Monday, June 27, 2011

The week in reviews

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6/25/2011 Santa Monica
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I needed to carry a number of LARGE objects on plane, last minute. Ray was kind enough to pack them up immediately, in an impenetrable fortress of cardboard and tape. I thought it was going to be very expensive, given all the effort and detail Ray put into the project. Turns out, I got away under $10!! My package made to LAX to SFO in perfect condition. Thanks Box Brothers!!!!

Saved. Thanks!

6/25/2011 Oakland, CA

I purchased a rather larger Turkish carpet from Clars Auction Gallery in Oakland, CA recently. Although they do not offer shipping through their company, they had several companies listed on their site that had served previous customers. Only by chance did I contact Box Brothers to ship my carpet.

The caret arrived today and, not only am I very pleased with my purchase, I am extremely pleased with the manner in which it arrived. Not only had been carefully and professionally packed in a shipping box, but also had been sealed in plastic to protect it from any moisture. I also appreciate the professional staff I dealt with while arranging the shipment.

I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to use your fine company again in the future.

Thanks so much.

Tom G

6/25/2011 Santa Monica

Box Brothers are the best you can get! For years I have been receiving packages carefully wrapped, packed, and sealed from their careful hands. Their care and attention to each shipment is unmatched.

My mother recently shipped me over a dozen homemade jars of jam to give as gifts, and the only person she trusted to properly wrap and ship them was Ray at Box Brothers. I received them in Oakland (from L.A.) within 2 days time, and all of the jars were neatly nestled, each wrapped in a cocoon of bubble wrap and surrounded in little Styrofoam peantus. It was amazing. The gifts were a hit, thanks to Ray @ Box Brothers!

Also, you don't have to trust us regular folk here on yelp, a bunch of famous assholes are posted up on the walls in the shop, so you know this place is for real. LA for real.

Thanks Ray and Box Brothers, for always making sure my mom's care packages make it to me in perfect condition!


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