Friday, August 5, 2011

If Summer is Over...why is it still hot????

I have written in this blog numerous times about the seasonality of the Moving and Shipping
business, which is a large part of what we do at Box Brothers.

As few as 60 days ago, all hell seemed to break loose, after a few years of dismal not seasonal
summer months, for everyone in the Moving/Shipping Business. Things were said, like, we did
not have a summer, and to be frank, this industry shrank. More long haul drivers left the business, more retailers closed up shop, other firms consolidated and still, true to form, about
20% of the rest continued to lie about their results. One would think that misery would love company....but there is always some in a group who need to outshine the others, and they try to make the rest of think that maybe it is just us who is slow.

My vendors do that. They come to me and let me know that their sources, indicate, a busy month, for August. After all, for those of us on the west coast, due to the heat and tradition, most of our schools and universities, do not resume the fall schedule until after Labor Day.
Well, it is only the 5th of August, but every single mover from San Francisco to Los Angeles,
to Las Vegas, is slow. Same song....the phones are not ringing. Can you name this tune........
a big hit from 2009 and 2010: where did our summer no no no no no no more......

It is amazing and all kidding aside, it is hard to believe that the moving and shipping season seems to have come to a halt, for those of us in it. Of course, there are exceptions or pockets of
areas that seem to counter the overall flow, but it is a vivid reminder of how bad this economy is and how much people feel scared to spend.

I know that is how I feel at times, I always tend to second guess purchases, due to the fact that
no one can really say what the next six months will bring. And every day there is a mixed or bad signal, like the recent losing streak on Wall Street, that is really scary, as they used to say that the stock market is a bellwether indicator of what is going to take place in the next 3 to 6 months. Who can say for sure, as every week these guys (guru's???) tell a darn different story.

I was just getting excited to learn that we are going to have both college and pro football seasons,
with all their glory, and then we get kicked in the gut, reminding us that the struggle for survival is now on again, just like it was prior to June. We all need to get in gear and remember that no matter how tough things get, the ones with the best teams, always win, and for the last 26 years,
I am proud to say that there is no better company to take care of your moving and shipping needs like the Box Brothers Family, both in good and difficult times.

And don't worry, there has to be a number of procrastinators out there who did not get done what they need to get done and we will be waiting and ready to service them, in this heat.
O'h well, summer is almost over. Bring on the fall....

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