Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gobble gobble time

Its Gobble gobble time again and it seems everyone is cranking up for the big Thanksgiving Holiday Feast. Except this year, I do not see as many turkey giveaways as I think we had last

Does this mean that things are getting better in this economy. We are definitely seeing small signs, but no one seems to know for sure and what I really think is this (I am such a pundit...):
1) the election is finally over and lets move on.......what a waste of money.......;
2) We are all tired of suffering and suffering and giving up those things we all want to own
but have put off getting them;
3) I think people have found a way to live to meet their expenses and have something left
over to maybe buy something or enjoy life a little

I just think it will not be a bull rush, mostly uneven, with a good month, then a mediocre one,
and so on. In the past, it has been a steady climb, but they hammered everyone to save the banks, and the rest of us get the crumbs. Did anyone find my/our Tarp Stimulus check, as all I got was fees from the banks who got theirs........

I also realize that times will not be like they used to be, and either will our sales, but all is not lost
as we can rebuild a better path moving forward, as if this recession did anything, it made us focus on expenses, since the sales side was so week. Many people think this is the reason why
unemployment is lagging, but the truth is that the bank and credit card firms (How American
the Ripoff Express got our tax money/bailout only proves to me that this whole bailout was largely corrupt) got cash, and small business got a crock of you know what, or nothing. Coal.

If small business is hurting and it is the driver of jobs, and the way up, how come we did not get cash, or working capital loans, as if the government wanted preferred stock of Box Brothers, I surely would have had it created for them, so long as we got the 50 million.........I mean, why would the government want to do the most good for the hardest and most dependable part of the economy..........and I am not a liberal either. Nor am I am conservative, but this is the actual
truth, we got the shaft, small business did. That is why this economy is not good, they will not let us make any money and they scared the ones who have money not to spend, except on everyday necessities, which is why AT&T is fine, and Mobil and Chevron are fine and some of the food guys are fine, too. but not the store keepers, not the tradesmen, not their suppliers,
not the small businessmen.

I hope it changes and we see signs that it might, as this is what would be best for all.

As we used to say in the old days, keep on truckin.

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