Friday, July 8, 2011

I have been thinking of one of our employees

This week, seemed so full, that I felt as though I needed to remind everyone,
that while we seem busy with our customers and our families and there is always
a rush to get everything done--that needs to get done, that we need to remember
that there are others out there, who are not doing well and who, through no fault of
there own, continue to experience pain in their lives, for a multitude of reasons.

I am thinking that we all have our troubles, our issues and our problems to work out,
but I have been thinking of one of our employees, and the fact that his wife is very ill.
It is not just that this family has two young children, and that his wife is battling a terrible
disease, but I just wanted to give a little credit to the man who has to not only deal with
work, children, and a household, but also has to manage to take care of his wife.

If you ask me, and no one really has....that this man is going through quite a bit, and I wanted
to give him some kudo's for being so strong and for being able to do all he needs to do, for his
family and for us at work. I have to confess, that I am not sure if I were that man, I would
be as strong and even keeled as he has been, given what he is going through, daily.

I can only imagine his pain and admire his perserverence, and I find it difficult to be able
to know where he gets his strength, but I want to pay an anonymous tribute to him and give
thanks that he is on our team. You get to find out a lot about people when they go through
tuff times; like how they handle adversity, or if they take it out on others, as so many of us seem to do.

I am just not sure, how he does it, but I want the world to know how proud of him I am and that
just thinking of what he is going through makes me realize how lucky we are to have him a part of our extended family, at Box Brothers.

If nothing else, this man shows us how to live life, and we should all take note, as bad things happen to good people all the time, it seems, and I have to admit, how we react to them makes all the difference in how we really live life.

While this post may seem a bit distant to the subject of boxes, packaging and shipping, I am of the belief that we all need to be reminded of how important some things are and how we tend
to focus on less important matters, all the time. Traffic, errands, policies, procedures, and stuff like that.

I do not often ask people to pray for others, especially for those who we might not even know, but I am hopeful that we can all learn from the pain of others and be better people for it. To the extent that we can foster than kind of attitude here at Box Brothers, I feel that anything is possible, even a complete recovery for our employee's wife. Lets employ the power of positive
thinking and then we can all get to be much better place.

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