Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T G I A O...(thank god its almost over)


I have to admit that I do enjoy the political season, the give and take and
the thought that at some point, some good will come out of this election season.

On the other hand......so much money and so many lies have been spread by all
involved, one can have many thoughts about this process, like:

If 4.0 billion was in fact spent, on these elections, could that money have been
used to cure a disease, like Diabetes?

Is truth relative, and if so, to who and why? If you watch CNBC and watch
Fox News, which one, is telling the truth, as you would have to conclude that
someone is lying.....

Will anything change when the dust settles? Can Barbara Boxer, if reelected,
accomplish anything? Will Meg Whitman's maid be deported? Will Jerry Brown
have anything to say if it is not written down a head of time? Will we ever find out
just how many dead people and double votes were cast in this election? So many
questions and so little time.........

What is important is that the media/tv relief act is now over, and hopefully, we can all get back
to just being spenders so this economy can recover. I think we were sort of moving in the right
direction and all this election did was stall that long climb. For that reason alone, you can see that these politicians will do anything, say anything--to get re-elected or elected.

How ironic that all of them want for us to have better times, but they push that back for their own narrow interests. I mean, why do they spend so much and get so little back in salary, as this is just a big game and at some point, we have to take the money out as it is all about who get what, from those who have the money.

I have often joked that I cannot reach my lobbyist....since I can't afford one. Who can, the poor farmers who are not getting paid or the small businessman who is constantly getting screwed by the monopolistic firms. Like UPS, who announced today that they are raising rates on all transportation services by 7%. Nice of them, those monopolistic bastards with a P/R department as there is no inflation this year--just ask every single senior citizen who is not getting any increase since the government said that we did not have any. I cannot understand
how the seniors, get nothing and ups gets 7%. Funny, they announced this on election day, and do you figure this was a calculated decision on UPS' part?

It is all the same as I doubt any elected politician, even if they sing about how small business is the way to get more people hired, will help any small business, as again, we cannot find our lobbyist.....Blue Cross and Blue Shield have a few dozen lobbyists, so do fedex and ups, and the doctors, and lawyers, but none for us. How come? How come we get the shaft?

I know some people feel as though the current president is on the side of small business, but the bulk of the new medical rules hammer most on small business, not on the monopolistic insurance carriers, nor the multi billion dollars drug company's, just us small folk get the penalties. Go figure, my lobbyist never showed to represent us..........

Again, I just hope there is more recovery for the small businessman, as everyone talks a good
show, but for the entire time, for example, Ms. Boxer has been our senator, I can't tell you one
thing she had done to help us out. I can tell you about environmental efforts, and other things, but not one iota of help from her. Maybe I expect to much, as the governor of California, Mrs.
Shriver, sorry, I meant her husband, has not done anything for us either.

Ask me, they are all bad, so lets hope they go back in hibernation for a few years so we can get this show on the road and back to a place where things are better for all.

Good riddens, no more of those lying commercials, no more of those misleading adds and no more commentators talking stupid stuff.......hurray and lets buy some boxes....

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