Friday, July 29, 2011

August Here We come

I know I am jumping the gun, but speaking for myself, it is hard for me to even
believe that we are in the last official month of summer, August.

We have had, more of a traditional moving season this year, but most of the movers
and vanlines, do not have an opinion on how August will turn out, as July's interstate
sales have declined from the pace they had at the end of this past June.

If housing sales are any indication, this year's collective sales, for the Southern California
region and the whole state of California, are nothing less than anemic. Some predict the slowest
year for number of sales in over 30 years.

Maybe we need to look at it a different way, as maybe things are just warming up, as in the weather. There is also concern that all this worry about the US debt and the fact that everyone
is fighting on how to deal with it and now, it looks as though Congress may miss the deadline.

Funny thing. Some people say it does not matter, others say it is catastrophic and most people do not seem to care.....but lets hope that this newer issue does not add any woe to what we all got already, in terms of woe.....

I am betting that August will not be as busy as June, but it will be busy, as we know that many people still have to go to college, to new jobs, to new apartments (not new homes, see above)
and property needs to get from where it is to where it belongs.

Our firm Box Brothers, does a lot of helping people move to college, get auction purchases back
home and help people move to new homes/apartments. We never get tired of helping people
as we understand that this is what we do and we are not only good at it, we are great at it.

So if you need help with moving, shipping, packing, purchasing, auctioning or any activity that
requires fine packaging, materials or a crate, do not hesitate to contact us, especially in August,
so that people will think that I am some kind of maven predictor of the future.......or just hopeful.
Have a great weekend.

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