Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Season 2011

Down here in the vegas valley we have been busy getting out our freight. Cowboy wrangled up our holiday signs to show our customers we are happily opened through-out this holiday season to help you with getting that package to your family members this holiday season. We finally have some room to move around after being bombarded with our mountain of UPS/FedEx packages.

We had some interesting freight going out alongside of the basic move of boxes and furniture. The first was a massive government server that was worth over $400,000 and had invaluable data on it. It had to be custom packed on a pallet to support the 1000 lbs of electronics inside, I'm not kidding to say that it was the largest rack I have ever seen! The guys then had to hurry up and make a custom box for a round poker table going over seas to Japan. It was short work to the guys out back, and they moved on to the Indian River pictures which had to have to special treatment of: paper-mat, bubblewrap, and fitted neatly into a foam lined box.

I hope you all had a great christmas weekend, and bring on 2012!

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