Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pack & Ship of Paintings of The Great Outdoors

If you can't get outdoors and you don't get cable, the next best things are paintings and photos. The picture on the top, of the tree with the yellow leaves ,is a great shoot of a tree in the fall. This is something we don't see much of in Southern California. The one on the bottom looks like a photo from Arrowhead or even up north like Tahoe, or it could be Oregon or Washington. The point is unless you go outdoors and like camping or hiking or just a get away, their is nothing like being out in the fresh air, with a running stream with the background of the mountains, any time you get to be with mother nature, you can't go wrong. This is your chance to go out and relax and enjoy the July 4th weekend whether you go to the park or camping, always remember to be safe. And take some photos, so you could look back into time and smile and say they were the good old days. here is a link if you're looking to go camping When you get back this will have already been packed and shipped out of Santa Monica

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