Friday, August 13, 2010

Glimpses of Summer, indeed....

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a woman who is interested in establishing her own Box Brothers
location, near the city core of Los Angeles, around the downtown area.

I met her at one of our Westside locations, in Santa Monica, where we actually got to see Ray
Abilo, one of our long term managers, do his work. It was amazing.

While we were there, amongst the walk in customers, a man came in who was involved
with a software firm, that provided software services to the gambling industry. This
customer was bringing in servers, electronic equipment, Internet devices of all types
as well as some other computers. About 8-12 items and a multitude of cables was also
included, that was to go to one location and another set of items was to go to another and
a third set of equipment was to go to a third location.

What was amazing to both me, and to our prospective Box Brothers Licensee, was that how
Ray was able to conceptualize the packaging and was able to figure out the pricing, size of the box, how it was going to be packaged and it was not only dramatic to watch, but impressive at the same time.

First off, I have to say I was impressed with my own staff and I felt as though, if the public had any idea of how good we are at packaging and making sure their items are not only protected,
but packed with care, foresight and---done right---that we would not have time to even breath.

I have seen so many people get shortchanged when they get any kind of services, but to know what kind of job we do, is simply amazing.

I recall our Vice President, Chris Long, who used to manage that same location ten years ago,
when he was just a kid, and he used to pack like a true wizard, too. I recall he packed 4 paper
Mache 6-8 foot mannequins, to be used in the annual parade/party in New Orleans. Paper Mache, like it could be damaged if you breathed toward it........and he did a box pack, no crate
and they arrived perfect.

It is work like this that makes Box Brothers the best at packaging. And there are some who feel that they are the best, cause they put on a show, or charge a fortune for their work, but they are
only putting on a show. I know this for a fact, as when it comes to heart, they don't got any and heart is what you need to do a great job, or just have a machine do it.

Hats off to a great day yesterday and for our prospective Box Brothers, she was so impressed,
she can not wait to get going.

Have a great weekend, and let the world know who packs the best. Box Brothers does.

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