Thursday, September 2, 2010

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★★★★★ Box Brothers does it again!
Jonathan C. 5 Box Brothers
As an Ebay powerseller I am in constant need of boxes. Before I discovered box brothers, dumpster diving and hounding local businesses for boxes was part of the routine. Once I discovered Box Bros, I started to enjoy my work again.

Not only do they have sizes to accommodate any shipment, they are impeccable at packing for amazing prices. To think, I used to pay other services to pack my good for 3 TIMES as much as Box Bros.

Not only so they pack it cheap, they pack it well. Some of my most valuable items could have withstood an airplane drop...seriously.

Friendly service and always willing to help. Box Bros is the reason I am a top rated seller!

5 Stars Box Bros - Keep it up!

(Las Vegas : Sahara/Torrey Pines)

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