Thursday, December 16, 2010

People Loves us on Yelp !!!!!!!

Congratulations Box Brothers of San Francisco . It's Official People on Yelp really love you !!!! Great Job ... That's Huge Kyoshi Keep it up... Kyoshi is the manager at the San Francisco Store and he gets great reviews...This is from Yelp !!!!!

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  1. Ive never, EVER, done a review for a company or store before, but Box Bros has come through in a pinch for me on more than one occasion. Very, very competitive rates, sometimes up to half less then other the outfits. A big "hi-five" to the boys in Oakland and more espcially Chris out of Las Vegas and his crew.

    They want your business and they really know what they're doing with a long list of resorces to get the job done right.