Monday, January 31, 2011

Staring at the calendar today

I was staring at the calendar today and for whatever reason, it dawned on me that we are only
11 months away from the new year of is that for a dose of reality.

Who does not miss the holidays, when hope sprang eternal......I mean, for a few weeks, everyone felt that the shopping momentum put the long hard past of the recession, behind us.
I do not know how anyone else looks at it, but there is some weakness in our economy and since our business is linked to housing, home sales, and remodels, we are not seeing the normal volume of people we would see if the economy were functioning on all cylinders.

I read a story about someone in Las Vegas who was in the group they call the "99'ers" who have
exhausted all of their extended unemployment benefits and who face losing their homes, and
all of their possessions. It is so sad to read a story like that, but to me, it is even worse when
the leaders of this country say the worst is over. It might be, but for this man that I read about,
how can we celebrate when we see this reality. How can politicians waste so much tax money
and not help these people. I do not get it.
I guess it is about the image they want us to see, as maybe all of this has more to do with peoples' feelings and attitudes, than it has to do with the man who was facing the loss of all he had. I know some people are still scared, and I think this is because the banks are not lending and they do not show a willingness to do so, at least not yet.

I just wish we had the ability to solve this mess, so that we could all just have an easier time feeding our families, paying the rent or mortgage and having a decent time now and then.
Like I said, bring on the holiday, we have only about 328 days to Christmas Eve, 2011. http://http//

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