Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharie and Ganzo playing with Ivory Ship in Oakland.....

This is my first big booking and shipment here at Box Brothers...a customer called in needing some careful packing and shipping for this 20th century ivory and bone battleship. I told him about our crating services which he was very happy to hear about, as this battleship is quite large and extremely fragile. This morning Ganzo and I got a chance to assemble it to take some was somewhat like putting together a very delicate model kit...figuring out which pieces go where, and giving all the soldiers their spears and shields. I know that ivory is somewhat frowned upon now, however I think everyone can appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of this piece, and we take pride in getting the opportunity to preserve that. I have been doing art packing for over four years and this is one of the most unique pieces I have gotten to see. Below are some photos of the ship here at the Oakland Warehouse. Soon it will be packed into its own custom crate, headed to its new home in Miami and to a very happy customer. -Sharie @ Box Bros Oakland 800-942-6822