Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Price vs. Quality and the Cover up......

Normally, if you enter the world's largest hardware store or retailer, you know that no matter
what you see on their commercials, you can't find anyone to help you in a Home Depot. To their credit, it is hard to staff a 100,000 square foot store filled with thousands of products. It is hard
to find help at a Costco, too, unless you are in the checkout line. However, Home Depot is even
short of cashier's, ask me.

Home Depot recently decided to sell a few sizes of moving boxes, and they brought in boxes from
a relatively new supplier, who makes these boxes, I am told, in Mexico. They brag that these boxes are made with 100% recycled paper (the outer part of the box or liner). Those guys must
be so concerned about the environment.........and the prices.......

Here is the truth. Those boxes are made with recycled paper and they are not strong enough
to hold what standard moving boxes are designed and made to do, hold their weight, not fall apart and be semi impenetrable. Boxes are made to withstand bursting strength. That is why there are all kinds of sizes and different thicknesses to them.

In fact, United Parcel Service, who moves more packages than any other firm in the world,
requires a double walled box or a 300lb bursting strength box for shipping electronics like a tv
or a computer.

Which means, that if you bought a box at home depot and shipped an insured item in it, and there was damage, they would deny your claim, based on insufficient packaging. Imagine that, someone goes to save a quarter on a box, and gets a claim denied for an item that could be worth
a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

Further, for moving this is even more important. The general rule is that the heavier the items,
the smaller the box. However, if you fill a book box with hardback or soft cover books, it will weigh about 50 -55 pounds, on average, if full. If you had a few of these stacked in a truck, they would not hold up and think about this, what if they fall or break on your other items. to save pennies, you lose thousands and have a hassle of enormous magnitude.

Home Depot does not care, and today, they officially changed the certification on their boxes to reflect that their bursting strength is 40% less than the bursting strength of the moving boxes
we have sold for 25 years and that we still sell today.

You have to keep in mind the purpose of the box and what you are using it for. Just because something looks like steak, does not mean it is steak. Likewise, if you are moving and you are packing everything you own, is it not important to use the right and proper materials?

Home Depot should be ashamed to put out only a product cause it is cheap and cannot be used for its intended purpose. How selfish and self serving can you get. They will probably sell millions of them and the customers will get screwed. Home Depot does not care, apparently.

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