Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Greener...More Fiber...Box Brothers Leads the Way

Box Brothers is proud to announce, in conjunction with its exclusive supplier network, that it
is the First Chain of Box and Packaging Stores in the United States, to sell cardboard boxes
that are made with 100% post-consumer waste.
While there are some technicalities involved in trying to describe how this material is made into actual cardboard boxes, EnviroKraft is constructed from materials that have actually been discarded or disposed of by consumers such as you and I, and traveling through various recycling streams. From that phase, the material is made into cardboard and then, into these
cardboard boxes.

While we are limited to certain sizes, until the manufacturing process gets into full cycle production, we are making available, 17 distinct sizes that can be used for general mailing, moving, and shipping purposes.

Today, you hear a lot about new recycled products that are meant to replace older items that
are not as green or made with recycled materials. The problem for us in the box and packaging
business, is that while many of us would prefer to use materials that are more friendly to the environment today, many of these products do not perform as well as their predecessor products that are not made with items that are more friendly to the environment, long term.

For example, today you see some boxes that claim to be made with 100% post consumer recycled paper or cardboard. These boxes are not of the same bursting strength or built to
withstand the weight and handling of our older cardboard products. Yes, not all boxes are the
same, as some have purposes requiring lower weight capacities and bursting strength.

Why is this important?

If you move, and your goods are being packed efficiently, a book box, packed full will weigh
approximately 50 lbs. Do you want it to rip before you unpack it? Do you think if you shipped
this box via a parcel carrier like UPS, FedEx or the Postal Service, that it might get handled
up to 15 times before it reaches its ultimate destination? Ever seen the old Chinese boxes that
seemed yellow in color or shade? Ever handled one? How the paper of the box separates and if
their is any weight, it crushes? Welcome to the early version of recycled cardboard---it is not as
strong and durable as conventionally made cardboard, which uses, on average, about 50%
recycled paper and board, but never 100% post consumer waste paper, as it is not as strong.

So we now have a better mousetrap to offer our customers, and one that not only is friendlier
to the environment, but also meant to withstand the purpose for which it is made, to protect
whatever is in it, for moving, shipping, storing or whatever purpose you have in mind.

As this blog is being written, our retail stores are bringing in this new line of cardboard products and you can rest assured, that this new line of merchandise will exceed everyone's expectations as to cost and performance.

We are getting greener all the time and you know what we say, a box a day and you have all the fiber you will ever need......

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