Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Brentwood Minute - 09-08-2010

A Brentwood Minute – 09-08-2010

Just a quick word (or two) on the reviews.
1) I had a young lady come in to the store yesterday and ask, “Are you the famous Dave?” At first I was unsure on what to say, answering back, “Famous as in???”
She replied, “The one with all the great reviews.” Saying, “I didn’t know who to go to, for packaging and sending my items, I have a UPS Store near me but they had horrible reviews, and I saw you, and all the great reviews, so I came here.”
Just to demonstrate that the reviews do bring customers in.
2) And to share just one of the methods that I use to get reviews, I send out thank you letters with a 10% coupon to all of my shipping customers once a month, with a statement of, If they write a review on line, print it out and bring it in with them along with the letter coupon, I will double the coupon. I received another one today from one of my customers. Just a thought.

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  1. Thank You Dave . Maybe you can help some of the guys.They just don't get it