Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yelp Reviews Santa Monica and Lomita


Ray at Box Bros in Santa Monica is my absolute go-to specialist for precise and light art packing.
He is a very skilled professional, and I completely trust him to tackle any size shape or variant of art that I bring him.
He is a please to deal with, and always makes me feel like he has/ I have the best pack job at an amazing price too.
Ask for Ray!

A no frills place to buy just about every size box imaginable along with supplies such as packaging peanuts, tape, foam, labels, etc.

Prices here are much cheaper here when not buying in bulk compared to Staples or Office Depot, and you are also helping out a local small business. Parking is in the back and plentiful.

They also package and ship for you...I didn't need to do that since I was shipping it myself but the attendant (who probably was also the owner) was very friendly and should be able to do a great job. Be sure to mention Yelp or having a AAA card to get a 10% discount.

Ask for Dave in Lomita

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