Friday, December 10, 2010

What A Difference A week makes......

Not that my personal business or time away from the office is anybody's else concern,
but it is nothing short of amazing how getting away from work for a few days, can help
recharge your batteries and give you some important time to reflect on the fact that the rest
of the world is both a large and amazing place. Say what?

Of course it is true that going away and separating from work has benefits. My problem is that
coming back is very hard to do, when it is so hard to go away in the first place. And in fact,
this week back to work has been really hard. I knew it would be.

But for whatever reason, I look forward to going away more, with some vigor, I might add.
Being in a different environment and not at work, was great. It helps to go to a place that is
tropical and beautiful and different. God Bless Hawaii.

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday, as here they come. Only 2 more weeks to go,
and this year, Christmas Day is on Saturday, so all of the big sales will be on Sunday, and
for those of us who do not want to shop, football season will not be over. God Bless the NFL.....

Have a great weekend, but be ready for the next two weeks...I am now....

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