Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unsung Heroes.....

Just a few tidbits of info for a midweek blog, some good news, some bad news.....

A while ago, in a previous blog, I spoke about one of our managers, Chris Greene. I gave a lot
of credit to his training, to Ray of SM1, and after I posted that blog, I got reminded that Ray was not the only box brother who deserved some credit for making Chris the manager he is today
(please see the blog entry right before this to get a sample of his customer service...). Jorgen
Gilcrease, our longest term employee, who has worked for us since he was out of high school,
did a lot of work with Chris and he is also responsible for Chris' success today.

I owe Jorgen an apology, as he has always been there for us, and all I can say is that there is not
one other person in the world like Jorgen. We love you, and we also realize, you will never change. Keep up the great work.

The other news I have is not very good. Marianna Carlson got bad news that her grandmother,
at 91, passed away today. Marianna will be leaving shortly to attend the funeral, back in Delaware, and I know that she and her staff can count on all of us in the Box Brothers family to help and support the Inglewood staff, and Marianna, during this difficult time.

Families get good and bad news, but the point is that we are there to help and provide support
to our own.

See you on the blog tomorrow.

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