Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Leandro Customer Service

Thanks Rick -

I used Box Brothers San Leandro to make a delicate pick up and they exceeded my expectations in every way!
First of all I got three quotes and where with other companies I had trouble with thick accents and/or incomplete quotes
I spoke to Rick Barr and he just matter of fact explained how my pickup and packing would happen.
He also gave me options laid out clearly so that I could compare his services against others. HUGE Savings!
I have never shipped something so large (nearly 800 pounds glass door cabinet with wine) across the country so I was nervous about the whole thing.
Rick assured me they handle wine all the time and move ENTIRE house contents across the no big deal.
His quote included the Styrofoam inserts that protects wine when shipping from California to Florida.
Of course I was bugging him to make sure it all went well and he even sent a picture of my shipment boxed up and good to go.
When it did go he sent the tracking number and the website without even asking. Highly recommended and hope to use again!

I would like to add more about how well it was packed which I should see next Thursday.

All the Best,

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