Friday, October 7, 2011

A Really Good Feeling

In any given week, it seems a million and one things can happen, both good and bad.
In running a business with a number of locations and employees, if you are close to them
and your firm's operations, you get a feeling of how things go and when, unexpected things
happen--especially the good unexpected things.

This week, two of our long awaited new Box Brothers locations came to life. One in the State
of Florida, in a suburb of Jacksonville, and another new location in the Commercial Warehouse
district, just east of downtown Los Angeles.

While I have to see or visit the new location in Florida, Jeff and Robert have been busy readying
their new location in Winter Park Florida, and should be open by next week.

Likewise, just today I had the opportunity to visit Lynda Wilson's new location in the Central Avenue Corridor, just east of downtown. Here location, is simply beautiful and promises to be both a full fledged Box Brothers location with mailboxes, color copies, fingerprint services,
and with her status as a contract US postal station, and community business center, Lynda's
operation is surely breaking new ground for all of us. We also found out that her new location
is having a Grand Opening Party on November 4, 2011 and it will not only be a big celebration,
but a huge community event.

I have personally been working with Lynda for over a year, helping her plan her new business and her new location and it is so refreshing to see her bright smile, her tireless drive and her positive attitude will all contribute to her success down the road. She even intends to make it
a family affair, as today I was able to meet her daughter, Naomi, who is not only prepared to
help her, but be a force of her own in building this business.

Times are indeed hard in all pockets of Los Angeles, north, east, west and south, and when you get the opportunity to see people--at far corners of this country, both being excited and thrilled
to not only be Box Brothers, but that we were able to assist them and us grow a little bit and help the public get the very best service and concern for all of their box, shipping and packaging needs in two brand new markets. Ask me, how lucky can these future customers be.

Best of luck to Lynda and her daughter Naomi, and best of luck to Jeff and Robert conquering the Orange Juice State.

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