Friday, October 1, 2010

Haunted Box Bros. Warehouse in Oakland

In an old bulding where even older antiques are stored, the superstitious and skittish alike may hear, see, feel, sense things that seem out of the ordinary.
Well, when we got the new security cameras in, we noticed that often at around midnight, the cameras are picking up little balls of light floating by.
Now, I know a think or two about paranormal research, and these are called Orbs. Real Orbs are supposedly a form spirits can take when they travel around. Orbs are usually attributed to drops of rain or lit up specks of dust. So this could easily be a lit up speck of dust.
But the mystery is, why does a speck of dust cause a motion sensitive camera to turn on, and why does the camera always seem to record for a good 30 minutes or more? And why is it always around midnight?
I think this calls for a paranormal campout one night, where we'll try and solve the Mystery of the Box Brother Orbs.
Here's a regular speed and a slo-mo shot of the anomoly most recently caught on the morning of 9/28. You are looking at the front rooll up door, the corner of the front desk, and the rear of our van parked inside. It swoops in just after 15:16...


  1. WHOAAA!!! I know a few things about this topic and that's pretty crazy! Are there more vids?

  2. Well, we've seen it twice before, but the videos got archived and I don't know how to view them just yet. I'm sure we'll see this again, though, as any time we take the time to go through some of the longer clips we seem to come up with a hit or two.