Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well, it is the dog days of summer, here, at the corporate office. The temperature outside
is over 100 degress again, for the third day in a row. I think the heat affects a lot of people
and I was concered that it would further affect business--not in a positive way.

However, the thing about helping people move, is that their move date is generally solid
and fixed. For rentals, it is usually all about the last day of the month, and for escrows, today,
they generally close on time, if they close at all.

We are still in the middle of the traditional moving season, and people are moving for both good and bad reasons: school has started for many, excepting junior colleges and UCLA, as most private universities like USC, the Claremont Colleges, Pepperdine, have all started. In fact,
it looks like high school has started for many kids, as well.

I am glad the summer was better, in terms of business, than last year was, and we hope, contrary to all of the bad economic news, that we have finally, yes finally, suffered enough
out here in California. I think, and hope, that the worst is behind us economically, and we will soon see signs of improvement.

For many, it will not happen a moment too soon, as everyone knows that people are not in a
spending mood, but that some things can only be put off for so long and I believe we are at that
point, right now.

When I first got into this crazy business, albeit for another firm, over 25 years ago, the summer season never really ended, as it carried all the way through fall to the holidays. It just never slowed down. I dream of those days, or maybe that is what they mean by nostalgia.

Ask me, they can call it whatever they want, so long as we can consistently be busy. Honest and hard working business people only want a chance to earn, to feel as though they did nothing wrong and this economic slowdown just makes everyone feel down.

So I say, spend, spend and make sure to do it at Box Brothers, as it is appreciated with prejudice.

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