Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some good news

Today, or actually yesterday, we finalized a new program for Box Brothers. We signed a contract with MOVEX, so we will have another transportation solution for all of our moving
For simplicity sake, what I can tell you is that the Movex Solution is a hybrid moving service
where a full trailer shows up, but the customer or a firm like us, loads the shipment and the truck is equipped with pads, dollies, ties, bars, etc. Your charges are based on linear feet so this
might help some customers understand how much stuff they have, but the best part of this service is that you do not have to rent someone else's truck and you do not have to drive it, and the cost will be close to the price for doing it yourself.
Like all new ideas, such as pods, containerized shipping, this is the first one priced to help influence those who cannot afford the cost of a full service mover. This is a good service for us
to sell as we can provide the materials and we can provide the necessary labor at origin or at destination, as well.

So look for more news in the coming days on this new venture.

I also wanted to announce that we will begin our new in store Federal Express shipping program, with the help of our partner, Seko. Many of you have already been trained on their website and
it will be live starting tomorrow. This system will grow and will allow us to be a lot more competitive with all competitors for air shipping, as we can now match anyone's price for air services, and even go after some of the carriers own accounts. There are a lot of potentialities and we will continue to update all of you on these new developments, but this is good news for all of us.
Time to pick up the pace and get back to our old days of domination, as it was harder work, but a lot less stressful, just ask Mr. Long in Vegas. He can tel you stories...I cannot relate here. stay tuned to the blog and maybe he will release some oldies for your enjoyment.....

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