Friday, August 26, 2011

Is the Weather really Causing People to Evacuate New York?

Normally, for those of us in the (retail and commercial) Shipping Industry, discussions of service
interruptions, due to weather, generally fall in at the holiday times. It is not abnormal for winter storms to cause havoc with shipping and travel schedules, due to unforeseen weather events that make traditional forms of transport either unavailable or to dangerous to undertake.

However, it is fairly rare and isolated, that during the latter part of the summer season, or the back to school season, that we are in the midst of our transportation system shutting down,
in large metropolitan areas, such as New York, New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia, not to mention complete evacuations from all coastal areas of North Carolina.

I have heard reports of warnings, that airlines have already posted likely flight cancellations, which will only spur more cancellations, due to the hub and spoke nature of our transportation system.....if the short hop flight from Boston to New York can't take off, the next flight from New York to California, will get cancelled since the plane is stuck in Boston....and then it is just a game
of domino's, waiting for them to fall.

Same is true for the transportation or commercial transportation system, as I am sure that there will be some transit delays, for LTL shipments, and package shipments, for sure, but I am
of the opinion that the disruptions will be more limited, as the storm is hitting mainly during the weekend, when most commercial trucking operations will be limited, and even more limited on Sunday, when the full brunt of the storm may show up in the most populated areas of New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

Weather delays, are generally excluded from transportation service guarantees, so for anyone reading this blog today, it would be advisable to adjust ones plans if time sensitive shipments
are expected in the next few days and to plan accordingly, as the storm is coming, but with a little planning, firms, like ours, have other ways to effectuate time sensitive shipments, even for storm ravaged areas.....where there is a will, there is a way, and if you need these services, we can show you the way at Box Brothers

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