Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food Challenge at Thanksgiving...Some Thoughts

For many of us, it is hard to even believe that this wonderful family holiday is now here. Maybe it is me, but this past year, has, seemed to go by quickly, at least on a macro level.

On a micro, day to day level, I am one who is glad this 2011 is coming to an end, as it has been
trying financially, economically and it seems that many in our society feel the need to protest
(for lack of a better label..) how things are going down in our nation and in this world, now called
a global economy.

I, for one, have no idea what is going on out there, nor have I any true understanding how we got to this place, as a nation. We see demonstrations in cities in America, and around the world, but not in the world's most populous country, and our biggest foreign trading partner, China. Nor do we see this same turmoil in Iran, Russia or Cuba.......and that is my point.

NO one here, as difficult as things are compared to times in the past, would leave this great
country and go live in China, or Russia, Cuba or Iran, where you cannot protest anything without
risking your life and your family's. We take this for granted, for sure.

The amazing thing about this holiday, is that to me, it is a "melting pot enhancer." I know, what
the heck is a melting pot enhancer? Good question.

As a child of immigrants to this country (my parents and brother came to the United States after
World War II), I know that many people from far away lands, do not always find America's rich
traditions familiar. However, I can't remember when our family ever failed to celebrate this holiday and used it as a way to give thanks for what we had as a family. I know my parents
only wanted a better life for their children and family than they had in Europe, and their great hope for the future, was somehow embodied in this American Holiday.

Today, everyone seems to celebrate this day with family and that is why this is such a special day and while many of us wish for better times, I think we all have a duty to just stop and take
some time to show some appreciation for all the special gifts we have. We have so much to be
thankful for, and surely, better times for all should be around the corner, but in a little way, it
starts with each and everyone of us.

So I challenge all of you to do something for someone else in the coming days. It can be saying
hello, or simply thanking someone for being who they are. I always try to overcome my frustration, and I am not very good at it all the time, but at times like this, I am going to try
harder to show my appreciation for what I have in my life and to say thanks to those who have
been there and who have made the difference, in a good way, for so many others.

This is why, I am also proud to announce that starting on Monday, November 28th, at all Box Brothers Locations, any food donations customers bring in, until the first of the year (2012),
customers will receive a coupon for up to 20% off all air shipping and all packaging services
we provide at all of our retail outlets. In addition, Box Brothers locations will hand out free
Move for Hunger Boxes to customers so that they can package their donations and bring them
in to any Box Brothers location for drop off. We will then extend to you our discount coupon offers, and arrange for all the food to go to the the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Sofa
Pantry and the Central Ave Corridor Food Bank, as well.

In this time of need, we want to stand tall and respect not only those in our community who might need a little assistance, but to stand up against hunger, as this is one of those things in life that we can all make better by extending ourselves to others who have a greater need.

Let all join together and make this holiday season the best one for everyone, in the true spirit of giving.

I guess I have taken the first step, and I challenge all of my people here at Box Brothers to do the same and I wish this message goes far and deep, so we can help to fight hunger in our great land. God Bless America, and Have a Great Thanksgiving.

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