Friday, February 4, 2011

Another week, another dollar....another week of mixed economic news, another round of
news from the crazy world we live in and closer to home, we have cold weather, snow
in Dallas and our friends in San Antonio got a snow day. Imagine that, our Texas Licensee
can go ice fishing.......

Closer to home, it seems that the flu bug is running around town, spreading its ugliness....
we have had several people out with the flu and it is not a 1 day thing this time. I heard of kids
being really sick, and we had all of our office staff at Inglewood get hit with the bug, leaving us
a little shorthanded.

I am hopeful that after this week of weather across the US, that maybe we get a little warmer
and I know Texas will recover since the Super Bowl is played in an indoor stadium....and it is
always nice when the sun does eventually come out.......

So lets get on the mend and I hope all of you have a nice super bowl weekend and for those of you under the weather, get well and for those of you ready to party for the Pack or the Steelers, have a great time.

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