Friday, March 8, 2013

This Horse Is Not Going To The UK.

As the President of Box Brothers, I oversee quite a few operations that focus both on the provision
of services to our customers, from both our retail outlets, and our crating and shipping warehouses.

As we have grown from our humble beginnings, we have been fortunate enough to have retained
some very key people (I do not think the word employee is sufficient to explain their true value here)
that make up the Box Brothers Family, as we like to refer to it, as these are the people who have always
treated customers and their possessions, as if they were part of their own family treasures.

I have often commented upon the fact that it would be easy in this business—the business of helping all kinds
of customers move their goods, possessions, investments, and family heirlooms—to say that we have facilitated a move
from one place to another, but it is more than that.   After more than 25 years of Box Brothers helping families come together
for good and bad reasons, to help kids get to college, to help those with the task of distributing estates, to the sending of prizes from
contests, to auction purchases and the even the sending of perishable items like breast milk, we have come to realize
that this is not just moving, or shipping, or even packaging, it is the movement of life and a very important journey for
those who undertake it.    And we at Box Brothers, feel this is an honor that has been bestowed on us by them.

So our duty, and we define it as such, is to provide the very best we can and we do this by acting and treating all items
we touch and handle, as if they were our own.   We double check, triple check, and we never cheat on materials, on labor
or on how we approach the safe transport of whatever item needs to be moved.   Why, elevate the status of service, when
no one even expects good service anymore?  Cause that is our duty to our customers, and I challenge anyone in this business
to have such a solid and great record, both in brick and mortar (on the street) and on the net.

I find this truly remarkable, as none of our so called competitors, have our record of safety, taking care of their customers,
and making sure that they received not only our best effort, but a great result each and every time.

I invite any and all of you to see some of how our family packages items that are large, heavy, high value and difficult in
terms of size, weight and density, such as statues, silver settings, and an architectural model for one of the largest
commercial developments the Western United States has seen in a number of years, the Las Vegas City Center.
But so we are clear and unequivocal, each and every customer we work with gets our best, and our records, reviews and
customer testimony, make this abundantly clear.  

Please enjoy these pictures and know that they come from retail stores, in Los Angeles, our packaging warehouse and

ship centers in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Northern California, and Seattle.   From our family to yours.

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