Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The best labels in the country for moving !!!!

"Tag-A-Room™ Labeling System" starts by setting a plan prior to your move.

Color Coded Moving Labels.

By organizing the loading and unloading of your goods, you decrease damages and injury, plus conserve your personal energy and time. This labeling system is also great for keeping your stored items identified and organized for a later date.

Make sure your friends and movers know which room to place your furniture and boxes in. These labels take the guesswork out of your move.

Tag-A-Room Moving Labels are the moving industry's efficiency standard. Order them through our affiliate by clicking here.
All labels are color-coded and designed for specific rooms throughout the home/office. The labels are used to identify the room where each item is to be placed.

You can label boxes as well as furniture. This will save time during the unloading process by avoiding any confusion on the placement of your items and making the most of every trip into the new place.

Plan your new home/office layout early
Mark each doorway in your new home/office with the appropriate label for each room. Item labels are provided with the office kit. Place labels on the floor or walls, identifying where large furniture or equipment should be placed. Now, simply take items to their designated rooms.http://www.tagaroom.com

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  1. Tag A Room Rocks !!! In addition to what was said I advise customers to use a label on the door or door jam it self this helps the mover to place your items in the right place.

    our customers like Tag a Room labels a lot.