Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Way to Save on Your Long Distance Move/Shipment

People have many reasons for moving or shipping goods from one area of the country to another
area….jobs, schooling, family reasons, economic reasons, retirement are just a few of the reasons
people move great distances.

However, many people in this group, think there are only two options for getting their possessions across
the country.   A professional mover, or you can do it yourself in a rented truck.

Of course, this is a simplistic description, but all too valid.   In my company’s case, we provide a shipping service for
household goods and personal possessions, that allows the consumer to opt for any number of savings over the
traditional services of a full service mover.

For example, one of our benefits, is that we give our customers an option for both pick up service and delivery service
of our loads.  We can save the consumer money on the pick up, if the consumer brings the goods to one of our service
centers, as that allows us to pass on the savings we obtain by not having to use labor, fuel, a truck and other costs
incumbent on pick up the goods to be shipped.   By helping yourself out on the pick up or origin services, you might be
able to realize from 10 to 20% savings of your entire shipment cost.

Likewise, we offer another money saving option for our deliveries.   If you can bring the shipment into your own storage
unit or into your own garage or home, we can also save you up to 15% of the shipment cost by bringing the goods in from
the street, into your home or unit.

In these difficult economic times, you have to look harder for money saving options, but if you want them, we have them at
Box Brothers .   The Leaders Interstate Shipping, for over 28 years

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