship. Call us today and feel a part of America and get your pack on...call 310-453-1532 or http://www.boxbros.com/ and thank you Ray for the great photos and letting everyone have a chance to enjoy ....who or what is next ? keep posted

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ceramic Sculptures from Maloney Fine Art

Yesterday artwork ... Today ceramic sculptures check out what we will be packing later ... You just never know who or what is going to walk through our doors ... 310-453-1532 http://www.boxbros.com/ Box Brothers Westside



Dear Retail Shipper,

Effective immediately, shipping toner cartridges heavier than 500 grams (17.5 ounces) by air on flights into and from the U.K. has been suspended. The government of the United Kingdom (U.K.) has put in place additional security measures to increase aviation security. In order to comply with this ruling, all UPS retail locations should ask customers with shipments to the U.K. if their shipments contain toner cartridges. A service update has been posted on ups.com to reflect these added security measures. Please visit www.ups.com for the latest updates and information regarding additional security measures. http://www.boxbros.com/contact-us

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Slow November Sales.....

Usually, we go into November expecting low sales and customers spending money for Christmas gifts instead of moving and buying boxes..... We seem to have started November with a surge of of business...... I would show photos of the items that are in the pallets, but it would look like a mess in the alley we pack out of in Las Vegas..... I hope the trend stays consistent through the month of November, but we know Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everybody is gearing up to travel to families and friends for the turkey feast..... Here are some photos of what we did yesterday in Las Vegas.... Oh; and my son was playing with my phone.... He had lots of candy the other night...... http://www.boxbros.com/green-valley-nevada

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T G I A O...(thank god its almost over)


I have to admit that I do enjoy the political season, the give and take and
the thought that at some point, some good will come out of this election season.

On the other hand......so much money and so many lies have been spread by all
involved, one can have many thoughts about this process, like:

If 4.0 billion was in fact spent, on these elections, could that money have been
used to cure a disease, like Diabetes?

Is truth relative, and if so, to who and why? If you watch CNBC and watch
Fox News, which one, is telling the truth, as you would have to conclude that
someone is lying.....

Will anything change when the dust settles? Can Barbara Boxer, if reelected,
accomplish anything? Will Meg Whitman's maid be deported? Will Jerry Brown
have anything to say if it is not written down a head of time? Will we ever find out
just how many dead people and double votes were cast in this election? So many
questions and so little time.........

What is important is that the media/tv relief act is now over, and hopefully, we can all get back
to just being spenders so this economy can recover. I think we were sort of moving in the right
direction and all this election did was stall that long climb. For that reason alone, you can see that these politicians will do anything, say anything--to get re-elected or elected.

How ironic that all of them want for us to have better times, but they push that back for their own narrow interests. I mean, why do they spend so much and get so little back in salary, as this is just a big game and at some point, we have to take the money out as it is all about who get what, from those who have the money.

I have often joked that I cannot reach my lobbyist....since I can't afford one. Who can, the poor farmers who are not getting paid or the small businessman who is constantly getting screwed by the monopolistic firms. Like UPS, who announced today that they are raising rates on all transportation services by 7%. Nice of them, those monopolistic bastards with a P/R department as there is no inflation this year--just ask every single senior citizen who is not getting any increase since the government said that we did not have any. I cannot understand
how the seniors, get nothing and ups gets 7%. Funny, they announced this on election day, and do you figure this was a calculated decision on UPS' part?

It is all the same as I doubt any elected politician, even if they sing about how small business is the way to get more people hired, will help any small business, as again, we cannot find our lobbyist.....Blue Cross and Blue Shield have a few dozen lobbyists, so do fedex and ups, and the doctors, and lawyers, but none for us. How come? How come we get the shaft?

I know some people feel as though the current president is on the side of small business, but the bulk of the new medical rules hammer most on small business, not on the monopolistic insurance carriers, nor the multi billion dollars drug company's, just us small folk get the penalties. Go figure, my lobbyist never showed to represent us..........

Again, I just hope there is more recovery for the small businessman, as everyone talks a good
show, but for the entire time, for example, Ms. Boxer has been our senator, I can't tell you one
thing she had done to help us out. I can tell you about environmental efforts, and other things, but not one iota of help from her. Maybe I expect to much, as the governor of California, Mrs.
Shriver, sorry, I meant her husband, has not done anything for us either.

Ask me, they are all bad, so lets hope they go back in hibernation for a few years so we can get this show on the road and back to a place where things are better for all.

Good riddens, no more of those lying commercials, no more of those misleading adds and no more commentators talking stupid stuff.......hurray and lets buy some boxes....

msf@boxbros.com and http://www.boxbros.com

More Art to pack & ship...

More art being packed and shipped at our friendly Santa Monica Box Brothers Store. You can buy the supplies and do it yourself or we can do it for you .... 310 -453 -1532

Monday, November 1, 2010

Party Packs in Las Vegas....


Gearing up for Halloween in Las Vegas requires the appropriate party gear.... These backpacks from Margarita Ville are fully equipped with cup holder, ice chest, pour spout and margarita fixins to make any evening fun... Here's the Vegas staff getting ready for Strip...... We picked them up from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino to be packed and shipped to Key West, FL.... http://www.boxbros.com/packing