Thursday, January 6, 2011

I often wait till the end of each week to sign in and add my many words to this blog. From the time it began, I was not all that sure what it would be like or how it would affect not only Box Brothers, but our family of employees and our friends, and associates, who work with us in this
transportation industry.
The blog has seemed to tie us all together in a way, a thread that is common among a diverse group of people and while it is true, that some may never feel or understand the value of this blog, I am today, a true believer.

I never felt as though, in my job, there was much room for fun and enjoyment, as the last two years would have made anyone run for the hills, with how business and its flow has changed in that time.

While that much is true, what does not seem to change is the fact that our people make the difference. All the difference. You know, big business, who we compete with daily for survival,
has all the tools, the money, the mouthpieces, the lawyers, the connections, and the power to attempt to crush you, but what they do not have is the people and the power of those people to give a damn, and to provide the level of service that keeps customers coming back.

The people that know us, respect us for what we do and how we do it, and we have a fine reputation amongst those who do more than provide lip service, but I want to just link up this blog with our people as simply, this makes us a stronger group. Gives us some identity, some place to belong to.

When I saw, last week, that someone shrink wrapped Cesar Calderon's car, it was not only hilarious, but everyone that knows Cesar (and Ray) had to just laugh, as they always play pranks on one another, but what is best, is that it is all in good fun.
When work is to be done, Cesar is unmatched, in his commitment to see it through, not just to do
it, but to do it in a very professional and complete way. Cesar has been helping customers for over 20 years at Box Brothers, and no one does it better.

Speaking of Cesar, I saw that someone posted a life sized doll of his new girlfriend, on this blog. Did anyone tell him that "ANGELina" has four arms, and only two ugly toes on her two feet?
Ha Ha, but to know Cesar is to love him.

I would be remiss if I did not go out of my way to also let you all know of another example of great service, that we gave to one of our customers. One of our newest managers, Chris Lomax,
of our Summerlin, Nevada store, so pleased a customer that she wrote in that she is going to come back in to the store just to see him again. There is not greater feeling of joy and accomplishment, then when you get to hear how great your family and your people are, and while I wish times were even better and easier for all of us, we need to acknowledge when we do our jobs and make other people's life a little better and easier that we are truly fortunate not to have to work for a giant firm who could care less about touching a customer's life in the ways we do.

I thank Chris Lomax for his fine work and I thank Cesar for his sense of humor and to all of the Box Brothers who dig deep and provide our customers with the very best, thank you. Thank you very much.

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