Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome, Rick Howell!

About a week and a half ago during resume reviews while searching for an assistant, Kiyoshi, SF Store manager, asked me if I recalled working with a Richard Howell while I was at Bonhams and Butterfields, where I managed their transportation before coming to Box Brothers. I asked for the resume and realized it was Rick, a former Bonhams warehouse supervisor that I worked closesly with during my term there. I always remembered Rick as the type of guy who was relaxed at work, but always got the job done, and was never afraid to go the extra mile. I recall one day where Rick cleared the gallery floor there on his own in less than one full work day. This is a job that normally takes five crew members the same amount of time. Rick, having grown frustrated with his coworkers lack of motivation, took it upon himself to do the work, and finished the job solo before the day was over.

I'm happy to say that this work ethic has carried over to Box Brothers. I've never seen a new hire dive so readily into the labor and customer service required at a retail store. Rick eagerly stocks incoming box orders with the dual goals of clearing the sales floor and learning where the stock is kept. He fills idle time with cleaning, stocking and organizing the shop without being asked, and his demeanor is friendly, smart and funny.

Normally I wouldn't throw down the welcome mat for a new hire until they have completed training and a probation period proving their dedication, but it really makes my day to walk into my SF location and see a clean and fully stocked shop, with Kiyoshi taking sales calls and booking jobs while Rick handles box sales and helps customers out with their purchases. All this after only a week of training. So a big warm Box Brothers welcome to Rick Howell.

We let Rick have his pick of the most recent Uline order's free gift. Here he is brandishing his Uline maglite, ready to light the way for those in the dark about their shipping needs, or bash a shoplifter sneakily tucking a 20 cube display box under their shirt...

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  1. Yay! Congrats on finding a good worker and giving someone a job! Smiles