Friday, November 19, 2010

Small Moves

Small moves have been a Box Brothers specialty since our inception 25 years ago. As pioneers and innovators of the “small move”, we have tailored our service to those who would be at a disadvantage using a full service mover. Whether your move is personal/residential, or a small business/office move, Box Brothers’ moving experts will design a personalized service to accommodate your specific needs, budget, and time frame.

• Complete moving service, including fully guaranteed packaging of anything from dishes & books, to televisions & furniture.
• Guaranteed pick-up dates & times.
• For your convenience, our services are available seven days a week, and same day service is available upon request.
• Delivery dates as soon as 48 hours from time of pick-up!
• Don’t wait 5-7 days to find out your costs! On-site weight calculation will determine your price with certainty, on your move day.
• Various insurance options! Find one that suits your individual needs.
• Free storage for up to 10 days!
• Over 25 years experience in the industry! Box Brothers is a member of both the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA), and the American Movers and Storage Association (AMSA).


Not all moves are large moves. If your move is of lesser volume than full service movers usually tend to, you may find yourself paying for services that you don’t need. At Box Brothers, we understand that every client has their individual needs, budget, and time frame. We work with our clients to design a personalized service plan, allowing them take advantage of the services they need, without paying for those they don’t.
Box Brothers’ professional team of packing experts is available seven days a week, providing packaging services both on and off-site. Our industry-renowned packaging service ensures maximum safety for your items, and is covered by our insurance firm. We handle items of any size and nature, including: dishes, electronics, furniture, antiques, artwork, sculptures, china, glassware, televisions, and more.
For your convenience, our on-site team will inventory all items being moved, so each item, along with the condition it’s in, is accounted for. The items are then packaged (if necessary), containerized, and moved to their final destination.
Our insurance offerings include: actual cash value, replacement cost value, no extra cost standard valuation. Third-party trip transit protection is available as well, and we maintain full liability insurance.
We work with specialized carriers, each with their own strengths and specialties. This provides the client with a multitude of transportation options, including expedited services.

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