Friday, February 4, 2011

Early Day in Las Vegas

Last night around 4:30 pm we had an order of 6 boxes.... These were rather large boxes and they wouldn't fit thru a standard door way... Here are the sizes.... 1 = 50x50x36.... 2 = 32x32x48..... 3 = 52x52x48.... 4 = 48x48x53.... 5 = 60x24x36..... 6 = 55x55x66..... These boxes aren't your ordinary size.... A lighting company here in Las Vegas needed them by 8 am this morning..... Our crew came in at 6 am to start the cutting and taping in the alley... I'm glad I was able to handle the sale because it required a little bit of thinking and of course effort.... If you are asked to build these sizes what would you use to build them?? Here are a few photos of the guys freezing their butts off in the alley....

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