Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage Gas Sign !

Oh the good old days. They say gas prices are going down. It's hard to believe after almost hitting $5.00 per gallon in Los Angeles that they had no place to go but down. After seeing this antique sign with gas prices at .20 cents and a penny tax boy we really miss those days. But when was gas .20 cents you ask? In 1919 gas prices were .25 cents a gallon around the end of world war one. In 1946 it went up to 27 cents a gallon. And stayed below .40 cents until mid 1970. Wow what happened after that? the first 30 years it went up less then .30 cents a gallon the next 30 years it went up over $4.00 where did we go wrong? If you were at the Box Brothers store in Santa Monica today you also would have seen gas prices at .20 for a limited time that is until they packed up this antique sign. here's a link with some fun facts.

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