Friday, October 1, 2010

Just wanted to thank everyone for making it through September,
traditionally, one of the toughest months we have in a calendar year.

I am happy to report that I genuinely feel as though we are on the right path
forward and hopefully, we can continue this momentum through the end of this
year and into next year.

I also want to wish all of you a great weekend, a safe trip home, if you are
going that way and a wish for a good time at whatever you like to do this weekend.

I know Chris Long is going on a Harley ride in Vegas, Marianna is on vacation in Delaware,
and I am sure that Bill C. is on his way to a gig, for sure. Want to say get well to Brian, and
am glad you got back to work right away........and to Cowboy, for coming to Los Angeles, being
part of the crew and for hanging so much with Long, as everyone knows how that can be......
and to Jon R. for my visit to Lomita yesterday, as the Lomita store looked great, and has been
doing real well this year, so if you get a chance, bust Jon's chops a little, as he is still wearing
a winter cap in September, no October..........and to Cesar, for always being there and for always being a stand up guy.

One last comment. One of our employees, Eder, recently lost a close relative, an uncle, abruptly
and unexpectantly, last week. It was a big loss for him, and as I said, it happen unexpectedly,
so if you get a chance, let him know we are all behind him and if he needs anything, please let him know we got his back. This is how a family works.


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