Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello again!

So on the weekend of June 26th & 27th I was working in our woodland hills location! On Saturday the 26th business was pretty slow but towards the end of the day I got a rush of customers who needed items packaged. One particular customer needed me to ship out a lot of gift bags for her non-profit org that helps out the baseball Scout's of the MLB. We got to talking about what she does and how she got started, before the customer left she told me that we have the best service around and that she does not mind paying a little extra because it is worth it!

On Sunday the 27th we were busy, a lot of customers coming in more then once that day because they thought that the moving boxes and product they bought would do there job, but as always they didn't realize how much stuff they have collected through out the years in the home. I told them to take our business card and if it turns out you need to make another trip and or you have questions about anything don't hesitate to call, we are always more then happy to walk you through any problem you might have.

BY: Daniel Goodman
Box Brothers
22512 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills Ca,91364

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