Friday, June 10, 2011

Shredding our way to Greeneer Pastures

Box Brothers is pleased to announce, that all of its locations, will soon be able
to assist our customers with on site shredding services, that will allow us make our planet
a little less full of garbage.

But best of all, we will be giving all of our customers, the first five (5) lbs of shredding
services, free. That is right, free. Yes, you heard me correctly, all Box Brothers customers
can bring in 5 lbs of paper and mail to be shredded, and the first five lbs, is free.

How is that for being green? We challenge all of the Fortune 500 firms who have retail
customers and who do shipping, to do the same: Fed Ex Kinko's, UPS Stores; Staples, Office Max; Office Depot and Home Depot.

If all of our competitors offered five (5) lbs of free shredding to their customers, we could save
millions, tens of millions of pounds of trash from filling our landfills. Lets see if they accept our
challenge, or prefer only to pay lip service making our planet more green.

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