Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learning more and more every day

Received a call yesterday from the customer that had us pack and ship freight his two high value speakers that I blogged about last week. He said that he was informed by the recipient that they arrived in perfect condition, and that he was impressed with the custom packing that we do. I thanked him for the follow-up call, and asked him to please post his feelings in the form of a review at either Google or Yahoo Local...and he said he would. That shipment was my first International Freight shipment, and thanks to the advice and patience of Marianna, it went very smoothly. I've been managing Woodland Hills now since May 3rd, 2010, and really enjoy each of these new experiences that present new challenges for me...I'm learning more and more every day. Need something custom packed? Call Woodland Hills and ask for Chris. (818) 224-4661

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