Friday, October 29, 2010

HD Double Wall Picture Boxes NEW SIZES

Heavy Duty Mirror / Picture Boxes

We have added 4 new sizes of Heavy duty Mirror / Picture boxes. These sturdy boxes are of double wall 200 lb test construction and are very strong. These are inside dimensions. These boxes can be telescoped easily for larger items.

24X6X18 - 30X6X24 36X6X30 44X6X33

When shipping artwork and other fragile items it is imperative to pack the items in a manner that they will survive the shipping process this includes but is not limited too stacking, being dropped, rough handling, movement by conveyor belt as well as other handling. Markings or labels on the outside of the box are not considered by the carriers. One needs to anticipate the possibility of the box being handled roughly in transit.

Our HD Mirror boxes exceed the requirements for ups and FedEx box burst strength. Items that are insurable need to be shipped in a box with at least a 200 lb test burst strength. These extra strong double wall containers make the chance of damage dramatically less. We sell a full line of packaging supplies.

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